Nobody can deny the fact that the life is very complicated. Some people live visiting luxury restaurants and buying expensive things every day, while others are suffering in multiple wars, misery, and poverty. That is how the life is. Think about rich people who have everything they want and those who are depressed and are as poor as a church mouse. Who among them will really enjoy life? Whose behavior will depend on a social situation?

The answer is clear – a man from the first example can easily say he is happy and satisfied with the life. What about the second ones? Can they feel life pleasures too? That is why there is a separate day concentrating on one clear-cut opinion that everything is good in human existence. It is just important to discern the features if happiness in your life. Let us discover more amazing facts when is National Positive Thinking Day in 2022 and it will sure help us to become joyful.

The meaning

What does National Positive Thinking Day mean for Americans?

If you are getting down all the time, if you are complaining the life more and more often, if the smile vaporized from your face forever, this special time is made for you. If the pessimistic thoughts climb up in your head, chase them away and start thinking about good stuff. The PTD pushes men to find goodness in every live event even in the worst. Take away everyday sadness and depression because melancholy creates more stress. Nobody likes spending spare time with a person who is always negative. The feast invites us to celebrate the time when is International Positive Thinking Day in 2022 and begin a glad existence without fears and tears.

Positive Thinking Day

This occasional celebration delineates some important sentences that everyone must understand and perceive by his own way that are:

  • Life is a struggle, an eternal battle between good and evil where good always wins – you do not have to concentrate on bad sides but look for the glad ones.
  • Positive feelings and thoughts are good for the health, they extend life while opposite emotions lead to physical and mental illnesses
  • People have a possibility to wipe out all the evil from world. It is not your fault if somebody dies from cancer or African kids do not have enough to eat, or some nations are suffering in wars – that is the life order.
  • If you cannot find reasons for some world disasters, if they make you cry – keep calm and trust God, believe in His Providence and thank Him even for awful circumstances. Remember that Jesus Christ died on a cross but saved all the humanity.
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The commemoration time falls on September 13th annually. This day you have no right to grieve or to be sad. Stay optimistic and smiling all day long because it is the date of Positive Thinking Day in 2022. Beginning by this year, do not let sorrow blossom in your life.

The definition of the holiday

The celebration is the unique day in US calendar and all the world has to understand when is National Positive Thinking Day in 2022. It is the most convenient moment to start changing your life from obscure into a light one. Life troubles and problems take away the happiness of existence, one easily falls into depression. How can we compete and battle the desperation and sadness?

  • First, humans are not perfect and one may offend another. A good way of changing your lifestyle or attitude is to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Many people felt independent and free after this action. It is difficult if someone offenses you, but it would bring you a lot of peace and calm.
  • A moment of silence
    Do you know what do modern civilization need? One moment of reflection. We live, love, hate, work, eat, drink but always forget to take a break and to stay alone with yourself, with nature, or with God. Be sure it will greatly improve your lifestyle if you find at least 10 minutes a month on a quiet and silent atmosphere.
  • Make compliments to people you do not know. If you want to raise your spirits, raise somebody else. Say some nice words and make other people feel positive influence of words.
  • Consecrate some time for yourself. Listen to your body and mind, pay attention to desires and emotions and do what you really want to – read an interesting book or go shopping, cook or work hard, go out with friends or take a nap. No one else can know you better than yourself. Do no leave a tiny hole for bad emotions to enter your life.
  • Smile, smile, smile.
  • Be thankful. Become grateful for everything you possess and even for stuff you do no possess. Thank the destiny for your family and children, mother and father, for the pure air and clean water, for good health and for existence itself. You will see how the thing will change. Be thankful for every moment in your existence.
  • Initiate a healthy life mood. Try do go to the gym, go for a walk or to the gym at least twice a week. If you do not have such possibility, exercise at home. Sometimes some physical charges may distract your attention from some problems. It may also keep you in a good form.
  • Visit exhibitions, theaters, and cinemas, find a new source of inspiration, see your friends more often, learn a foreign language or just start doing creative hand-made. Discover some original live chances and have fun. Do not forget to stay positive and optimistic.
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Positive Thinking Day

The history of the feast

Modern psychology pays a lot of attention to a healthy and strong personality. It consists of many branches. One of the recent is positive psychology, the part which studies how to make life happier. Its founder was Martin Seligman, a psychologist of an American Psychological Association. It happened in 1990 and since this time human emotions and feelings became the ground for testing.

Scientists working in this field say that human brain needs positive emotions because they make a person more open and more generous. The optimistic position in the life opens new possibilities and helps to solve problems quickly. Positive psychology uses many ways how to enjoy people living. Its methods are art-therapy, zoo- and music-therapy, sand- and even dolphin-therapy – all good serves for good.

Traditions and facts

Are you already smiling? Are you already planning the 13th of September? Good for you. There are some more suggestions to improve your strategies:

  • Begin your day with a smile. Write down on a little sheet of paper the words as “I will smile today” or “I will be happy all day”.
  • Send greeting, text messages and postcards to your beloved people. Tell you love and respect them.
  • Read a positive book or watch a good movie.
  • Go out with friends – choose a circus or make a funny party. Smile and laugh all day long!
  • The easiest thing is to smile all the time, inspire the world by your buoyancy.
  • Visit a positive thinking seminar or conference or read a psychological review finding more information about the step to decrease the depression.
  • Make something nice to your family, for example, hand-made hearts or flowers, and do not forget to do something kind to yourself.
  • Visit your grandmas and grandpas. Spend your free time with them.
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Now you and your relatives perfectly know what day is Positive Thinking Day. Smile, breath and start not just thinking optimistic but eat and drink positive!

Happy celebration!


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