9That nation which can greatly celebrate the food anniversaries could easily fight all the aggressors โ€“ says the prominent sentence. American citizens do not find big excuses in commemorating many course festivals. Their history to a good world position and a highly economical country was not simple. The struggle was sometimes severe and cruel because the way through a democracy is never direct. All little holidays make inhabitants enjoy the living. They bring some light and happiness to the life. The honoring of guacamole is not an exception. Let us discover more specific features about when is National Guacamole Day in 2022 and what are people performing in party time?

The meaning of the holiday

What does National Guacamole Day mean for Americans? In fact, the feast is rather new that old.

The food has always been the perfect reason for a gathering. Remember those wonderful evenings when all the family was uniting around the table in parents’ house. They talked, discussed some pieces of news, quarreled, laughed, supported each other, and meal was in the center of this amazing atmosphere. All official State meetings, conferences, and councils are followed by a good dinner where participants have some rest and may relax in an informal ambiance. Moreover, hereโ€™s what they say about traditional Mexican food that is guacamole.

National Guacamole Day

The celebration of the course emphasizes on many points:

  • It helps two cultures, nationalities, mentalities and spirits, American and Mexican ones, to approach each other
  • Makes people closer respecting the culinary specialties of another land
  • Offers new recipes and gives a good chance to improve some skills in preparing meals
  • Brings an original taste in everyday life because it is very easy to cook the dish by yourself
  • Proposes the wonderful opportunity celebrate all the diversity of other state and involves protecting its own cultural customs
  • Assures a splendid spare time for mankind

Well, the dish is prominent all over the world. One can see the time is very unusual and take into account when is International Guacamole Day in 2022 for getting prepared for the date.

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The history

The relationships between American and Mexican population have a long story and many common characteristics too. According to the world heritage, Mexicans consist a part in US citizens. So, they must influence the Big Nation in some way. Americans are often post pointing themselves as โ€œbig brothersโ€ of Mexicans. The last were a long time to fight for the independence of their freedoms and rights. Thus, the festival of the traditional dish especially in the USA has more profound meaning and all should draw attention on what day is National Guacamole Day because it is a holiday of all and every heart, of national originality and the spirit of rebellion. More, this occasion underlines the fact that everyone has to appreciate foreign features and try to maintain them. We must save the territorial varieties in order to assure their longevity and development.


The definition of the occasion

The dish called ยซguacamoleยป derives from two Spanish words: the first one is guaca which means avocado and mole, molla, that is the sauce. Actually, it is one of the most popular sauces in the world. It is made of avocado fruit adding some lemons juice and some salt. A product may include onions, tomatoes, pepper chili, garlic, and species. Its roots gown down to the Aztecs. People eat it with corn chips especially in the states of Latin America. Concerning the recipe and its author, nobody can tell his name or job. The Mexican people believe the Old Gods sent it from heaven because of its spicy but adorable taste.

Concerning the time when is Guacamole Day in 2022, this celebration falls on September 16th in calendars. Why did Mexicans choose this time? Well, in fact, this is the most convenient period to find a good avocado fruit in the markets and shops. Avocados begin getting the ride in September though no one can miss the chance to commemorate this delicious course. Despite, the creators of the mess insist on the meal must be prepared with avocado. If you replace it by any other ingredient, the flavor will be poured.

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What are National Guacamole Day in 2022 facts and traditions?

Guacamole is served everywhere – you can easily order it in cafes, bars, and restaurants. The meal is spread not only in Mexico but also in Spain, Portugal, and Brazil. Tourists adore its piquant taste and Americans have to be proud of being the initiators of all name holiday. Every nationality should borrow this US tendency to honor this extraordinary dish.

How do people pass the holiday time and what are the most common events?

Here are some possible ways how one can commemorate the feast:

  • To start with, if you do not know what to expect from the dish itself,you’d better taste it as much as possible. Take a table in a restaurant and discover the new culinary miracle.

National Guacamole Day

  • Having some knowledge on the plate, invite the friend of yours to come to your place and surprise them with this amazing meal. Here is a very simple but interesting method of preparing guacamole.
  • A global wide web is full of receipts, choose the most convenient one. Mexican food is not eaten every day as an ordinary meal, bring some originality and create an unusual party. Another good option is to set up a purely Mexican celebration using its traditional items. Ask friends to take flags of Mexico with them, turn on the local music and start speaking… Spanish! Obviously, it will be strange because one canโ€™t often wear sombreros or drink tequila, for sure. If somebody does not understand what day is National Guacamole Day in 2022, you will not need to explain more โ€“ the atmosphere of Mexican culture would probably tell all without words. While breathing a renewed air, the holiday is a source of information about a neighbor country, its existence, development and delicious course!
  • Create an open group in a social network and try to propagate the commemoration events. Prepare some photos of your own party and share them with others.
  • Organize a small contest of a food preparation. Gather the participants and let them become true chiefs. You may sell cooked stuff at fairs because it is impossible to eat them all or think about those people who have nothing to eat this day. Guacamole is unbelievable. Make them happy and smile. Let them become a little joyful tonight.
  • Take a part in events held in embassies. Mexican culture is very specific but many people do not know its originality. A good way of getting closer to people is to understand its world vision through national features. Do not miss the possibility to get aware of this ancient tradition.
  • If you want to be more informed in all what is happening in Mexico, go for a trip there. Enjoy the wonderful spirit of the sea and freedom.
    Even if you are short on money, find a video guide on the Internet or start learning Spanish. It will help you to plunge in a Mexican lifestyle, to know better all changes and news.
  • Concerning the guacamole, find some information about the methods of its preparation. Find out if any cuisine master classes are organized for the holiday. Take your chance and go there. It is very exciting watching true masters work and enjoying their enthusiasm.
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Happy celebration!


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