Each nurse is required to be a psychologist. So consider all the providers in the world. After all, the nurse on duty at night, prepare the patient for injections and operations, in general, are on the illness of the patient’s closest friend. In any case, such should be the nurse. So, when is National Nurses Day in 2018?

In the nurse and the most important thing, of course, this care. Good care – this is 70% of success in curing the patient. Because it is attentive attitude is feeding, and Peres Ilan ya, and hygiene, and timely file drugs run a doctor’s appointment – it is all duty nurse. If all of the above is done in a timely manner and with due care, the love, then comes the recovery of patients.

Facts about the work of nurses

Within a month the work of nurses checked by experts. Everything Counts Professional quality, communication with people, and even personal portfolio officer. Only in this document are no photos, there are complex clinical cases and care schemes. Moreover, written off information is not taken from the Internet, the only proven in practice.

National Nurses Day 2018

Here, all the algorithms, all job descriptions, all orders, all that should and must know a nurse. This includes complex clinical conditions; all the steps that you need to properly pass into the patient care.

Before the start of the holiday:

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The most difficult work is the work of nurses in pediatrics. Working with children is always many difficulties. It is very difficult and scary stabbing pricks young children, puncture a vein to put a dropper, to distract and calm the child. Let us know, what day National Nurses Day in 2018.

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Compassionate widow, nurses, sanitary druzhina itsy – in different time nurses were called by different names. The nurses talk about their favorites in the medical field. One nurse remembered a woman who pretended to be a 15 years old young man and add to his 2 years of age, went through many difficulties in the war. Only 9 months found that she is a girl. It is said that it was not worse than men on the battlefield.

Works nurses are incredibly complex. On average 70% of the required amount of nurses working in hospitals. Constantly come get new nurses, but exactly the same amount, and soon dismissed.

Nurses – people, saving lives. There is a saying that the author wished to remain anonymous. “If you save one life – you are a hero. If you have saved 10 lives – you’re a nurse. ” Their hard work often do not notice and accept as a matter of course. However, without it, there would be no medicine at all. What do nurses, it is vital for patients. But we still do not know, when is National Nurses Day 2018.

History of Nursing Day

The day nurse – is the birthday of the English nurse Florence Nightingale. Florence was the founder service nurses. It has established a training system of middle and junior medical staff. Nurses around the world, including in our country celebrate their holiday professionally Nightingale’s birthday, May 12 every year – International Nurses Day. In order to learn what is the date of National Nurses Day 2018, we should know the origin of it.

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The award named after Florence Nightingale – the most honorable and the highest award for nurses. Every two years, the medal is awarded to the best of the best. Zgotavlivaetsya Medal of gilded silver, on the front side thereof, shows a woman with a candle – a symbol of goodness, light, charity and hope. On the other side of the coin – the inscription in Latin “For true compassion and concern for people.”

Florence was born in the city, in whose honor and was named by their parents, in a rich family. She received a fairly high education for women at that time. She knew the literature, held by five foreign languages. She studied mathematics, history, philosophy, studied painting and music.

Being the owner of the beautiful style, as befits the daughter of aristocrats, an impeccable reputation and a significant devotional, Florence could count on a brilliant match. Her hands asked poet and politician Richard Moltenmils. However, Florence rejected it. Soon after, she met with Mr. Herbert – aristocrat, politician. They were lifelong friends.

When Florence visited a shelter for the poor in London, a shocking impression left in her life. A pile of stinking bodies on dirty mattresses. Infectious and there – all were in the same room. The drunk nurse sat time without the use of the patient’s bed. Then Florence and decided to devote himself to medicine and no matter whose opinions went to work in a hospice nurse to fix the current state of affairs in medicine.

National Nurses Day

How to celebrate the holiday?

For this holiday, all employees of the medical sphere are treated with particular trepidation, because it is related to more than 500 junior specialists. Although the holiday and called the day a nurse, in this day to congratulate not only nurses but all mid-level professionals, namely, medical assistants, midwives, laboratory technicians, etc. Their work is modest, but the treatment process is simply irreplaceable.

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And yet, the nursing profession – it is really calling. These are people who are in love with the people and the world. These are people endowed with purity of deeds and thoughts. It is gentle and warm hands warm patients and nurses support them psychologically. That nurse’s voice makes recovery and gives strength and hope to the patient’s heart. Thus, if you know when is National Nurses Day in 2018, calendar is not necessary for you.

Nurses – this is the first physician assistants. They try to do their best to help, heal and finally hear the long-awaited “Thank you, sister!”. What could be more sincere gratitude and patients – to live on?

The value of this profession is to work for the man and for the sake of man. They all are significant: the just born baby and a young mother and a dying old man. They all need their professional knowledge, skills, and experience.

At each site they work – essential workers. Day and night, and in the heat and in the cold, they rush to the aid to fulfill their professional duties. So let their work will be appreciated. Let this occupation will be for each of the nurses guiding light in my life.


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