The majority of people consume chicken every day in many varieties. It can be boiled, braised or fried. For those of us who like fried chicken there was made a holiday and letโ€™s check what and when the National Fried Chicken Day in 2022 is?

National Fried Chicken Day is observed annually on 6th of July and is organized for all those people who prefer hen to other poultry. However, it still remains unclear who started it and how the festival was originated.

Many fast food and classic restaurants such as KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) make a cut in price each time the holiday is held that attracts many of people to use its services and try one.


Well, letโ€™s plunge into the story of hen before getting directly to what day National Fried Chicken Day in 2022 is.

National Fried Chicken Day

Chuck, or domestic chuck (lat. Gallus gallus, also Gallus gallus domesticus), – the most numerous and widespread poultry, which is a domesticated form of the Bankive jungle hen. Flies badly, and not so far. For a long history of domestication, a large amount of hen is bred. Chicks are among the most useful and outstanding domesticated birds in their productivity. They are bred for meat and eggs, in addition, they receive feather and down.

In ancient times, in some countries such as Babylon, chickens had a high position in society and placed themselves above people. It is clear because they were worshiped and honored. After all, images with priests worshiping roosters and hens were created. Apparently, the inhabitants of Babylon did not find anything shameful in that.

And how do they know that their favorite chuck, for which they prayed, will not be stuck in the soup or grilled?

If the hen was worshiped only by the Babylonians, this could be called a fad. Moreover, in difficult years, not only roosters but cats were eaten, not even mentioning dogs eaten in hungry houses.

For the Zoroastrians, the chicken was as sacred animals as, for example, cows for the inhabitants of India. Well, how can you eat an animal that awakens you from spiritual sleep? That’s right, no way.

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This was due to the fact that the roosters woke the people at night, in general, performing their direct duties. Here is an example of how honest work leads to the biggest heights.

But this is all about Eurasia. And what about America? How did the poult fly across the ocean and settle in the United States? Indians did not grow poult and turkeys, and even hadnโ€™t being tempted to worship them and give their lives to serve them.

The family of poult conquered a young country with the advent of slavery. Then there was no question of any equality between white and black. That way, white people had no need to grow up poult or pray for it.

On the other hand, for black people, sometimes, a chuck was the last straw for a drowning man! Slaves bred hens because in Africa it was one of the best dishes. Gradually, roosters became popular with all nationalities.

So, poults were tamed and domesticated about 5,000 years ago in Southeast Asia, and they originated from their wild progenitors โ€” bankive hens. A bird was bred in ancient Egypt in the XIV century B.C. In Europe, the hen came from Greece. Baked hen was a delicious meal for our ancestors.


Knowing what does National Fried Chicken Day mean will help you to feel the sense of the holiday. So, when National Fried Chicken Day in 2022 will be held, the main principle is to gather all your relatives and friends and make a new recipe of fried poult, also called โ€˜grill poultโ€™. Otherwise, you can go out to try this delicious meal wherever you want and then compare with your home one.

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Did you know the fact that around 100 chicks breeds exist? Almost each country had domesticated the poultry and each one got different names. Here is a list of the most popular breeds:

  • Araucana;
  • Australorp;
  • Barnevelder;
  • Belgian Bearded dโ€™Uccle Bantam;
  • Brahma;
  • Crevecoeur;
  • Cubalaya.

Also, did you know that the most dietary part of the chicken is a breast – it can be eaten in large quantities. The nutritional product contains proteins and other useful substances, including iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium. The crispy golden crust, obtained as a result of heat treatment, looks very tempting, hides juicy, soft meat with fat, especially on thorns.


What is the date of National Fried Chicken Day 2022? The calendar has clarified this issue and we can turn to another part.

All of us consume hen every day but still only a few know some interesting facts about this animal:

  • Most of the chuck breeds lay the maximum number of eggs in the first two years of life. Next, the number of eggs begins to decline. If you’re lucky, the hen can carry some little eggs before the age of five.
  • An egg with a double yolk can have a perfectly normal amount of protein, but the size of the egg can be much larger than usual.

National Fried Chicken Day

  • To check the freshness of the egg, you must immerse it in water. Fresh eggs immediately go to the bottom, and the old one will confidently stay on the surface. Those eggs that stopped on the surface, you can confidently throw out – they are probably already foul.
  • The first-time poult was domesticated on the territory of modern Ethiopia. It happened a little less than three thousand years ago.
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Generally speaking, each holiday has its own tradition of celebrating. National Fried Chicken Day is not an exception.

A celebration is accompanied by visiting the nearest classic or fast food restaurant and enjoying some grilled stuff. Itโ€™s highly recommended co-operating with your relatives and friends in order to have lots of happiness. Also, you can organize a party and arrange the contest: who will eat the biggest amount of hens. Moreover, if you arenโ€™t delighted with the idea of going out, then home cooking and trying new recipe are your best choices. There are a big variety of opportunities so everything depends on you and interests of yours.

So, whatever you want to do, this day is a good chance to be full and get a lot of emotions.

Fried Chicken Day Facts

Generally speaking, some interesting facts about National Fried Chicken Day were noted, but their significance is not so high to be mentioned. Anyway, people participated in the previous one would tell you some.

Firstly, it is believed that grilled and fried variants of chuck preparation are the most popular and cooked all around the world.

Secondly, it was announced that the original KFC recipe contains 11 herbs and spices, but only a few know that the recipe is stored in a safe installed at the company’s headquarters. The most interesting thing is that the recipe itself was not patented since the composition became known to everyone. Therefore, the mixture itself is made in one place, and the already prepared mixture is delivered to restaurants. Many tried to decipher the secret of KFC, but so far nobody has been able to repeat this refined taste. No one knows its exact recipe.

To sum up, you shouldnโ€™t miss such an opportunity to try these delicious crunchy slices and celebrate the holiday in your own way.


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