Have you ever heard about hot dogs and other fast food delicious? There are many of us who adore such food and canโ€™t imagine their lives without having a break every day consuming this sausage in dough. So, letโ€™s find out what and when National Chili Dog Day in 2022 is?

National Chili Dog Day is observed annually on the last Thursday of July. This year it will be held on 30th of July and organized to recall the history and importance of this delicacy in our world.

By the way, the origin and founder of this holiday still remain non-established. But though, some history moments will be told.


Before turning the issue of what Day National Chili Dog Day in 2022 is, letโ€™s plunge into some fast food history.

Traditional American food hot dog actually has its roots in Germany, more specifically – in Frankfurt.

National Chili Dog Day

Exactly Germany became famous for the whole world with its frankfurters and sausages, which were made in a huge variety and according to different recipes.

The story goes that a butcher from Frankfurt came up with long and thin sausages that became a prototype of modern sandwiches. The manufacturer named his creation dachshund, apparently by analogy with the long calf of this breed.

A little later, one enterprising German immigrant who left for America began selling these sausages, putting them in the manner of a sandwich between two slices of bread, which were later replaced with a loaf.

It happened in the 19th century when even the highest estate was not yet familiar with napkins, so bread played an important hygienic role – it allowed not to spoil hands with fat and not to burn them with hot sausages.

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And in the early twentieth century, the American artist Dargan decided to make an illustration of a popular dish, so fond in the New World. He knew the translation of the word, but did not know its exact spelling in German, therefore, without long thought, he signed the illustration in his native language, giving the general meaning of the title. So, a sausage in a roll was called a “hot dog”.

According to another version, a sausage in a loaf was called โ€œhot dogโ€ by smart students in the late 19th century. Buying these sandwiches in mobile trailers, they noticed that flocks of dogs constantly attracted nearby by the smell.

Therefore, at first the vans themselves in student folklore were given the name of dogs, and then the word passed to sausages.

So, within the history, a classic sandwich is a sausage, embedded in a notched soft bun, seasoned with ketchup or mustard. All other recipes are already varieties of sandwiches with the addition of lettuce leaves, grilled vegetables or pickled cucumbers. In 1906, the price of sausages in a bun was 3 cents apiece.


Knowing what does Chili Dog Day mean will shed the light on the sense of a festival. So, when National Chili Dog Day in 2022 will be held, the main task is to kick your feet up and go for a picnic with your friends and relatives taking many sausages with you. You can feel free and let yourself fall into an abundance of sandwiches of any shape, color, and flavor.

There are more than fifty varieties of sausages in dough depending on additional ingredients and meat. Each state has its own “chips”. In California, for example, there are very interesting sandwiches on a stick. It looks like a sausage dipped in a dough and deep-fried.

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While eating a sandwich it is considered a good manner to wipe your mouth with a paper napkin.


What is the date of National Chili Dog Day 2022? The calendar has clarified this point and we can turn to another part.

Chili Dog Day is a festival when people can eat not just a classic sandwich but with any additives, especially spicy sauces and hot stuffing are in demand.

If you are 18 years old or more, do not use ketchup as seasoning; This is a children’s seasoning. Adults use mustard.

Furthermore, talking about the prices, itโ€™s necessary to point out the cheapness of such fast food and it makes it so popular with crowds.

By the way, did you know that the most famous hot dogs were eaten on July 21, 1969, on the Moon by astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin. However, before being sent to space, they had to be sublimated and packaged in special boxes and consumed with a spoon. Boxes, by the way, still lie with the rest of the rubbish on the Moon.

National Chili Dog Day


Generally speaking, Chili Dog Day is an amazing example of free choice in celebrating way.

Traditions came to a consensus celebrating this festival by getting out into the world and taking all you want to make the day better. Also, you can ask all your friends to bring their sandwich recipes together and make a common mixture with the unforgettable smell. Your mixture may be the next high-demanded masterpiece which we will see on every corner.

Well, the choice is yours and whatever you decide to deal with, you shouldnโ€™t forget about having a feedback on social media, like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, which are the highest rated social networks, using #NationalChiliDogDay2022.

Chili Dog Day Facts

On Chili Dog Day, many competitions and interesting facts were noted. Here are some of them:

  1. The champion for eating such fast food is Joey Chesnut. He set a new world record by dumping 69 rolls with sausage in 10 minutes.
  2. Among women, the best burger eater is Sonia Thomas, nicknamed the Black Widow. She was able to overcome 36 and 3/4 sausage in dough in 10 minutes.
  3. The annual Hot Dog Day can not be held without those who consider the sausage in a malicious loaf as evil food. They are representatives of the herb eaters – vegetarians. Girls in cabbage leaves suits call hot dog lovers to give up their favorite treats.
  4. July is the month for sausages in dough in the USA. Usually, at this time, there are festivals of such food in different parts of the country with special menus and contests. For a month, more than two billion sausages are eaten in the US.
  5. Annually on July 4, the US Independence Day, on the New York Peninsula, Coney Island, the world championship of high-speed eating of hot dogs takes place. At the World Championships in 2016, the winner was once again a resident of California, Joy Chestnut, nicknamed “Jaws” for spending only ten minutes to eat 69 rolls with sausage.
  6. Sausage boxes in America called “doggeriz”, which in free translation can be called “pet booths”.
  7. In addition to our topicโ€™s food, the Corn-Dogs are also popular in America. It is a sausage which is covered with a thick layer of dough made from cornmeal and fried in hot oil. The corn-dog is served on a wooden stick. For their manufacture, there are special waffle irons.
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Summarizing, there are many holidays and each of them requires getting highly positive emotions and experience. So, donโ€™t be lazy to put your feet up and make your life better.


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