When is National Pet Day in 2018? Can you give a quick reply to this question? Unfortunately, we predict the negative answer from your side. And, frankly speaking, this discovery seems to be really sad. Why? – You see, home animals play a very important role in our life and it is not surprising that many of us would like to celebrate the holiday, devoted to all these creatures.

So we want to correct this unfair thing and investigate the very matter in details.


Certainly, the explanation of what day World Pet Day in 2018 is, we should pay close attention to the historical facts of this holiday. We understand this, but unfortunately, it has turned out to be impossible. And we know nothing about the main establishers of this occasion as well as about the reason for its celebration on April 11 exactly.

However, we want to remind that for more than one thousand years pets have lived near us. And, paradoxically, we often know about them much less than about wild animals.

From a very ancient time a man brought to the dwelling the captured cubs of different animals and birds, fed them and cared for them. It’s hard to say what made to do this.

Different pets

Perhaps surrounding ourselves with tame animals, our primordial ancestor sought to overcome fear of the mysterious and mighty world of nature.

At the same time dogs and cats played an important role in the mythology, folklore and religion of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, China and Japan. Vessels with fish and birds in cages were an indispensable property of the rich houses in these countries. Purely decorative breeds of dogs prevailed in the pre-Columbian cultures of America.


What does National Pet Day mean? Oh, you are mistaking if you are sure that now you will get the proper answer to this question. As you can understand the reply is rather personal, than general. Well, we are sure that it is up to you to decide whether to spend this event interesting or just forget about its existence.

All in all people throughout life feel the need for communication with living beings, in caring for them. This need is especially felt by residents of large cities. In many countries, various organizations have been established that unite animal lovers, laws are being issued to protect the rights of our pets.

Among the most typical animals of urban apartments the leading position is occupied by cats, dogs and canaries.

  • The dog is the man’s first friend, his/her companion, assistant and protector. Often a dog is a window into his/her own soul, as it will not tell anyone that it is sad for the owner and will never stop loving you. A person with a dog leads a lovelier lifestyle, walks more often outdoors, is less prone to cardiovascular and viral-respiratory illnesses. The wool of dogs is used to treat radiculitis, various forms of bronchitis and rheumatism.
  • A cat usually indicates the geopathic zones of the dwelling as well as the pathogenic zones of man. These animals not only know where and what hurt you, but also lie down on this place to warm your pain to ease it (though, such healing cats should be able to choose).
  • Songbirds from time immemorial have been used to drive evil spirits and despondency. Live sound vibrations help to relax and resist stress.


“When is International Pet Day 2018?” needs the mentioning some other facts. You see, even in prehistoric times, people began to breed animals in captivity to get meat, milk, skins, used in agricultural work or as a means of transportation. Humanshave been accompanied by animals from time of immemorial and initially it did not seem to have a tangible practical benefit, but, nevertheless, occupied an important place in human life.

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The world of pets is very interesting. Observing and studying it, a person experiences not only surprise and admiration for new discoveries, but also feels kindness, love and condescensionto animals. Knowing these creatures, people also open themselves.

Pets have played and will always play a huge role in a person’s life. Whatever time human lived, he/she always combined a consumer and touching-sentimental attitude to animals.

Communication with animals enriches a spiritually and even heals from illnesses. Losing the connection with animals, we are becoming more and more aware that without barking dogs and horse neighing, the world becomes boring.

A serious study on the effect of cats on the life expectancy of their hosts was carried out by the Berlin Institute of Gerontology. A group of seven scientists for five years watched over 3,000 cat owners. In their opinion, cats are a real elixir of youth. Any pet has a beneficial effect on the health of its owner, but it works best for cats.


When is Pet Day in 2018, calendar will help everybody to mind. It is not difficult in fact. However, not all people are ready to celebrate April 11 properly, as they don’t know the correct way to do it.

The best thing you have to do this day is to spend as much time as possible with your favorite pet. No matter, what it is a dog, a cat, a bird, a hamster etc.

A woman and her dog

If you have none at home, don’t worry. Visit the people, who have already had them, feed the animals together, notice their behavior and just relax.

Some people prefer to go to the shelters, to read interesting articles or to watch the movies, devoted to this subject.

International Pet Day Facts

So you have already known that the answer to the question “What is the date of National Pet Day 2018?” sounds like April 11. It is not difficult to remember, isn’t it? But we would like to tell you even more as to this matter.

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Do you get that for twenty years now cats have successfully “assisted” doctors? The first to pay attention to the healing abilities of cats were American psychologists.

Daily walks with a dog or playing with a cat is a wonderful exercise. Communication with pets is a wonderful cure for stress. It is enough to touch a purring cat, and there will be no trace of nervous tension. Animals can always complain about life and pour out their soul, they are ready to listen to us for hours, without interrupting or giving stupid advice. Such cat therapy is pleasant, useful and has no harmful side effects.

Today, hospitals of various profiles, nursing homes, boarding schools and rehabilitation centers, and, more recently, prisons, use the services of so-called cats-doctors.

Cats “treat” those suffering from mental illness, patients undergoing rehabilitation after trauma, often completely or partially immobilized, and patients of drug treatment clinics. But, perhaps, most of all fluffy healers are happy with the small inhabitants of special boarding schools.

Dogs also help people with a variety of diseases. They catch the slightest shades of a person’s mental state. But if this condition is not in order, then the dog is lost and nothing can help. Most likely, it itself falls into depression. The cat has a much more stable psyche and does not project human phobias, depressions and other disorders. On the contrary, it “pulls” a person to its spiritual “orbit” and does it unobtrusively. Even the most difficult patient will sooner or later become accustomed to the presence of this being and will look forward to its visit. And this is the right way to recovery.


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