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🍫 When is Chocolate Mousse Day 2020

When is National Chocolate Mousse Day in 2020? Well, the name of this holiday sounds really tasty, however, unfortunately, only a few people know about its existence in the contemporary calendar and the most part of contemporary men and women have never heard about its establishment. What a pity!  It means that a significant amount of the last ones lose the perfect opportunity to celebrate something really terrific and unusual. Today we are going to make the situation clear and share all the information available about this beautiful dessert.


Investigating such amazing matter as what day Chocolate Mousse Day in 2020 is, we can’t but mention the side devoted to its historical background. As a rule, this direction is of high demand among our followers.

Unfortunately, we can tell nothing interesting about the establishers of this holiday as well as about reasons to celebrate it on April 3rd exactly. However, the specialists are sure that initially it was nothing but a successful marketing decision.

But the history of this dessert started in France with the creation of favorite and rather appreciated treat. For the first time in the gastronomic scene thing appeared in 1894. At those times, if you asked any person what the item was, you most probable got the answer reminding the following: “It is nothing but whipped and gelatin-fixed vegetable or fish snacks”.

Chocolate Mousse

But in the early 1900s, the famous French painter Toulouse Lautrec came up with the idea of whipping the chocolate to an airy foam, combining it with egg whites. Only then it was called “sweet mayonnaise” (mayonnaise de chocolat), but this unfortunate version was replaced by a more appetizing name. By the way, in 1977, in New York, the locals invented the dessert based on white chocolate and it became incredibly popular almost immediately.

Throughout the 20th century, this dessert gained popularity, and at the same time underwent metamorphosis. So, sugar was added to mousse, proteins were replaced with cream, egg yolks, butter, and, of course, changed the main chocolate taste. Many other varieties appeared.

Today the dessert is the basis of the so-called high confectionery art.

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What does Chocolate Mousse Day mean? – Of course, it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate this special occasion in public or to forget completely about its existence in the calendar. We are not able to impose you our point of view, but all in all why not to be a part of something unusual and tasty at the same time? You see, nowadays if you are in France, you can understand that every particular region you can offer you its own specific recipe of the delightful classic Mousse au Chocolat. All in all The French are very proud of its creation and generously treat their guests with it.


Investigating the question “When is International Chocolate Mousse Day 2020?” we are going to represent our followers something really amazing about this direction.

Mousse belongs to the category of the so-called “foamy” dishes, into which we can also include whipped cream, meringue, soufflé, parfait and all textures, saturated with air. Because of their lightness, they seem to melt in the mouth. More recently, culinary foam has become a part of modern molecular cookery, where natural flavors (represented by juices, fruits and different herbs) are usually mixed with neutral to taste stabilizers, like, for example, proteins, agar and gelatin. All of them should be whipped then.

To create mousse, which in French means “foam”, we have to use different components and technologies. Only under certain conditions the dish can be light and airy or vice versa creamy and heavy. At the heart of dessert mousse there are whipped proteins, meringue, whipped cream or gelatin. To them some taste components are added. The most typical ones are chocolate, coffee, caramel, chopped fruit, berries and, of course, flavorings like mint or vanilla.

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If you like experiments, we have an amazing idea for you. The matter is that you are always free to invent something special just for yourself and your surroundings. All in all it does not matter whether you prepare them or just buy in the nearest supermarket, we recommend you not to forget that the world of mousses is full of discoveries and surprises! On the specialized sites you can find recipes of mousses for every taste. They can be repeated or taken as a basis for the consciousness of author’s dessert! Try and enjoy the flavors!


When is Chocolate Mousse Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. You have no reasons for being worried about. It is celebrated on April 3rd annually. The date is fixed that is why you may celebrate any moment you would like to do it. Today we are going to introduce you the most successful (to our mind) recipe of the most typical variety of this dish.

Here is the list of ingredients:

  • dark chocolate  – 200 g;
  • eggs – 3 pieces;
  • cream of 35-38% of fat content – 330 ml;
  • butter – 30 g;
  • sugar (preferably brown or xylitol) – 30 g

Chocolate Mousse with raspberries

And here the simplest manner of its preparation:

  1. Whip the cream with half portion of sugar (the amount has been mentioned above). The substance has to become thick. You can do it with the help of the mixer if you like. Don’t forget to leave a small part of the obtained whipped cream. It should be put aside for some time and left for further decoration.
  2. Break the prepared sweet mass into small (or average) pieces. You have to melt everything. We recommend doing it on the water and, please, do not forget to stir your dish carefully while you are preparing it. Do it with butter and, of course, the remaining half of sugar.
  3. Now you have to separate the yolks from the taken whites.
  4. Put the yolks into the obtained melted chocolate and after that mix everything as thoroughly as it is possible. Now it is high time to put the future dish away as it has to be cooled.
  5. While you are having some free minutes whisk the whites. You have to have the thick foam as a result.
  6. After that add all the whipped cream into the received sweet mass and stir carefully. Then divide whipped whites in two parts. Mix carefully and you for this purpose a wooden spoon.
  7. Put the mousse to transparent glasses and decorate with the help of grated chocolate.
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National Chocolate Mousse Day Facts

Introducing the question “What is the date of Chocolate Mousse Day in 2020?” we would give our readers a lot of explanations and clarifications as to this direction. You see contemporary sweet mass mousse of industrial production in a special tin can now be easily purchased at any grocery store almost everywhere.

But, of course, its self-preparation can bring you much more fun. Some people prefer to cook alone; others give preference to the amazing collective activity. If you belong to the second category, just invite some friends, relatives or even colleagues from work. In order to save some time, many contemporary men and women prefer to use special mixtures for making chocolate mousse, but hardly the result can be competed with real home and so saturated chocolate mousse. This delicious and delicate treat can be used not only as an independent dessert, but also used for decorating some holiday cakes, amazing pastries and many other popular confectionery sweets.

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