As for men, they either wolf down the cheeseburger once they have it on the tray or captiously fish out the pieces of “this” first. As for women, they either get crazy about “this” and eat the whole jar at one go during the pregnancy or turn up their nose at that food.

This is the pickles! Whether you like it or not, they have the special date in their honor. So, stay tuned and find out, when is National Pickle Day in 2022 and what’s it about!


The very first attempts to pickle the cucumbers were made… thousands of years ago. And since then, the experiments continue.

Originally, the cucumbers were grown in India and Mesopotamia, starting from the 3rd century BC. At the same time, the locals tried to brine the vegetables – at least, that’s what the excavations showed. Then, came the turn of the ancient Greeks to get involved in the food’s pickling. By the way, it was them who added the vinegar for preserving.

With time, the habit of pickling the green veggies was adopted by the Western Europe. It is known that among the great pickles enthusiasts there was Julius Caesar, the Queen of Britain Elizabeth I, the first President of the US George Washington, and the commander Napoleon Bonaparte.


When it comes to the holiday, there are two versions of its origin. The first claims that the observance has been around for more than seventy years, being brought into this world at the initiative of the association of the die-hard pickle fans. The second one assumes that the date is just sixteen years old and was invented in 2001 by the Food Museum based in New York.

Which one is to be believed to? Alas, we can’t give you the certain answer. Yet we can help you with finding out when is International Pickle Day 2022! It’s much more important, isn’t it?


What does National Pickle Day mean? It means the essential ritual of eating at least one of those salty delights in honor of this celebratory occasion.

Overall, no feast can do without those crunchy cucumbers, brined with the horseradish or the currants leaves. Someone prefers to make the pickles only with their own hands as it gives them the distinctive taste and flavor. Someone is okay with buying the longed-for jar at the markets or groceries. One loves it spicy, another likes it with the garlic and the other one prefers the milder taste. Nevertheless, no one from the fermented morsels lovers would exchange the dish for anything else! And the army of them (lovers) is huge. The men respect them for being the nice snack accompanying the glass of beer. The women, especially the pregnant ones, really have a soft spot for the salty cucumbers. The children are also into the pickle business – it’s a favorite dainty of many little fellows.

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Speaking of which, the much-loved treat of the kids living near the Mississippi river is the cucumbers brined in… the sweet drink (like lemonade)! The recipe is simple as ABC – they take the veggie, wash it properly, cut in half and soak in the liquid for a week. Don’t wrinkle your nose in disgust, it is actually a delicacy.

The pickles are the tastiest snack as well as the good entrée. It perfectly goes with the salads, soups, appetizers, and side dishes. On top of that, you should know the savory flair it gives to the various sauces.

Meanwhile, there are some secrets that not everyone knows about the process of pickling the cucumbers. First, dealing with the veggies and the brine, be in a good mood! It is really important. No smile no pickles! Then, choose the appropriate container for the future salty treat. The ideal one would be the wood barrel. But where would we store and take this from? That’s why the numerous glass jars and pots are always there for us. Plus, the thing with pickling is that only the certain sorts of the vegetables would make it (Cornishon, Gherkin, Swedish, and the like). The choice of the herbs and spices is a major issue, too. You can take the leaves and roots of the horseradish, the dill, garlic, black currant, and cherry – all of them would provide this charming flavor and inimitable taste. Besides, you may use the mint, basil, and tarragon.

Regardless of what day World Pickle Day in 2022 occurs on, don’t forget to take a bite at one once in a while!

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The pickles are the foodstuff made of the cucumbers that are brined in the vinegar with the various spices. By the way, the word itself is the interpretation of the German word “pekel” which means nothing else but… brine.

The veggies for the pickling are assorted according to their age, sort, and size. The best ones are those with the black pimples and thin peel. The green vegetables that are pickled for the short period of time are called freshly-salted pickles. The ones that have been in a jar for a while are involved in the process of fermentation and emit the lactic acid.

The salty treat is beneficial for our health due to the presence of the microelements and vitamins. The most valuable here is the digestible iodine compounds. The cellulose containing in this treat prevents the tumors. The pickle just like the fresh cucumber is rich in the potassium, calcium, zinc, and other minerals, as well as in the vitamins C, B, and PP.

The aforementioned lactic acid has a good impact on the microflora of the intestine, stimulating the growth of the healthy bacteria. They can also increase the production of the gastric juice together with the appetite and improve the peristalsis.

Pickle Day Celebration

  • The damage the fermented cucumbers do is aimed at the enamel of the teeth, because of the high concentration of the vinegar;
  • at the body mass as the food increase the appetite;
  • at the liver, cardio vascular system, and kidneys if there’s any kind of the diseases;
  • at the pregnancy as the salty products considerably increase the secretion of the pancreas.
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However, don’t get that sad, because the treat is harmful only if you eat it in uncontrollable numbers. The moderate pieces of the pickles bring more good than harm for your organism.

What is the date of National Pickle Day 2022? It’s fixed on November 14!


Don’t even ask us about the ways to celebrate the holiday. Of course, with one pickle sitting in your hand and another being chewed in your mouth. But if you’re a bit tired of the traditional taste of the preserved veggies, we have the recipe for something special for you. What about the soup with the pickles and smoked foods?

You will need six medium salty cucumbers, four cloves of the garlic, five potatoes, one carrot, a small onion, two hundred grams of any smoked goodies, a tad of the mushrooms, and the pinched of your favorite spices.

When the water is boiling, add the cloves of the garlic, the celery, and boil it for around twenty-five minutes. After that, fish them out of the pan. Cut the potato in bars, onions, and mushrooms – in cubes, and grate the carrot. Fry the veggies in the saucepan and then pour them into the pan together with the mushrooms and potatoes. Boil until the latter is soft. A bit later, add the grated pickles and sliced smoked foods. Salt properly, sprinkle with the black pepper and cook until the soup is ready. This one is better served with the sour cream. Enjoy and appreciate the holiday that we have in the calendar!

International Pickle Day Facts

  • The US is the country that leads the pickles consumption hierarchy. The average citizen eats around four kilos of the food in a year!
  • Another feature of the salty cucumbers in America: they like to gulp down the deep-fried pickles.

Carve a space in your calendar, when is Pickle Day in 2022, and ask your granny about your own family recipe of this dainty!


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