There are hundreds interesting holidays in the world which are devoted to many spheres of life. Cultural establishments also celebrate their own festivals which are to attract the public attention. The reasons to celebrate such holidays can be various, but the ways of observance tend to the topic of the observance. Holidays which are devoted to music can be observed only with music. One of the most interesting holidays is National Marching Band Day. It is celebrated in the beginning of spring. When is National Marching Band Day in 2020?


The tradition of organizing a band is very ancient. Small towns, schools and universities and other establishments organize their own bands. The most talented people of the society are welcomed to these communities. They can be official and professional. Sometimes bands consist of people who feel that music is their hobby.

The holiday was organized in the USA. It was initiated due to a petition which was sent to the US government. The tradition was accepted by every town and establishment who wants to develop such branch. Members of such musical communities havenโ€™t always had great instruments, though they have always tried to make the best costumes especially when they make festivals and parades. Costumes are usually military. The members can also carry flags.

Marching Band

The first such musical events were provided in the 1700s. The tradition appeared due to street musicians who were travelling for a long time. They performed at the festivals. Later those bands became official.

In the 19th century marching bands accompanied sport events. Traditionally a football match was always accompanied with musical performance. The first official band was the Notre Dame Marching Band. It was organized in 1845.

In previous times such band was formed with the help of few people who could play musical instruments during the day. Nowadays a marching band has to have been formed beforehand. It has to be a professional band to surprise guests of the holiday. โ€œWhat day World Marching Band Day in 2020?โ€ The occasion is on the 4th of March.

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What does National Marching Band Day mean? The occasion is a great time to unite people of the region or even a city. The occasion can join people and give them joy and, if itโ€™s needed, hope. It is proved that music is able to raise the common spirit.

People who take part in a group are rather famous in their territories. They are usually invited to participate in festive events and festivals. It is very prestigious to participate in local events.

Educational establishments give many possibilities for children to study musical instruments. They propose different variants. Musical lessons also have specialized educational programs which let children play musical instruments. Authorities of schools and universities initiate musical bands which not only play music but also study marching.

Every year on the 4th of March local musical groups show their skills and abilities. Itโ€™s a day when relatives and friends can watch the achievements in music. Parents can see what their children have studied by the time. It is a tradition to get ready to the event. Bands always have preparations throughout the whole year. They study a new program. They train marching. The occasion is a real contest of marching bands. When is International Marching Band Day 2020? The occasion is on March, 4th.


The term โ€œbandโ€ is well-known around the world. It is a word which is a part of many languages. The word appeared in the 15th century in the Middle French and Italian languages. The term has got lots of definitions. It is a synonym of the term โ€œgroupโ€. Itโ€™s used with many other words. It can mean a group of people or animals.

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Musical definition is given in every vocabulary. It is defined as a group of people who play instrumental music. Types of music may be different. The term in such definition is widely used in many countries. Groups playing the music for marches are also defined as bands. People who take part in an open-air performance, dance in groups also can be defined as bands. The word is also used in criminal sense. It is a community of people who make illegal actions. The word also is used as a verb. People unite for certain aims. Sometimes the term is followed by the word โ€œtogetherโ€.

The word โ€œmarchโ€ appeared in the 14th century. It appeared in the European territories. The term is explained as a regular-acted walk. The process is mainly used by soldiers. People need continuous rehearsals. It is also defined as โ€œproceedingโ€.

The meaning of the process is well-known by many countries, though many of them donโ€™t have such events. Holidays and ceremonies are also accompanied with marching with instruments. What is the date of National Marching Band Day 2020? The event is celebrated in the USA on March, 4th.

Marching Band making star wars


If you want to attend the event, you should follow the news in the Internet. The information about the planned activities, the location of celebration is announced beforehand. Establishments that are going to take part in the occasion usually advertise their performances. The information is usually located in local newspapers and on TV. Facebook and other social popular nets are also very popular places of such news.

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The most popular place where marching bands perform is a football match or other sport competition. Sport events usually attract visitors due to the contest itself and a performance that are usually shown before a game.

If you canโ€™t visit such places, you should take a chance by watching the performance in the Internet. There are lots of YouTube videos and photos in Instagram.

The events are widely provided at schools and universities. Military formations also provide special marches which are accompanied with great music. Governments of many small and big cities provide their own festivals where the participants of local groups become the heroes of the holiday. The choice of musical genres is really great. Some groups prefer jazz, others play standard accepted variants.

If you are a brave person, you can try to make performance with your relatives and friends. The action will give much joy and fun. Interesting photos will always remind you the great day. You can make it a long-live tradition. When is Marching Band Day in 2020, calendar of events? The occasion is on March, 4.

International Marching Band Day Facts

  • There is a tradition to choose the participants of musical groups during contests. It is a real tryout. Some places even propose people who want to join the group to play for several hours. The strongest and hardiest person has a chance to be chosen.
  • Some instruments have a serious weight, such a tuba and a trombone. So, a person who plays them has to be very strong. The show may last for several hours. Musicians admit that it is a very hard workout. It can be very exhaustive to wear a woolen uniform. Heavy instruments can button down.
  • Musicians spend more than 30 hours a week practicing for the performance, though people also can train alone at home when the event is nearby.


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