When is National Golf Day in 2020? โ€“ That is the question, which can be hardly answered by people, who are not involved. All in all it’s more than a game, it’s a way of life and thoughts for a great number of men and women in all corners of the planet.

It is curious that, according to statistics, about 30-40 percent of the members of the world clubs do not play at all. For them to be in the club is a significant part of an image and business communication.


Of course, we understand that it is quite difficult to discover the subject concerning, what day World Golf Day in 2020 is, without mentioning to our readers the episodes from the historical past of this event.

It is a real surprise, but this game is considered one of the oldest sports, or rather, notย  itself, but its ancient counterparts. In games similar to it, where the goal was to drive round stones with sticks. The ancient Romans and Chinese played it more than 2 thousand years ago. And under the current name and almost unchanged, it has existed for the last seven centuries.

Playing Golf


What does National Golf Day mean?Frankly speaking, we donโ€™t know what to answer you to this question, as we consider it to be rather personal. You see, we canโ€™t dedicate you which holiday to celebrate and which ones can be forgotten. And, perhaps, you have never played this game, so you wonโ€™t be keepingthe special occasion.

However, perhaps, this is a real opportunity to start? โ€“ In accordance with the official statistics data, game is played all year round and on all continents by more than 50 million people.

But the experts in their turn are sure that this figure is greatly understated, because it reflects the number of players in official information of national federations and clubs. In fact, there are a lot of players who are not part of the national federation and donโ€™t play golf regularly.

Interestingly, in the West, the indicator of the standard of living in developed countries is the presence of golf courses for 12.5 thousand people, which simultaneously means that one building should involve 12.5 thousand men and women.

Today, according to some sources, there are about 40 thousand fields in the world. Of these, 15.7 thousand are in the United States. For the Americans, according to the survey, it is the most popular sport, as about 30 million people play it.

But it is famous not only in the States, it is estimated that every minute in the air there are approximately 65,000 balls. And this is despite the fact that not all countries have suitable conditions for .


So the reply to the question โ€œWhat is the day of Nationalย  Day 2020?โ€ sounds likeโ€œOn April, 26thโ€, however. We would like to give our curious readers some interesting pieces of information about this manner of leisure activity.

Have you ever heard that this sport helps you to get acquaintances with other people in almost any corner of the contemporary world? If you learn how to play and start to claim yourself in amateur tournaments, your circle of communication will grow significantly: many top managers and even stars are fond of it, and they all appreciate strong and unordinary rivals. The informal atmosphere of the game and the general interest are the perfect ground for new useful contacts.

At the same time we canโ€™t but mention that golf will help you to spend more time in the open air, which is rather useful for our organism. So, never miss the chance to get the rose cheeks and fit body.

And at last, some contemporary men and women give preference to it, because while their friends and mates are sweating in fitness clubs, they burn a similar amount of calories in the fresh air. Such training simply will not be wanted to miss, will it?

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It is difficult to remember, but in the modern world there people, who hardly have the possibility to be involved. For example, Japanese or Koreans, who canโ€™t always afford to play it in their own countries. The fact is that because of the limited territory, high cost of land and, consequently, the placement of golf courses, the game is very expensive.

But, despite this, for Koreans golf in the past year or two has become something like a morning exercise. Some Korean companies with membership in the club require their employees to report on how many times they played it. And in Japan, the number of people willing to play this game is so great that many pay their membership in the club at the stage of its construction.


When is Golf Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. And this is not a serious problem or the reason for being worried about. However, only some people know how to spend April 26th unforgettably.

All in all there are no any definite traditions, rules or prescriptions what to do this as a rule warm and sunny spring day. But we would like to give you some recommendations.

The best to spend this day merrily is to play this game all day long. You see, there are a lot of specialized clubs everywhere, so you can always choose something special for you. Invite your friends, family members or even colleagues from work to join and you will have a perfect day in the open air.

You have never played golf, have you? Perhaps, it is worth to use April 26th for learning. โ€“ You see, every contemporary club has a great amount of skilled teachers, which will be glad to help you any time.

If you donโ€™t have any opportunity to play, devote this day to watching various movies or reading articles about this leisure activity.

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International Golf Day Facts

Trying to find the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Golf Day 2020?โ€ we should tell our readers some amazing facts about this sport.

There is an opinion that golf is a game of rich and elderly men. But it is not true. The matter is that, according to the specialistsโ€™ points of view, this kind of activity is able to bring a lot of advantages to your body and mind.

Here is our list:

  1. Remove the stress

If golf had not been invented by shepherds, psychiatrists would have invented it. Everything in this game, from a long walk in the fresh air to the pleasure of a steeply sent ball, is nothing but an excellent remedy for nerves and depression.

  1. Lose weight

According to the calculations of the American Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences, a person burns 721 kcal in one match on 9 holes. By the end of the game, you will overcome 10-12 km, which is the distance that is usually run by ordinary player.

  1. Become a strategist

The ability to try different clubs and punches in constantly changing conditions (depending on where the ball hits) will teach you to quickly adapt to the circumstances and plan the game a few steps forward. This skill is useful in work and in life in general.

  1. Temper the character

Sometimes it seems that today everything went wrong and it’s better to surrender immediately. In fact, in golf you have enough time to pick up not only yourself, but also the thread of the game. You will get used to not giving up on the field and you will gain confidence that will help in any situation.

  1. You will be sick less

Scientists from the universities of the Finnish cities of Oulu and Kuopio conducted a study and proved that regular play helps to activate the protective functions of the body. The same properties, by the way, have hockey, football and basketball, but it is less traumatic.


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