Almost every holiday has got a real origin and history. It’s devoted to a concrete person or event. Almost every occasion is celebrated in a wide sense. Funny holidays also concern a concrete idea. There’s one event in the calendar which is very weird. The US festive schedule has got an event which was proposed by a TV character. It has got even some traditions of celebration. When is National Festivus in 2022?


The holiday was proposed by editor and author D. O’Keefe. The man is recognized as the TV writer’s father. He observed the event in 1966. The day wasn’t a strict observation. It was just an idea which “popped” into the man’s head. The name of the holiday was also a fun. There’s no word with such a meaning in any dictionary of the world.

It is said that the occasion relates to a fact from O’Keefe’s biography. It’s thought that his and his wife’s first date was on the same day. Another version of the appearance of the holiday’s title relates to the man’s mother death in 1976. It’s said that Festivus was an opposition to that sad fact. It was like a wish to live and be happy.

The writer created a book in 1982 where he described Festivus tradition. The day was described in Seinfeld in the episode “The Strike”. It was a very popular sitcom in the USA. The show described the being of 4 friends who lived in NY. The TV show was so popular that producers made 9 seasons. The show lasted for 9 years.


The date was also given by the personage. The holiday was discussed by the table at a restaurant. It was described as a new occasion.

The day was explained to be an alternative to Christmas, but not its religious side. It was opposed to its commercial component. Christmas has lost its religious point for many people. Nowadays it has become a reason for lots of manufacturers to earn much money.

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In the episode the proposition to organize Festivus raised when a special charity fund was initiated to get money for Christmas presents. Thus, a new holiday was made to confront commercial directions.

The day became popular due to the Seinfeld’s fans. People wanted to celebrate the same holidays as their characters did. Lots of people ask “What day Festivus in 2022?” The holiday is on the 23rd of December.


The holidays are the reflection of the public traditions and customs. It is said that merry occasions are very frequent in the southern countries. Religious holidays captured lots of countries across the world. Despite this fact, many occasions are devoted to the historical milestones of the country.

There are several groups of events which don’t reflect history or politics. People observe their national food and beverages. Some holidays reflect funny customs. Due to the spread of the internet funny holidays have become popular across the whole country.

Festivus is the representative of funny holidays which don’t have an exact history. Nevertheless, its appearance was bright. It has become a real tradition. Some people even don’t celebrate Christmas. They make festive celebrations on Festivus. They follow the same traditions that were followed by four friends from the sitcom.

This holiday doesn’t make people to spend much money as it happens during Christmas. Men and women can do everything they want on the day. The main idea is to be happy and make a festive mood. The main meaning is to be pleased by the day, by the occasion. When is International Festivus 2022? It’s observed on December, 23.

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The occasion is a very strange event. The name of the date is very weird. The majority of people in the world don’t understand its meaning. The event is American. The following expansion of the celebration happened due to the internet. It’s a wonder, but the youth doesn’t know what the day’s origin is. Nevertheless, the majority of people adore the celebration.

The term was created by the writer. It hadn’t a real history. Everybody accepts the word in the meaning which was given by the author. The word is like “festival”. It carries a positive meaning, so it wasn’t difficult to accept it.

According to the dictionaries, the term has a Latin origin. In that language it was an adjective and it meant “lively, jovial or excellent”. The day carries a strong positive and joyful meaning. Many nations can guess that the day is a very merry occasion.

Dictionaries admit that there’s one obligation concerning the holiday. It is necessary to tell friends and relatives how they have disappeared you. It’s called the Airing of Grievances. What is the of Festivus 2022? The holiday is on the 23rd of December.


The ways of celebration are various. It’s very simple to observe the day. The occasion is a great reason to accept the noncommercialism of it. People who decide to follow it have to resist their shopping thirst which is encouraged very much during Christmas. The first thing to do during the occasion is to avoid the common rush for presents.

Everybody should remember how to observe the occasion. The best way is to follow the observance showed in the sitcom Seinfeld. Friends from sitcom didn’t have a Christmas tree. They always put an aluminum pole. The clock was nailed to the wall. But it was put into a bag beforehand.

Celebrating Festivus

Dinner table doesn’t need to be overfull. It isn’t necessary to make twelve festive dishes. Every family can lay the festive table with a turkey. Some of people prefer to replicate the episode’s traditions. It can be a meatloaf.

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The main activity at the table is to tell everybody about all grievances. It is necessary to stand up and tell all people at the table what they have done wrong. The next stage is the Feats of Strength when all guests take part in a wrestling match. Every person is to say “Happy Feastivus” to other people.

Many people tend to be very serious while celebrating the day. It is necessary for them to follow every tradition which was shown in the episode. There’re lots of special occasion in the US cities. Besides, there’re many festivities related to Festivus. “When is Festivus in 2022, calendar of events?” The day is set on the 23rd of December.

National Festivus Facts

  • A pole can be found near the garage or attic. It can be a shower rod, a lamp pole and other long aluminum things. There’s no need to decorate it.
  • The main color of food is to be red. People prefer meat and spaghetti. The menu can be varied. Alcohol is welcomed.
  • Several years ago a special ice cream with cinnamon was proposed. It was a limited edition.
  • There’s a possibility to send an email in which you can express every offense which have happened during the year. The idea is convenient to those persons who don’t feel good telling truth to friends.
  • O’Keefe wrote a book where he described the peculiarities of the holiday. The book is about the traditions of the celebration.
  • There’s a possibility to find a pole in the internet.
  • Due to the holiday a film festival appeared in Denver in 2008.
  • Manufacturers from Oklahoma produced red wine which was named as Festivus.


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