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🛬 When is Top Gun Day 2022

Holidays are so many that it is hard to watch for them all. Sometimes they are even so hard to understand that people even do not remember, where have they come from and why do they all celebrate them at all. But still, there is a number of holidays, which has not special sense but people lie them and enjoy spending time at such events. And there is nothing bad in it, is it? In this article, we would like to touch upon one holiday, which can be described in the same manner. A small number of people knows at least something about it, but still, it is very popular, though has a shadow of just an entertainment – Top Gun Day. We will speak about it closer and will know, when is Top Gun Day in 2022.

Top Gun Day 2017

When and why has it came from

So, it all has its beginning from not so early times – since 1980es. At that time a movie came out, which told us a story about a pilot in the US Navy School. The name of the film was Top Gun and the main role was given to a popular and beloved by public actor Tome Cruise. The film has made a real splash among the audience and earned more than $350 million! People and mass media spoke all the time and practically everywhere about this picture. All the tickets were sold out before the premier and even after it people had a huge desire to watch the film by themselves. Right after that movie, people got a strange interest to copy the style of the main character of the film.

By the way, it is important to admit that in reality the Navy School, described in the film, existed and taught a lot of soldiers. The school had its history and huge reasons to be formed. It all happened after one of the armed conflicts when the Navy and Air Force of the country lost a lot of equipment and together they decided to change the situation. The decision was difficult and came not quickly, but nevertheless, in the end, it was decided to organize a special school, which taught soldier under a special program.

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So, after the success of the picture somebody thought about the celebration of it and others supported the idea. So, actually, the holiday celebrates the film itself, but we can’t speak about it just like this. Mostly it is all made because of the idea, because of the attitude itself and some emotions, evoked by the film. So, every year on the 13th of May people gather and join others to spend this day. They all know well, what day Top Gun Day in 2022 is and celebrate it happily and with huge desire.

So, now let’s speak on the following question: why has the film became so important for people and why has it made such an effect on them all? It is really surprising because if every picture makes such an effect, we would celebrate the same holidays every day, possibly. But with this film, the situation is totally other. It is all so because of several factors. One of which is, certainly, the selection of the actor for the main role, who did his job excellently. Secondly – the idea, certainly, was probably the main effect. People were impressed about how everybody should or can work in a team, how important is this word and there is nothing to say more. Certainly, the picture and actors attracted people’s attention also just because of the external “picture” – the film is full of cool guys, funny moments, brutal scenes. Every young and not very person wanted to look those guys, wanted to be like them.

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Also, the film had a soundtrack, which became well known for any single person afterward.  When anybody hears it somewhere, he or she began acting in a special way – so familiar the melody is, which is associated only with this picture and nothing else. Do you know them too? Right, they are “Danger Zone” and “Take My Breath Away”. It is sung in any bar by companies of young people. Such people surely know, when is National Top Gun Day 2022.

There exists one more association with the film and its main heroes – volleyball, dirty, crazy volleyball. Some companies of people have even a tradition to gather at some particular days or on some particular reasons and copy this style of playing. It all is really funny, loud, energetic and brings up your mood. But those, who are too far from sports, it will certainly be not interesting and not suitable. Though, why not have a try – maybe it will become your second hobby?!

Top Gun Day

The plan of celebrations

So, a separate topic is the celebration of the holiday. Certainly, it is not a day off, but nevertheless, people find spare time to have fun. There exists a special list of “to do” things, look at it:

  • So, the first thing you have to do is to dress up like a hero of the film.
  • Second thing is to do something, which is associated with the picture and which we have discussed earlier – play volleyball, visit a bar to sing karaoke, etc.
  • Moreover, many people organize a kind of small parties, where they invite their friends and play quizzes on the topic, connected to the film.
  • Certainly, the obligatory part is to watch the movie from the beginning to the end! And it doesn’t matter if you have seen it before or not and how much times have you seen it. It is a must!
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So, this is sure not the full list of things, you are able to do while celebrating this day if you want to. But why not trying to be a part of something happy, which raises your mood and helps you to relax. Find out, what is the date of Top Gun Day 2022 and join those, who are fond of this topic. Find also other things, which can be suitable while celebrating the holiday – there are so many of them and they are really interesting for not only teenagers but people, who are a bit older.

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