Do you like moving while you are listening to music? Is it really important for you to behave like this sometimes in your free time? Do you know for sure the reply to โ€œWhen is National Dance Day in 2020?โ€ As a rule people answer negatively to the last question, as they donโ€™t even know about this amazing occasion existence.

Taking into account this fact we want to discuss this subject in details. All in all it is not a difficult, but vice versa rather interesting activity.


Certainly, trying to give the wide answer to the question “When is International Dance Day in 2020?” we understand that the reply like “It will happen on April 29” won’t satisfy our curious readers. They will be interested in the historic background of this event. So, let’s investigate some moments. All in all this special occasion has been celebrated more than 30 years, since 1982 to be more exactly. It was established in accordance with the decision of the representatives of the famous UNESCO organization. The date was chosen not occasionally. That day, but in 1727, was the birthday of the well-known choreographer J.G.Nover, who is well known as a devoted reformation worker and bright choreographic as an art theoretician. Some modern people consider this man to be a founder and even a creator of the contemporary ballet.

Almost all his life this man worked in the theater in London called “Drury Lane”. Being an experienced choreographer, Nover decided to develop the main principles of ballet in heroic and tragedy directions.

In 1759 he managed to publish this talented work under the title “Letters on Dance and Ballets”. There this dancer introduced the main principles of this dance, filled up with the pantomime. He considered the sophisticated to be the co-working of artists, composers and choreographers as well.

Dance Day


What does National Dance Day mean? Oh, if you are sure that now we will give you a quick reply to this question you are really mistaken. Why donโ€™t we want to behave like this? โ€“ You see, in accordance with our points of view, the matter is that this subject is believed to be rather personal and individual. As you may understand, we know nothing about your attitude to the rhythmic or vice versa sophisticated movements performed while the music is sounding, so we are not able to dedicate you our thoughts.

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Some choreographers believe that behind the movements of the body there is a true movement of the soul. These people are sure that dance is an integral part of any culture. It is a source of inspiration for artists, designers, sculptors and directors of theater and cinema.

People who are engaged in dancing, as a rule, differ in purposefulness and have good health. Even medical experiments have shown that in those women who have undergone an operation to remove a malignant tumor, have recovered much faster when they are added to the usual postoperative therapy some dance classes.


As you understand it is almost impossible to explain, what day World Dance Day in 2020 is without mentioning some really important facts.

As you know perhaps the most sensual or even sexual dance of our time is tango. And we are saying this without any doubts. This composition was born a long time ago, in the 1890s to be more exact. This happened in the distant Argentina, but the movements became very popular, successful and rather appreciated in Europe very soon. The ocean was not an obstacle for it to spread.

By the way, according to some statements, for a woman it is still much easier to perform it than for a man. This incendiary dance was considered to be illegal for a long time. Some historians are sure that the main reason is that the movements were born somewhere in the underground of gambling houses in Cuba.

It is known now that the movements of this elegant aristocratic dance were borrowed by choreographers in folk ones. And the first dance teachers appeared only in the 15th century.

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When is Dance Day in 2020, calendar will remind you without any troubles. This is not a problem in fact. However, only some people know in what way to celebrate this occasion in order to turn this date in some of the brightest moments of your life.

Traditionally, on April 29 a well-known representative of this sphere is invited to address the public with a message in which he/she should remind the other people about the unforgettable dance beauty, in order to praise it and to promote as an effective way to overcome all political, many cultural and a great amount of ethnic barriers, have appeared on the planet recently. These celebrities usually try to encourage ordinary people to speak using the same, no doubt sophisticated manner, represented by the language of dance.

For many readers it would be rather amazing to know that Henrik Neubauer was the first person, who made such a message. In 2007 the honor was given to Sasha Waltz, in 2008 – a dancer from South Africa, whose name is Gladys Faith Agulhas. This is on official level, of course.

Would you like to celebrate April 29 at home? โ€“ In fact it is not difficult. The simplest way to achieve the perfect results is to organize a merry party with dancing. The style can be any you like. Switch your stereo on, turn the sound up and move! โ€“ Alone, in the company of your friend, relatives or even colleagues from office. Make your day! Fill it with bright colors and positive emotions as much as possible!

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If you are going to have a calm evening, it is not a problem as well. โ€“ There is a great amount of various films and documentaries, devoted to this subject. Try to find one of them and enjoy yourself by something really pleasant. By the way, the movies like that are usually filled up with good music as well.

Women dancing

International Dance Day Facts

So you have already known that the reply to โ€œWhat is the date of National Dance Day 2020?โ€ sounds quite simple like โ€œOn April 29โ€ and we have already mentioned the reasons for celebrating this special occasion on this date exactly.

However, as a rule, our readers want to know more about any holiday we are describing on our website.

Have you ever heard that according to the points of view of the modern specialists, merry movements are not just beautiful opportunity to improve your mood, but also a very useful activity for our body? And now we are going to explain why.

There are some reasons to think like that and here is our list:

  • This activity helps to form a beautiful posture and beautiful smooth gait;
  • It increase blood circulation, which favorably affects virtually all internal organs and systems;
  • The leisure activity like this improve coordination of movements and strengthens the vestibular apparatus;
  • Dance trains respiratory and positively affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • The habit to do it from time to time increases endurance and temper the body, reducing the frequency of colds in winter;
  • It also improves brain activity and memory. And the harder the movements of the dance are, the smarter the dancers will be.
  • Do the rhythmic exercises and this will help you to burn excess calories.
  • The specialists are sure that it is able to stimulate the production of hormones of happiness โ€“ endorphins, which improve the mood, help to deal with stress, depression and fear.


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