When is National American Business Women’s Day in 2022? Well, we are almost sure that you have never heard about this holiday existence in the calendar. And this is a great surprise of the contemporary world, because all in all we are surrounded by the great amount of ladies, who are devoted to their work so much that sometimes they even forget about the other sides of life. Today we are going to introduce you this amazing holiday and we think you will be glad to join it or to congratulate somebody.


Discovering the matter what day American Business Women’s Day in 2022 is, we found a great amount of various amazing pieces of information. The historical background is among them.

All in all, in the very beginning we should mention that this holiday is not as well-defined as it may seem at first sight. The special occasion has had a long history.

It was established in 1949, when the well-known American Business Women’s Association was founded. The aim of this organization was quite noble. The initiators wanted to bring together as many businesswomen as it was possible. The ladies were of quite different occupations, however, all of them fought for their right to have the equal opportunities for modern development. They longed to have a high quality education, to grow professionally and to be leaders. Network support and national recognition were very important as well.

The amazing thing is that this special occasion was recognized twice. It happened in 1983 (by Congressional resolution) and in 1986 (by special proclamation). Both documents were signed by the American President Ronald Reagan.


What does American Business Women’s Day mean? Frankly speaking, we are not able to answer this question instead of you. Why? – The matter is that, as we don’t know you personally, we can’t even predict your attitude to this special occasion.

For example, some men might consider this holiday to be a silly one, because of their religious or cultural points of view. The representatives of other countries would not understand it at all. The USA is a territory of equal opportunities for everybody: race, sex and other peculiar features are unimportant. The special occasion commemorates the fact of the important legacy and contributions, which were done by more than 68 million local working women and about 8 million company owners.

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Up to the present moment this special occasion provides an opportunity for all ladies to celebrate their significant role in the American as well as in the global marketplace.


The direction what day American Business Women’s Day in 2022 is needs some clarifications and explanations.

All in all, we should remind that in American culture, women are considered to be an equal part of the society. They are completely equal to men in every sphere and often occupy leadership positions in the company. In general, it is thought to be that there are many more women in the US world than in any other country. The American lady considers herself a full-fledged partner. Therefore, one should not be overly gallant with regard to women. As a rule, personal issues are inappropriate here.

A typical American businesswoman plays her social role usually without losing good temper and ease. Usually, she has a lot of things to do, but at the same time she never forgets about going to the gym in her free time and proper diet.


In the United States there is a rule, which applies almost everywhere. It sounds like the higher the position, the more formal your suit should be. Up to the present moment in official sphere only dark suits are accepted. For ladies the everyday outfit is represented by a trouser suit of a calm color, as well as high-heeled shoes no higher than 4 cm. Less stringent rules are suitable for such spheres as art, fashion and sport. There the local women may wear the things in more casual style.

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For the representatives of the European countries some American traditions may seem unknown or even strange. For example, in the USA, husband and wife do not often work together. This can only be seen among spouses of retirement age, and young Americans do not like to mix working and personal life: everyone has their own job and social circle.


When is American Business Women’s Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. The occasion has a fixed date for its celebration, so it won’t be difficult for you to memorize it. The holiday is nationally recognized for celebration on September 22.

As you perhaps understand there are no any definite traditions or rule for this special occasion celebration. The date is kept only in some circles, but not all around the country, of course. However, it is not the reason for being upset. You see, you are always free to invent something special for yourself as well as for your close surroundings. What about doing the next step in your life?

Today, women around the world break the established stereotypes about themselves and try to prove that they have the necessary qualities in order to become successful entrepreneurs.

There are several practical tips that will help each lady to develop a appropriate acumen and at the same time to reveal the natural charm. However, it is necessary to follow these rules carefully and to mind that you will need to spend a lot of time and effort to become a contemporary woman. Here is our list:

  • Read about successful women
  • Conduct a mini-study, namely, study women who are successful in the industry where you plan to build a career. This will give an idea of definite practical steps.
  • Consider how to combine family and work, but do not forget about creativity.
  • Become confident and steadfast.
  • Find your goal in life and follow it.
  • Become an organized person and be prepared to work hard
  • Get a good education and do not stop there.

American Business Women’s Day Facts

Discovering the matter “What is the date of American Business Women’s Day in 2022?” we came to the conclusion that our readers would be rather glad to find out something new about this theme.

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Despite the stunning successes of women in business, most Americans cannot name even three surnames, which can be an example of female career growth. When it comes to the most successful people in the country, for some reason Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg and other male businessmen always come to hear.

In order to correct this situation, we decided to make our own list of the most successful contemporary women in the United States. Here are they:

  • Virginia Rometty

This lady is a leading expert in engineering, electronics and high technology. In 1981, she took the position of systems engineer in one of the tiny offices of a little-known IBM company. Almost all her life Rometti has faced with an unusual form of discrimination. Male colleagues did not believe in her “programmatic thinking” and always tried to find some kind of error in the calculations.

  • Cheryl Sandberg

Cheryl Sandberg was the first woman to join the Facebook Board of Directors. Men were struck by own strategy, which turned out to be the only right one. In particular, she managed to turn large expenses on charity into public trust and, as a result, additional profit.

  • Margaret Whitman

Whitman was able to turn one of the first eBay online retailers with 30 employees into a large virtual supermarket with revenue of $ 8 billion, which employed 15,000 people worldwide.


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