We can’t but mention that it is quite difficult to imagine the waters of the contemporary Florida without these reserved living beings. However, are you ready to give a firm reply to the question “When is National Manatee Day in 2020?” Frankly speaking we predict your negative statement now.

Taking into account all the information available, we have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to take some urgent measures so that these vulnerable giants, as before, slowly plowed the expanses of water from Florida to South America. So we have decided to investigate the matter in details.


Of course, it is almost impossible to discover the matter concerning what day World Manatee Day in 2020 is, without mentioning the episodes from this holiday past. In fact, now we are not able to tell you why this holiday is celebrated on the last Wednesday in March. The same thing is about the establishers of this event, unfortunately we can’t demonstrate you any facts.

However, these amazing creatures have been living near people for a long time.

For example, let’s remember the legends of the sirens, which are living in the sea and have a fish tail and charming female forms. In the literature you can find many stories, told by seafarers. – The specialists have come to the conclusion that the sailors were puzzled by the slow movements of these animals as well as headsprotruding from the water, which from the far distance could seem like effeminate creatures.



What does National Manatee Day mean? In fact it is up to you to find out whether this event is necessary for you. All in all for some people it is so unimportant that they can forget about it without any regrets. So you can choose what group of people is to follow.

Participants in the United Nations Environment Program argue that these creatures, also known as sea cows, are threatened with extinction. They were already protected by the organization’s program.

The specialists are sure that these marine herbivorous mammals suffer as a result of poaching, pollution of coastal waters and a reduction in the population of algae. They often get fatal injuries as a result of collisions with the courts.

The UN News Center has reported that the creatures are found near the coast at a depth of no more than 20 meters and feed exclusively on algae in the coastal areas of the Indo-Western Pacific.

In length the typical representative reaches three meters and can weigh 500 kilograms. In a quiet environment they can live up to 70 years.

Unfortunately, in recent years their population has declined sharply. Today there are about 120 thousand of them.

According to experts, given the huge range of their habitat, this is a very small number. The project as to their protection was launched in 2015 and it will be working until December 2020. Its implementation as a whole will require six million US dollars.


Giving the answer to the matter “When is International Manatee Day 2020?”, we would like to give our readers as much as possible information about these attractive creatures.

So, despite the well-known generic name of animals, like sea cows, it seems to be hardly correct, as it only indicates consumption of plant food by these marine animals. But in fact they can not be attributed to ruminants. Their closest relatives are elephants.

When the ancestors of sulfur went to life in the water, their external appearance, metabolism and behavior adapted to the new living space. The animals acquired a streamlined body shape, although they remained very massive, so as not to freeze.

The same goal, i.e. preservation of energy, promotes a thick layer of subcutaneous fat, calm and measured movements.

In addition, they avoid water with a temperature below +20.C A detachment of sirens, or sea cows, is divided into two families: a dugong, in which there is only one species, and manatees, or sea cows, which include three species.

River cows (Trichechus inunguis) live on flooded areas in the Amazon basin, i.e. in fresh waters, and the manatees Nagelmanati (Trichechus manatus) settle in the water near the shallow coasts and in the estuaries of the Florida rivers up to Central Brazil and the Caribbean Sea.

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A very similar West African species (Trichechus senegalensis) finds home near the coast of Senegal up to Angola. These living beings usually avoid cold open seas, neither of these species are found anywhere else.


When is Manatee Day in 2020, calendar will remind you. This is for sure in fact, so don’t worry, please. Frankly speaking, there are no reasons to do it. As we have already informed you, it happened every last Wednesday in March. In 2020 it will be on March 28.

All in all there are no any special rules and inscriptions how to spend this day properly. But this is not a problem for those guys and ladies, who want to participate and to be involved.

The noblest activity is to devote this day to these creatures discovery. You may watch some documentaries, read specialized articles, go to the zoo or listen to some lectures.

Some people prefer to donate money to the definite fund and in such a way to participate in their protection.

In nature, manatees do not have natural enemies, with the possible exception of humans. Fishing gear and knife-like propellers of motor boats, along with the general intensification of economic activity, had a disastrous effect on their amount. You see, nowadays they are considered to be extinct. Just some years ago animals were in so small amount that their populations, in accordance with the US Endangered Species Act, their creatures were protected on the first turn.

Manatee with calf

Due to the tightening of the rules of economic activity and the regulation of the movement of boats in the specially created “manatee protection zones,” the population of these mammals began to revive in Florida. In 1991, aerial photography recorded just 1.2 thousand manatees off the coast of Florida. This year their number has exceeded 6 thousand.

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This replenishment of the population enabled biologists to transfer them from endangered species to the category of representatives “threatened with extinction”. According to the mentioned law, this means that manatees are no longer subject to the danger of immediate disappearance, but the rules for their protection will remain in force. Nevertheless, the problem has not been finally solved. The authorities of the USA, Belize and the Islands of the Caribbean sea plan to expand economic activity and develop tourism in this region. The preservation of measures to protect manatees will allow these cute mammals to continue their voyage.

International Manatee Day Facts

These creatures are really amazing and talking about the subject concerning the question “What is the date of National Manatee Day 2020?” we want to inform you that manatees with their horizontally arranged paddle tail can swim at a speed of 25 km / h, using the front fins as rudders and stabilizers. But in nature they have few enemies, so in most cases they can be calm.

But that is not everything, of course.

  • In fact, these animals use about a third of the energy required by mammals with the same weight on land.
  • Every four minutes they breathe in air, but they can be in the water and a quarter of an hour. At the same time, they never dive deeper than 10 m.
  • The females become sexually mature by the age of four or eight, and no more than once every two years they have one calf.
  • The newborn always keeps close to its mother and sometimes, to rest, is located on her back.
  • Although after a few weeks the baby is able to eat plants, it sucks milk for a long time and keeps close to its mother for up to two years so that during her wanderings learn how to find the best pastures.


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