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🧦🚫 When is No Socks Day 2022

You’ve got to know those weird editions, sometimes in the shape of the full-blown books, that persistently offer you to celebrate every day of the year. If you open them and take a brief look at the contents (and the list of the so-called holidays), you may find yourself muttering to yourself something like – aren’t they trying too hard to think outside the box? The day we’re going to get you acquainted with perfectly fits the ranks of bizarre celebrations that seem to have appeared out of nowhere at first. In a nutshell, the issue we’re getting into today is this – when is No Socks Day in 2022?


Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Disregarding all the ridiculousness for a while, let’s delve into the holiday’s origin. This one was brought into our world thanks to an American actor and his wife, whose names are Thomas and Ruth Roy. The former was seen in several movies, such as the star-studded “12 Monkeys”, “The Answer Man” and “Night Catches Us”. Although his characters weren’t at the first positions in the films’ credits, he still is a recognized figure in the US. Apart from the cinema, Roy and his wife devote themselves to studying various herbs and spices’ common and uncommon ways of use and to compiling a list of the bizarre reasons to celebrate every year.

No Socks Day 2017

Somehow, somewhere – history is silent on this point – the couple had their list published by brothers William and Harrison Chase. These fellows happened to be the authors of the popular annual American book called “Chase’s Calendar of Events” that collects all possible causes to spread the celebratory spirit for every day of the year. Since 1957, it’s annually issued with some new quirky add-ons. Initially, the book boasted 32 pages only but now it grew up to impressive 752 pages (and around 12,000 entries).

As you might have already guessed, closer to the middle of the publication there is an intriguing heading – when is National No Socks Day 2022? Supporting the Roys’ made-up holiday, the brothers initiated the world into this festive occasion.


What does No Socks Day mean? The answer is in the name itself: it means freedom. The much-awaited liberation for the toes after the yearlong imprisonment in those twin pieces of cloth! In the course of 24 hours, you are able to feel absolutely unfettered by the ankle-high legwear conventions. Imagine this scene: after the protracted winter, you are endowed with an opportunity to pull off the warm and soft yet nearly annoying socks and let your feet finally see the light of the upcoming summer. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? Well, at least, this is something we’ve agreed on trying to look at the question from the Roys’ perspective.

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Though, we can also find the health-related matters. Going sockless (and without shoes) is really beneficial for our health. It trains the vestibular system, strengthens often-overlooked groups of muscles and improves blood flow to the legs and feet. Plus, you stimulate the nerve endings that, in their turn, have an effect on the immune system and reduce the risk of the inflammatory process. So why not giving our body the inrush of positive impacts once in a year?

You’re asking us, what day No Socks Day in 2022 takes place on? Then remember that you shouldn’t get overdressed (concerning the tubes of fabric on your toes) on May 8.


No Socks Day is acknowledged as the international holiday when everyone is supposed to let go of the socks and set themselves free. However, it’s more popular in America and among the English-speaking public that looked up the meaning on the Internet.

But here is a big question: why do we have to wear socks at all? Obviously, there is a myriad of reasons. They ensure your feet are warm during the harshest winters. Even the tiniest hosiery absorbs the moisture (both from the outside and produced by your lower limbs) and keeps them clean and comfortable. It also helps to get rid of the foul odor, decrease the rubbing and maintain your heels’ smoothness. Moreover, this garment prevents you from the pain of stepping on the small parts of LEGO. We can’t help mentioning the point relating to fashion as well – there are a slew of opportunities to individualize your appearance with brightly colored socks!

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Nevertheless, a constant battle between the socks people and non-socks chaps still exists. There is one day when we can watch our toes naked without being ashamed (of course, that’s an exaggeration!) and approximately 365 days when it goes the other way around. So, who’s winning?


As tradition has it, you should spend May 8 in complete harmony with your sockless feet. But at the same time, don’t forget about the others’ harmony and wash them properly on the eve of the holiday. One little remark: keep in mind, what is the date of No Socks Day 2022, and always take care of your feet’s condition so as not to rush to the pedicure master at the eleventh hour! This place is to be visited on May 8 explicitly for nail painting because you show off your toes in all their splendor.

No Socks Day

Considering the main condition of pulling the thing off, it is a perfect occasion to dust off the long-dormant flip flops, sandals or any open toed shoes. If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea, make a trip to the shore and enjoy the ideal place to give your feet a break from the confines. Please them with a fresh air, fine sand and warm sea water. Okay, in case there’s no sea hereabouts, let the toes feel the wild nature somewhere in the park, or just in the backyard.

Get together with your friends and throw a dashing No Socks party. Announce the dress code requirements in advance, stock up on the snacks and soft (or strong, as you prefer) drinks and think over the entertainment ideas. We’ll fling in some to you – hold the-most-well-groomed-feet-after-the-hibernation contest or arrange a nail art salon right on the spot. Remember, you’re free to do everything you want as long as you haven’t any socks on.

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No Socks Day Facts

  • Comical as it is, the next day after No Socks Day – May 9 to be precise – is the celebration of National Lost Sock Memorial Day. Probably, it was planned to stand in memory of those who have been knocked off forever.
  • The days that precede our whimsical date are out of the ordinary, too. And also offer to take something off – World Naked Gardening Day (May 6) and No Pants Day (May 5). Are you ready to shake off all your restraint before summer?
  • There is No to No Socks Day movement, actually. Its fervent supporters are the socks manufacturers and suppliers. They are sure that the holiday’s originators just can’t get away with making it up!
  • The author themselves are indifferent to the loud accusations and promote the following idea: No Socks Day leads to less laundry and less harm to nature. We’d say it’s sort of their wacky contribution to the joyful environment-friendly future.

With all that said, tick off the date in the calendar, when is National No Socks Day in 2022, and let those feet loose on the sunny Monday. Revel in the softness of the carpets at your home or experience the tickling sensation of the grass touching your unprotected heels. The only excuse for keeping the feet bounded by tormenting pieces of cloth on May 8 is living in severe conditions (like at the North Pole).

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