When is National Read Across America Day in 2020? Can you answer this question without any prompts? Well, let’s ask you in a different way. – Have you heard about this holiday existence? Unfortunately, as a rule, cotemporary people are rather surprised to find out about this date in the modern calendar and that is the reason, why we have decided to investigate this theme in details.


It is of common knowledge that investigating the matter concerning what day Read Across America Day in 2020 is, we should tell our readers and followers something amazing about the historical past of this event.

From the very beginning we would like to mention that this holiday is believed to be quite young. Initially it was established more than 20 years ago in 1997. So last year it was possible to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The initiative to create the day like this belongs to the famous all around the planet organization called National Educational Association. Its representatives introduced it to the country and made popular all around the USA.

Read Across America Day

Why did they choose March 2nd for this purpose? – The matter is that this day but in 1904 one rather famous American was born. It was Dr. Seuss, the significant author in the sphere of literature, written especially for kids. Some of his books have already been translated to many languages.


What does Read Across America Day mean? – Frankly speaking it seems to be a rather rhetorical question. Only you, not we, can answer it.

Contemporary psychologists are sure that reading is an integral process at all stages of personality formation. From the childhood, when the child reads out loud parents, ending with a mature age, when a person experiences personal crises and grows spiritually.

In adolescence this activity is especially important. Reading, these young people not only develop memory, thinking and other cognitive processes, but also strengthen emotionally volitional sphere, learn to love, to forgive, to empathize, to evaluate actions, to analyze actions and to trace causal relationships. Therefore, the using of books is obvious for everybody.

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In the process of reading, the brain works actively and both parts are involved. This activity is the work of the left hemisphere, the person draws in imagination the characters and pictures of what is happening in the plot, which is already the work of the right hemisphere. The reader gets not only the pleasure of reading, but also develops the ability of the brain.

As for the sources, it is better to read paper editions, represented by books, newspapers and magazines. The eye perceives better information printed on paper than the one that is lit on the monitor. The speed of reading the paper carrier is higher and the eyes do not get tired too quickly. Despite such significant physiological causes, there are factors indicating the benefit of reading the printed publications.

And, please, mind that classical literature is usually written in a beautiful, interesting, literate and rich language. It carries intelligent, necessary and creative thoughts in itself.


Investigating the matter “When is International Read Across America Day 2020?” It will be on September, 4th. We want to represent you as many amazing facts as it is possible. First of all, we can’t but mention that the advantages of this activity are now taken more as an axiom. However, the surprising discovery is that there are many white spots in this statement. It is rather difficult to measure the reading “usefulness”. Most conclusions concerning the beneficial effects of reading on a person are in fact based on theoretical assumptions not on real scientific research.

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In their turn some mistrustful citizens find out that reading fiction never trains any important skills. Why? – The matter is that it does not provide requested information. In the case like this only the imagination can be developed. There are also even such people, who argue that this activity isn’t only useless, but, on the contrary, it may do harm, as it is able to “tear away” a person from reality immersing the person into imaginary worlds, and thereby makes him/her less socially adaptable.

So the use of reading is by no means obvious.

Also we can’t but mention that the use of reading is enormous. Doing this, a person learns new and interesting, expands the horizons and enriches the lexicon. The activity brings people aesthetic satisfaction. It is the most versatile and easy way of entertainment, as well as the most important part of cultural and spiritual self-improvement.


When is Read Across America Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. And by the way it won’t be difficult to memorize it. The date is fixed and is spent on March 2nd annually. Are you going to be involved and joined? – Well, no problems! Just do it and you will get a lot of enjoyment!

And now we are going to demonstrate you quite unexpected results of one research. Contrary to popular belief, the University of Toulouse has proven that reading while eating is not harmful, but useful! At the people who do not part with the book at the table, food is digested much better than at those who prefer to watch TV while eating. Why? – The explanation is quite simple indeed. – During reading, a person chews food at a slower rate, and as a result food enters the stomach in a more crushed condition and well impregnated with digestive juices. Are you surprised? We are!

Reading class

The second amazing thing is the following. – Scientists at the Nürburg Academy of Moral and Physical Health have come to an even more exotic conclusion. It turns out to be useful to read in the toilet, especially for those people, who suffer from constipation. The text distracts the reader from their own experiences, and the exciting plot positively affects the contraction of the intestinal walls, so researchers recommend that detectives and spy novels be left in the toilet.

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Why not to try both activities on March 2nd?

National Read Across America Day Facts

The matter “What is the date of Read Across America Day 2020?” needs a lot of clarifications and explanations.

Have you ever heard about neurophysiologist David Lewis and his colleagues? – These people have conducted a study on how different types of activities contribute to stress relief. A group of volunteers was put into a state of stress, and then offered to remove this stress using one or another method.

It turned out that the most effective anti-stress method was reading. Believe you or not but six minutes of it were enough to relax the muscles and to normalize the heart rate. And by the way this kind of activity has gone through the same investigation methods as listening to music, drinking tea and walking and turned out to be much stronger.

An American researcher Robert Wilson together with a group of professional scientists, worked with a group of nearly three hundred seniors over the past 6 years. The average age of those men and women was about 89 years old.

After the death subjects their brain was investigated for the presence of pathological changes. It turned out that people who had read more during their lifetime were 32% less likely to be subject to memory problems, while people who did not read at all, lose memory by 48% faster than those who devote an average amount of time to this activity.


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