Nature is cruel, but not as cruel as our society. Throughout all the history of mankind discrimination of almost any sort took place. For example, the discrimination and oppressing of gays and lesbians was considered normal for a very long time, even given the fact that in ancient time bisexuality was pretty normal.

Time has passed, and such problems are no more there in majority of countries all around the globe. But there is still one group of people who often get a lot of hate โ€“ bisexuals. Funny thing is that even in great part of LGBT-communities they are considered anomalous, even screwy. Maybe, it is the nature of mankind. Humans quickly forget about them being humiliated and hated and then start to hate and discriminate others themselves.

So, letโ€™s talk about bisexuals. Bisexuals are those, who feel sexual desire for both men and women. From the perspective of biology, this kind of behavior is absolutely normal and natural. Almost every animal group has near ten percentage of homosexual or bisexual population.

National Bisexual Day

So, one day bisexual activists decided to state an annual holiday that commemorates the struggle and pain of those, who being oppressed by both heterosexual and homosexual communities. Thatโ€™s when Bisexual Pride Day was created.

When is National Bisexual Day in 2019? Since the 1999 it is being celebrated every year on the twenty-third of September. So, in 2019 you will be able to support bisexuals on this day. If you are bisexual person yourself, then you need to know that this is perfectly normal and no sane person would judge you for that.

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Where and how this day is being celebrated

After finding out what day National Bisexual Day in 2019 will be, letโ€™s take a look at the rejoicing of this day.

As was already stated, the point of this date is to support bisexuals all over the world. Originally, this day was celebrated only in America, but now it takes place in various other countries all around the globe, from Great Britain to Japan, from Sweden to New Zealand.

Obviously, the main contingent of celebration consists of bisexuals and their relatives. To the celebration also attend their friends and those who uphold bi-movement. They arrange parties, concerts and picnics, where, as the name of the holiday says, happens the celebration of bisexuality.

Another important part of celebration is educational measures. Public readings and enlightening activities are being arranged in order to confirm scientifically that almost any sorts of sexual deviations are natural and related mostly to overpopulation of some species.

The holiday goes by many names, from not exactly correct National Bisexual Day to Celebrate Bisexuality Day. Another well-known name for this date is Bisexual Pride Day. The name of it speaks for itself: bisexuals are supposed not only to feel no shame for their sexual preferences, but also to feel proud for the brave confession and acknowledgement.

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Now then, it would be appropriate to remind you when National Bisexual Day 2019 is. This annual holiday takes place on the September, 23rd. By the way, the date is set according to the Freddy Mercuryโ€™s month of birth.

Events related to the Bisexual Day

When three American bi-activists decided to settle an annual date to fight for the rights of their brethren, they were not able even to just imagine how far it would get. They probably had no idea that this day will spread so wide. Nowadays, thousands and thousands of people attend to it every year.

For example, in the United States this holiday became so popular that it even can be mentioned as National Bisexual Day. Of course, Celebrate Bisexuality Day is not federal holiday, but it is still being recognized by the government of America as important date. Now, on the Saturday before the holiday begins Bi Awareness Week. This week provides lots of information on the mass media services, such as internet, television and radio, to raise the awareness in questions related to bisexuality.

One of those questions being the mystery of what is the date of National Bisexual Day 2019. Television, radio and internet sources announce the upcoming Bisexual Pride Day, which will occur on the twenty-third of September. Even some of the YouTube personalities take a part in this campaign, as many of them are pansexual, bisexual or simply gay themselves.

National Bisexual Day

One of the most significant events in history of bi-day is what happened on the eighteenth of September 2012 in California. Local government was first in the United States of America to officially establish Bisexual Day as official date of recognizing and supporting the bisexual community.

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Year later, White House settled meeting with more than twenty bisexual advocates to discuss their problems and work out the solution. This event was first to be related with White House and Bi-community at the same time.

Bi-theme in media

The theme of bisexuality often portrayed in various media. Wide list of films and television series feature bisexual characters or even focus on the problem of bisexuality itself. For example, such films as โ€œAlexanderโ€ do position bisexuality as social norm (this is not strange at all, considering the times that are being presented), while โ€œAppropriate Behaviorโ€, written by bisexual author Desiree Akhavan, focuses mainly on the struggle of people with deviant sexual preferences.

This theme is also often being raised in music. One of the most famous bisexual musicians of all time is the legend of rock music Freddy Mercury. But in reality, the list is far longer and includes hundreds of both modern and retro musicians. Even heterosexual musicians raise the topic in their songs frequently. For example, pop singer Christina Aguilera sings about kissing boys and girls in her song โ€œNot Myself Tonightโ€.

That is why there is no shame in wondering such things as when is National Bisexual Day in 2019. Calendar says that this will be September, 23rd. On this day you will be able to understand and learn more about the theme of sexual preferences.


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