When is National Tell a Joke Day in 2022? Can you answer this question? Have you ever heard about the existence of this special occasion among the holidays of the contemporary calendar? Unfortunately, a lot of contemporary men and women would reply negatively, but in vain. In our turn, we are sure that this holiday deserves to become popular all around the planet. That is the reason, why we are going to introduce it today.


Discovering the matter what day Tell a Joke Day in 2022 is, we wanted to know something amazing about the historical background of this event. Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to find out any information about the reasons to celebrate it on August 16th exactly. The names of the establishers are unknown as well.

However, we are almost sure that these people were really fun-loving and kind-hearted. They were going to make this world better and fill it up with bright emotions. You see, gloomy men and women usually do not have any ideas like this.

In fact it is human nature to enjoy the funny things around and to notice them around. However, at the same time, humor is not a safe thing, because its downside is an offensive mockery. So we have to be rather careful even when we are telling the jokes in the close circle. Otherwise, we can offense other people deeply, despite making them feeling better.


What does Tell a Joke Day mean? Well, we are not sure that we can answer this question instead of you. You see, we don’t know you personally and we can’t even predict your attitude to this genre.

As you perhaps understand among the representatives of the modern society there are a lot of people, who find the humor an unessential part of our life. Certainly, we disagree with them, but they are free to have their own point of view. In our turn, we are sure that in many jokes, it is possible to find the stereotypes characteristic of the people and the community in general.

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Here we should mention that not all funny stories are acceptable. It can be difficult to predict in advance whether a given audience will accept them or not. It is important that the sense of humor is at least partially the same between the speaker and the audience. Otherwise, it is a failure, and it will seem either offensive or unfunny.

Here we would like to mention one amazing thing. In some cultures, say in English or an American one, there are two types of jokes: spontaneous and the so-called canned jokes – literally translated “canned” jokes. The latter are close to the anecdote, in contrast to the spontaneous ones that a person invents along the way.

A person, who jokes spontaneously, never warns about it, saying “Listen everybody, I am going to tell a joke now.” And he or she always, even if he or she hasn’t come up with a joke, pretends that this thing has just come into the head.

On the contrary, the person telling a “canned” joke never pretends to be its author and, thanks to this, is a little more secure, without sacrificing the degree of funny. The person does not seem to be responsible for possible grievances. This man or woman simply tells what he or she has been told.


The question “When is International Tell a Joke Day 2022?” is not as easy and obvious as it may seem at the first sight. Some people are sure that every person is able to tell the jokes. However, it is not true, of course.

Following the specialists’ point of view, we can’t but mention that the types of jokes and their appropriateness in different situations are highly culturally dependent. There are very few completely taboo topics for humor, even if there is a cultural prohibition on, for example, having fun over death. The funny stories of this kind are indecent in a way indecent. However, as a rule, the indecent things are often appreciated among the modern people. Therefore, there has long been a category of black humor, which is really shocking to many, but at the same time they are able to make many people laugh. And the evolution of themes, of course, is taking place.

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During periods of lack of freedom, humans tell a lot about their lack of freedom. Under the conditions of freedom, the most popular topics are about sex, family life and ethnic characteristics.

All in all this direction plays an essential role in our life. Today, laughter therapy is actively implemented even in some medical institutions. For example, in the schedule of procedures in one of the famous pain clinics in Switzerland, 3 hours a week are devoted to laughter. A clown comes to the sick, who amuses them and helps patients to look at their problems in a different way. On the one hand, this is strange, because people with serious illnesses, with pains come to clinics for treatment, expecting to see droppers and other high-tech procedures, and instead a clown with a red nose comes to them. But as practice shows, after such procedures, the healing process proceeds faster.


When is Tell a Joke Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. The special occasion is held in special circles on August 16th. The date is fixed and it means that memorizing this day once you will get an opportunity to celebrate it annually.

As you perhaps understand there are no any special rules for its keeping. It would be useless to wait for any events organized on the state level by local authorities. However, it is not a reason for being worried or upset. You are always free to invent something special for you as well as for your close surrounding. Under this condition everything depends on your creativity. The choices are really endless.

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What about organizing a party? You may invite as many guests as you can and have a special marathon together. Telling jokes to one another all evening long, you will get an unforgettable time, filling up with laugh and cozy atmosphere.

Under the condition you are tired and don’t want to have a lot of people in your house, spend August 16th alone, watching your favorite comedies or reading a funny book. We are almost sure that you have some.

National Tell a Joke Day Facts

Investigating the question “What is the date of Tell a Joke Day in 2022?” we found a lot of amazing details devoted to this direction.

All in all, there is no single formula that would work for this direction in any language and in any culture. There are very serious studies of linguists on the semantic mechanism of humor. The linguistic theory of humor turns out to be quite complex, and not everyone shares it. The search for a single, universal, common principle for all types of verbal humor of all times and people is unproductive. A more sensible task for a researcher is to identify what seems funny to a particular cultural community.

In Anglo-American culture, jokes about other people or minorities are generally considered indecent – this does not mean, however, that they are not told at all. Let’s say that a person who belongs to the people who have become the object of ridicule can afford it.

But in general, nowadays more often tell jokes about more neutral characters that do not form social groups, for example, about blondes – such jokes, however, are also considered by many to be unacceptable.

Laughter is the ability to look at any situation from the other side. Of course, it may not always replace medical prescriptions, but at the same time this activity can help raise the patient’s morale, which is the basis for the success of therapy.


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