Probably, the males are the ones who are ought to know about that date in the first place. Why? Because it’s another perfect excuse to surprise the females with a bunch of flowers! And let them be lost in the guesses where does that extra attention come from.

When is National Girlfriend Appreciation Day in 2020? You’re just about to learn!


No story, no links, no clues… these are the only words that might be told about the origin of this holiday. Even no website that would point us in the right direction! How come that people know and ring in that date? Perhaps, there is a sort of an oral transmission about the observance’s essence but, alas, it didn’t make it to us. It is interesting that there are still some plain facts concerning the date of the holiday and the number of times it was celebrated.

So, what we are left with are just our own thoughts on the point of the Girlfriend Appreciation Day which we’re ought to share with you as long as no one else does.

Girlfriend Appreciation Day


What does National Girlfriend Appreciation Day mean? It means exactly what it implies – a man asks his girlfriend for a moment of tête-à-tête and say thanks for her being an important part of his life. How long has the holiday been around? Well, at least for fifteen years as some sources on the Internet claim that in 2017 it was the 15th anniversary of the date.

Of course, the date is about the love. But how do we manage to fall into these nets? The procreation is one of the strongest instincts of the humanity yet no matter its power over our nature it has little in common with the great feeling of love. Itcan’t be the simple biological need in leaving the generations after ourselves as people tend to have the deepest feeling towards the personalities, not the healthy bodies. It also can’t be equated with the sexual attraction as it could be felt towards the ones you’ve never met in person, like the models, actors, singers, etc. The loveis not about the appearance, age or the IQ level as even the favorable combination of these qualities doesn’t guarantee the happy relationships.

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The love springs up between those who understand each other at a word, who looks in the same direction, who hear and feel each other. The psychologists say that love is about the need in experiencing that feeling that we’ve once felt towards our parents in the childhood. That’s why a lot of us choose the spouses who remind of the mother or father.

The love is the feeling that is controlled by the psychic of the human, not by their instincts. And that’s why the beginning of it is so individual. One meets the love of their life quite quickly, the other waits many years for it to finally enter their life. To feel the sympathy towards someone, some people need the minutes while the others could get used to the person for months until the occurrence makes them see that they actually appreciate them and are not ready to lose them.

When is International Girlfriend Appreciation Day 2020? It takes place at the end of the Women Appreciation Month.

It’s closely connected to the level of the human’s openness and their ability to express their feelings. Those who had a happy childhood usually don’t have problems with making declarations of love. Thosewhohadissueswiththeparents or were rejected in the past are more emotionally closed and have troubles with the trust. But that doesn’t mean that they are not able to love.

Yes, there are some people who because of the certain reasons, such as the psychic’s peculiarities or the long period of misfortunes of their life, don’t feel the need in love. They do not look for someone who they could feel the sympathy to and tend to stop feeling the interest in the men or women because they do not want to go through the pain and disappointment once again. They still can build a family if they are okay with the relationships they see but it’s not about the passion or the true love.

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There is a chance that they would become more emotionally open yet no one can say when. That’s why the people who want to melt the icy heart should think whether they are ready to spend years on this venture. The others are able to endure the offenses and humiliation from someone they got used to for years because of the neurotic problems in their head. They think that the sufferings, quarrels, and the vigorous reconciliation are indeed the true feelings. They can’t see that it’s the emotional addiction: the stronger the emotions, the more satisfied they are. Even after breaking up with the lover, they still go on to compare the new ones with the former partner as they don’t get enough of the negatively bright emotions.

Regardless of what day World Girlfriend Appreciation Day in 2020 falls on, show that you care a bit more often!

The true feeling which would last for years can arise among those who have the healthy and stable emotional state. If they understand that they are being used, they end the relationships immediately and don’t waste their time on fixing the situation. They don’t make the other person think once again and change their attitude. It’simpossibleandthat’swhytheyleave. The love is about the happiness only and not about the sufferings and tears.  All other feelings are just the substitute.


What do the men need the girlfriends for? This is a disputable issue, actually.

One needs the second half for the feeling of being loved. They look for someone to fall in the deepest romance with and just become happy but give the priority to the reciprocal affection on the first place. They think that it’s much better to be with a girl who loves them, not with the one they love. It’s neither wrong nor right. Perhaps, they justneed to understand whether they are ready to experience the sincere feeling towards a woman or not.

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Girlfriend Day Quote

The other needs the relationships for not being bored and lonely. They want a sort of adventure in their life in order not to get crazy because of the monotony. But not everyone starts to act as they are filled with the fear of the communication with the opposite sex. They need to remember that the development of the relations is a very fragile thing which takes a lot of the patience and even some knowledge as the stupid mistake could entail the end of what they’ve built. Only the real sympathy and respect for each other are the foundations of the eternal love.

What is the date of National Girlfriend Appreciation Day 2020? It happens on March 25.

Also, there are men who want it for the reputation. That’s why they look for the beautiful girls whom they built the relationships with and after the month or two move on to the next search. In fact, it is a talent of a sort; the talent of being an egoist. There is no sense in being such a jerk and, of course, there’s no even the smallest grain of appreciation of their girlfriends in these persons.

What’s the real point in having a girlfriend? In creating a family, probably. Everyone has their own answer to that question but they wouldn’t say anything against the fact that the peak of any relationships is connecting the strongest ties with a woman you love.


There is no better way of celebrating the holiday than speaking the most beautiful and sincere words to the girlfriends and wives! Think of the message you’d say beforehand and try to show the whole grade of the gratitude and tenderness you feel towards this unconditionally best woman in your life.

International Girlfriend Appreciation Day Facts

  • Some sources connect the holiday to the woman named Jewell Diamond Taylor.

Fix in the calendar, when is Girlfriend Appreciation Day in 2020, and be sure to express the feelings to your one and only!


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