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When is National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day 2018

Every year thousands of soldiers put their lives on the safety of people. They risk themselves on the battle field and at the back areas. The truth is that nowadays there are lots of hostile people and groups. They try to break the peace, so there is a necessity to keep in safety. There is a tradition in the United States to memorize brave soldiers that risk their lives disarming explosive units and disarming different dangerous devices. It happens annually at National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Day. When is EOD Day in 2018? How is the occasion observed?

Backgrounds of the day foundation

Despite the fact that first qualification of the bomb disposal was initiated in 1941, the official observance was not initiated for many years. The soldiers who had such obligations were commemorated among other military representatives.

National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day 2018

The day was initiated in 1988, on April 23. Nowadays EOD Day is annually observed in May, on the 1st Saturday. The initiator of the observing the day was an organization which aims were set on the educational, non-profit level. The organization was NATEODA. Main association representatives were the participants of the US military service. Nowadays the organization accepts other nations’ military personnel into a general list.

Before the start of the holiday:

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The main task of the EOD Day was to unite members from the USA and other countries, to set brotherhood among the participants, to carry the importance of existence and deeds to people’s minds. People who accepted the membership of the Association feel the significant role of their work.

The Association has gathered not only acting military workers but also the veterans of Naval EOD Service. It was one of the initial aims of the Association. On National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Day active and former participants gathered together and communicated, made meetings and commemoration talks. What day National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Day in 2018? The introductory settings haven’t changed, so the next observance will take place on May, 5th. It will be the 1st Saturday of the month.

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Accepting the advancement of the Association’s deed the Congress made a resolution confirming the status of National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Day. It mentioned the great role of the EOD organizations, the importance of official admission of the great sacrifice and braveness.

The resolution also advices the Americans to thank to representatives of the explosive ordnance disposal profession for their deed. Thus, the official EOD Day was recognized by the Congress in 2012. The resolution also accepted the official motto of the EOD organizations. It became “Initial Success or Total Failure”.

Associations and clubs in EOD matter

There is a wide range of different organizations and clubs which members represent the EOD profession or have already retired. Every club is an independent unit which pursues its own goals.

The most known are the next clubs:

  • EOD Warrior Foundation. It is known as an organization which is regarded as nonprofit. Its main goal is to give a support to warriors who were wounded and to families of fallen soldiers. The organization not only honours them but gives a real help to them. Does this club support the Day and when is EOD Day 2018? The members of the EOD Warrior Foundation also meet each other on the 1st Saturday of May and honour the memory of the fallen co-professionals.
  • Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation. This association has a fund which gives a financial support to the warriors who were wounded during fulfilling their duties. The families of the deceased warriors are supported too. The fund of the organization gets cash infusion from the US budget.
  • International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators. This club consists of a great amount of the professionals. They exchange their experience in fighting against the criminals and terrorists. The participants meet and study the technique of bomb disposal, the important details concerning the neutralization of the consequences.
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National Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Day

  • EOD Masterblasters Incorporation. This group sets its acts on promoting the importance and recognition of EOD in Air forces. It has got its own publication which takes place twice a year. It reflects its members’ contribution into the people’s safeness. The participants are not only the active warriors but also retired ones.
  • Navy and Marine EOD Association. What is the date of National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Day 2018 celebrating by this club? The members will commemorate it on the 5th of May. This association has different official publications which aim is to promote the great deed of EOD servants. This goal is fulfilled by meetings which are usually rotated throughout the USA.
  • The Industrial Association of National Defense. This group units the producers of the national security technique. The promoters make meetings and forums between the industrial and governmental representatives. On the EOD Day the coordinative group gives presentations of new equipment which pretends to simplify the warriors’ difficult and responsible work.

Despite of all contribution which is made by all these organizations and clubs, the US government, the amount of work doesn’t lessen. Warriors take a risk every day. The foundation of the EOD School was a great step in providing the system of soldiers’ studying. Their work and sacrifice is admitted by all Americans and people of other nations.

The EOD Day is not a public holiday but on this occasion there are many services in the churches and military cemeteries. If you want to visit such ceremonies, you should write in the Internet “When is EOD Day in 2018, calendar of events”.

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