It is a widely known fact that the United States treat their citizens very much. The country especially pays attention to those people, who make something huge and influential for its life and development. In such a way such people become widely know, the country is proud of every of them and makes memories of them forever. A lot of holidays are made in the honor of people, significant for the history of the country. And in this article, we would like to talk about one of such people. Mr. Harry Truman. The Truman Day has celebrated annually in the United States. Here we will speak about this holiday and its history and will also find out, when is Truman Day in 2018.

Who is it – Mr. Truman?

So, let’s begin with the main question – who is Truman? Possibly, most people know such a president of the USA, who worked from 1945 and ruled the country for two terms. We will return to this moment a bit later and will speak firstly of the life of this person.

Truman Day 2018

Harry Truman was born is a simple family, where he was one of four children. He was not exceptionally clever, he got a simple education but even didn’t manage to continue it in college. He was born in Missouri, where he lived and worked for the first part of his life. He began a military career there, but at the time of First World War, he was sent to France. He had quite good success there and earned several ranks. But after his returning home everything changed.

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Before the start of the holiday:

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At Missouri, he decided to change the career and began his forces in the political sphere. As strange it was, but he made a success from the very beginning. After some time he worked as a judge in the court, after it he was elected to the Senate of the USA and finally in 1944 he became a candidate for the vice-president of the USA. But after Roosevelt’s death in 1945, who was a president at that time, Truman took his position and worked there for two terms.

As the resident of Missouri, Truman is well-known particularly there and people are very proud of him and his deeds. That is why all of them know, what day Truman Day in 2018 is.

Why has Truman become so popular?

Truman had great political career – he made a lot for his country and people really enjoyed everything, he did. First of all, he was the first person, who decided to find out, where do military resources go and who tries to lie to people and government. He made this system true and clear and sent these resources to the right direction.

Secondly, the beginning of his work got on the end of the Second World War, so he had to lead the country through this all and begin the life of the country again. Also during his work, he had to solve various questions concerning wars in Korea, China, Taiwan and solving problems with the Soviet Union. His reign was not easy but Mr. Truman did his job well and led his country to the power and development of all spheres of life. So, it is a sin for all American people not to know, what is the date of Truman Day 2018. It is on Tuesday, May 8.

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It was also Harry Truman, who began the establishment of NATO – every child knows, that it is a great progress in international relations between countries.

Truman Day

How do people celebrate the holiday

As Truman was a resident of Missouri, the holiday is celebrated usually there. Due to local traditions, people are not given a day off work, but only state organizations are closed. Others have to visit their working places, schools, and colleges. But everywhere events, dedicated to the memory of this person are held.

For example, Harry Truman built a library and a museum, when he finished his political career and returned home. So, his birthday is celebrated there annually and it is a well-known fact for people there, when is Truman Day 2018. Every time they lay a wreath and make a birthday cake in the honor of this person. Students are usually offered sections and studies, dedicated to this person. People are able to watch films about him, listen to the history of his life and work. As he was a leader and representative of the Democratic party, people have an opportunity to visit the dinner to support it, have talks with its members and etc.

It is a good and interesting day for many people. Every of them needs to know about the moments of the history of his country and treat people, who worked for it and its future generations.


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