In the whole world, thousands of astronomers explore our world every day. They discover such things, about which we couldn’t even know or things, which we thought were unexplainable. There are so many things, which we thought minor and not influencing anything. But each small thing can change our world and even influence on our lives, as strange it may sound. That is why all such discoveries are extremely important not only for present life but also for the future. And in this article, we would like to pay attention to one of the most well-known astronomical facts – Equinox in particular. You have heard about it, right? Do you know much about this day of the year? Do you know why is it important and why became a kind of holiday? Let’s bring understanding to this theme and know, when March equinox is in 2018.

March equinox

The main sense of the day

So, let’s begin with the general information, which is known to everybody. At equinox, the day length is practically equal to the length of the night. There are two such days in the year – in spring and in autumn. Spring equinox takes place in March, and autumn’s equinox – in September. Closer to the end of the article we will know, what day March equinox in 2018 is. In spring after equinox days become longer and nights become shorter. Everything is vice versa in autumn. That is why usually people are happy when days become longer, but in autumn they become sad and are waiting for spring again.

Scientists in different spheres of knowledge discover and study the influence of these days on people. And there are a lot of opinions on this question, for example:

  • Doctors connect better and worse state of health with these two periods. When autumn begins, our body reacts and many diseases become worse or appear, people feel tired and sad and have no will to do something. The other situation is when spring comes – many diseases can just stop on their own or become better, the mood and the whole state of a person are much better.
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  • Psychologists are especially sure that person’s psychological state changes during this time. In autumn people’s minds may be full of sad or disappointing thoughts, they can invent problems, which do not really exist, they are not able to pull themselves together. Also, our mind perceives the surrounding situation sharper, that is why we can behave ourselves more aggressive, testily and sullen. We are more subjected to stresses, depressions, and neurosis.
  • Many serious diseases are more likely to happen and begin in these periods, because of negative environment, like stresses, for example, help them to develop.

That is why it is important and helpful for people to know, what the date of March equinox is in 2018 to get ready for this period. In autumn it is preferable to take some pills, for example, which help to raise mood and support immune system. If you are in a good mood, you are not like to get ill, you will not feel tired and will not lose the will to live and to have some new ideas.

March equinox 2017

Some history and interesting facts

Some nations count the beginning of the New Year and celebrate it on the day of the equinox, for example, people of Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, etc. Slavs also treat equinox like a holiday and celebrate this day. Earlier they thought, that spring won winter and brought light and warmth to the people. It symbolized the beginning of the new period in life – both of people’s and natures. In early times and nowadays many nations and religions celebrated this holiday and made a lot of bright festivals with games, food, and music. This year it is already known, when March equinox in 2018, the calendar has already been counted. It was not difficult, because the date of this holiday usually varies by one or two days, so we can predict it. This year we will meet spring on March 20. At this day the sun will cross the equator and we will see the days longer and the weather warmer all around the globe.


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