Have you ever tried such dainty as a waffle? Anyway, you have at least heard about such sweet and when the smell is somewhere around us then itโ€™s extremely tough not to try the flavor. But first, we should be grateful for the founder of the cooking appliance called waffle-iron. Today, you gonna learn about its holiday and letโ€™s find out what and when The Waffle Iron Day in 2022 is?

The Waffle Iron Day is observed annually on 29th of June and is held to emphasize the importance of such appliance together with the fame of wafers. Also, itโ€™s organized to let you head out and have a pastry-iron purchase this day as many discounts could be found everywhere.


So, before turning to the issue of what day Waffle Iron Day in 2022 is, letโ€™s plunge into the story of our topic.

The history of the wafflesโ€™ creation has deep roots, it all began a long time ago and no one today will remind and say neither time nor place in which the wafers were first prepared โ€” the greatest culinary work. History begins with the appearance of the first biscuit maker, it gave birth to a real wafer boom. The inventor of the first wafer maker is the American designer Cornelius Swarthout from the New York State.

National Waffle Iron Day

First waffle maker

On 24th of August 1869, Cornelius Swarthout showed an unusual griddle to broad masses, which was used to make wafers. It was performed in the form of two parts that joined together. Their heating was carried out on coals or even a fire, if necessary, the cookie iron was turned over on both sides. With this little discovery, the real wafer era in the USA began, it has been served as the beginning of a new holiday, nowadays the Americans celebrate it with the name The National Waffle Day.

Information is given that the pastry preparations were made even in ancient Greece, then in ancient Rome and Germany. There is a mentioning of wafers in the XIII century. And in the XV-XVI centuries, only rich people allowed themselves to taste waffles. Wafers were an expensive culinary product; its recipe was kept in a secret and was unavailable to ordinary people.

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To America wafers came much earlier than the invention of the cookie iron, it was brought by Dutch settlers in XVII century.

The origin of the word “pastry maker”

The word “pastry maker” came to us from Germany, from the word “Waffel”, it means cells or honeycombs. But it’s true, the usual biscuits and wafers cooked in the wafer iron are very reminiscent of honeycomb boxes.

First, the word “wafers” was written as “wafles” with the writing of one letter f. And then the popularity of cookies grew up and a recipe appeared in culinary books. In the 18th century, in the culinary publications, the English word was seen, which has been preserved in our daysโ€™ “cookies”.


Knowing what does Waffle Iron Day mean will undoubtedly facilitate the importance and sense of the festival. Well, when National Waffle Iron Day in 2022 will be organized, the main task is to take out your cookie-iron and let it work at full power. Otherwise, this holiday is a good opportunity to pamper yourself purchasing a pastry cooking machine and squeeze out all the juices from it.

Moreover, in the era of digitalization, itโ€™s so easy to seize the moment and share it with your contacts. So, use a hashtag #WaferIronDay and post it out on social media.



What is the date of Waffle Iron Day 2022? The calendar has supervised us with this issue and we can step to another part.

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All of us have once tasted this dainty but nobody knows some interesting facts about this delicate.

  1. The cookies are a healthy product!

It would seem that dessert can only be harmful to the figure, however, there is a benefit in biscuits โ€” it’s all about the stuffing. So, there are vitaminized wafers, or low-calorie, for example, berry-stuffed. In general, ordinary wafers cope completely with satisfying hunger, and sugar stimulates mental activity, but it is not worth getting too involved in sweets. Well, if you cook wafers yourself, you can be sure of the naturalness of the products used and the absence of preservatives.

  1. Waffles โ€“ kingโ€™s food.

The history of wafers is full of mysteries: it’s hard to say who first started cookie oven โ€” whether the ancient Greeks, or the Chinese, or the Germans. In medieval Europe, these products were available only to kings and nobles. For the disclosure of the secret wafer recipe, the strictest penalties were imposed. However, later waffles were sold on the streets, including the entrance to the church, and the excitement around the new kind of dessert was so great that it came to cruel fights. So, the cookies are a real tea-taking decoration that gives it a special refinement.

  1. Why do such pastry have a checkered surface?

Cage-mesh on the surface of wafers plates โ€” this is by no means the caprice of confectioners. Just cells keep the filling, not allowing it to spread out to the plates. And the name of the dessert comes from the German word waffel โ€” “honeycomb, cell” โ€” later modified into a wafer. Giving thanks to these cells, you can accurately “glue” homemade tartan cookies with any stuffing: jam, sweet, chocolate, berry jam, condensed milk or whipped cream โ€” and you will get a wonderful dessert.

National Waffle Iron Day


Are there any traditions and observances of celebrating this bright holiday? Of course, there are.

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A celebration is a great opportunity to get out on some kind of a picnic, taking you cookie-iron and favorite syrups with you. In addition, the festival is made for all pastry lovers so in a case of no appliance you can easily visit local sweet restaurants and try the dessert.

Also, you are available to find out some new recipes of wafer preparation by choosing many utilities provided by cookie-iron, which were not used before.

To sum up, whatever you decide to take part in, do not forget to take a snap of your time spending and share it by hashtag #WaffleIronDay.

Waffle Iron Day Facts

In general, many interesting facts are noted during the history of celebrations. And to finish positively, letโ€™s get acquainted with some of them:

  1. Each country and nationality have its own way of cooking this delicious meal

For example, Belgian lines โ€” between the layers of a hard dough a caramel is set. Norwegian krumkake โ€” Christmas biscuit horns, often filled with sweet stuffing. Brussels air wafers, which consist of beer, are baked right on the street and served with powdered sugar, syrup or whipped cream. In many countries, unusual ingredients are used as fillings โ€” cereals, cheese, even garlic, bacon or tuna fillets. There is something to experiment with!

  1. The waffle is also an inspiration!

Wafers have become a real inspiration for inventions. In 1896, when the American ice cream vendor ran out of dishes, the wafer trader suggested putting the sweet balls into biscuit cones. And in the 1970s, the American track and field athletic coach Bill Bowerman, looking at the cookie iron cells, came up with a riffled sole for sneakers, whose weight had decreased, and the force of the push had increased.

So, there are many interesting facts around us and do not miss an opportunity to know them.


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