When is National Save The Frogs Day in 2020? – Frankly speaking, we are almost sure that you donโ€™t know the answer to this question and the explanation is quite simple in fact. As a rule, this holiday is popular only among the representatives of the specialized circles, or just people, who are interested in these amazing animals. However, in our turn, we want to protect these creatures, so we consider this holiday to be an important one and today we are going to represent you its peculiar features.


Trying to introduce you the matter what day Save The Frogs Day in 2020 is in a better way, we came to the conclusion that you would be rather amazed to discover something new about this special occasion. However, please, do not expect for a great amount of various facts. The special occasion is considered to be relatively modern, so it hasnโ€™t had a long history yet. In 2020 it will be celebrated for the 12th time.

Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to find any information available about the historical background of this event. It is a real pity, but the names of the founders are also unknown to the public. But the information we can introduce you for sure is that up to the present moment more than 1400 events devoted to this occasion has been spent worldwide.

Initially, only 20 agreed to take part in this event, however, in the course of time their amount has reached the quantity of 65.


What does Save the Frogs Day mean? โ€“ Well, it is only up to you to find out whether to celebrate this special occasion or to forget completely about its existence. However, no matter what decision you will make, it wonโ€™t reduce the holiday importance.

Today, we would love to mention that Dutch scientists have already calculated that even on small highways, on which up to ten vehicles move per hour, during the migration rush hour every third frog can die under the wheels. If, on the other hand, 60 cars pass by in an hour, then 95 percent of the migrating amphibians die. Mass death of amphibians is all the more terrible because only 1% of tadpoles will turn into amphibians able to give the new generation. Taking into account these data, the modern specialists came to the conclusion that it is necessary to protect these creatures. This is an activity of the urgent need.

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Their important task is to eat mosquitoes and other insects. It means that these small creatures are able to make our rest at the open air more pleasant and much more comfortable. The less of them we will save, to less convenient conditions we will have.

By the way, the frogs, which have died on the roads, have no nutritional value for other animals and birds.


The question โ€œWhen is International Save The Frogs Day 2020?โ€ is not so easy as it may seem at first sight. As a rule, these animals donโ€™t belong to the category of the favorite ones. There are even people, who find them unpleasant, ugly and disgusting. But we are sure that they are mistaken.

All in all, frogs and toads are considered to be cold-blooded living beings that live preferable in water. They migrate twice a year. In winter, they sleep in ponds or soil, and in the spring they rush to reservoirs to play a so-called wedding there. In the fall, they are sent back to the wintering place.

Actually, amphibians are sedentary, most of them moving from year to year by the same route. For orientation in space, these animals use sight, smell and hearing, as well as sense the magnetic field of the Earth.

We canโ€™t but mention that amphibians play an important role in nature. In accordance with the specialistsโ€™ points of view, they are an important link in the food chain both on land and in water. Frogs destroy pests in gardens and fields; they also determine the state of health of the environment as a whole. That is why it is impossible to underestimate the value of frogs in our culture and medicine.

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When is Save The Frogs Day in 2020, calendar will remind you without any difficulties. As a rule, there are no any troubles with this matter. The holiday will be kept on April 25th and you are free to take part in it. However, it is necessary to remember, that the holiday doesnโ€™t have any constant date. โ€“ It is kept on the last Saturday in April that is why you have to be careful under the condition you want to join in 2020.

If you are going to do it, it is recommended to contact the nearest society the representatives of which are dealing with these amazing creatures. They are always ready to give you a definite task to help them.

By the way, as a rule contemporary volunteers work in small groups and they prefer to do everything at dusk. These men and women should observe some safety precautions, of course. Certainly, it is impossible to work directly on the highway. The volunteers are always recommended to wear a headlamp and a reflective vest. The records of amphibians are kept by species. By the way, you shouldnโ€™t touch frogs with bare hands. Why? โ€“ You see, the matter is that amphibians usually perceive a touch of our skin as a heat stroke, in our understanding comparable to placed in a hot oven, so you have to take them carefully in gloves.

The experts are sure that it is impossible to use perfume and cosmetics before it, as it is impossible to smoke. The smells not only injure their psyche, but also seriously poisons, because their skin is able to absorb all the poisons. It is also very important to arrange amphibians with their noses in the direction from the road, since they have a habit of jumping to where their nose is looking.

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National Save The Frogs Day Facts

The matter โ€œWhat is the date of Save The Frogs Day in 2020?โ€ needs a lot of additional explanations and clarifications. And today we are going to represent some of them to our curious readers.

All over the planet, there are many different species of amphibians and unfortunately the most part of them should be protected. Amphibians are endangered by many dangers: the destruction and dissociation of suitable places for life, the poor quality of water in water bodies and the death on roads under wheels. The amounts of these creatures are becoming less and less due to environmental pollution, increased levels of UV-B radiation and diseases. Half of our amphibian species is located at the border of its extinction and therefore they are particularly sensitive to all sorts of changes.

People are able to save the frogs. The most available types of activities are carrying them through dangerous sections of the road during their spring migration. If people do not help them get to the reservoirs, they will simply die. Contemporary gardeners could stop using various poisons, because they destroy food for amphibians. It is also important to create various shelters for toads and frogs: snags, compost heaps and armfuls of branches. It is good to leave some fragments of a lawn not uncut, since there frogs can hide and hunt. If there is a pond suitable for breeding frogs in the garden, you should not run fish there. In small ponds, the fish disturb the natural balance and plankton begins to grow. Thus, water bodies become poor in oxygen and are not suitable for many species of animals and plants. By the way, caviar amphibians often eat fish. And the drainage system can be dangerous for them, as having fallen into such a hole the animal cannot climb upward on its own. Such a creature can be easily helped by dropping a stick or a pole inside.


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