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🐶 When is National Dog Day 2022

A lot of people all over the world have pets in their houses or apartments. Some men and women take cats, others give preference to hamsters or parrots, but according to the specialists’ point of view dogs are consider to be the most popular ones. Do you agree? Do you or somebody from your friends, relatives, colleagues or just neighbors have this amazing animal at home? Yes? But could you answer the question “When is National Dog Day in 2022?” immediately? Or would you need some time to recollect?

Unfortunately, most people are not able to give a proper reply even after serious thinking. And that is the main reason why we are going to discuss this matter in details.


Of course, we understand that it is rather difficult to explain, what day National Dog Day in 2022 is without taking into account the historical background of this event.

It is a pity but there is not much information as to this topic. However, we have been managed to discover that In the US, there is one lady, whose name is Colin Page. She is considered to be the most active woman of the world, who tries to do everything possible in order to protect and to save animal rights all over the planet. It was she, who initiated an impressive amount of national holidays devoted and dedicated to poor animals, which need our attention and support. Among her list there is this special occasion either.

National Dog Day

But unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find any facts, explaining why Colin Page chose August 26 as a date of this special event celebration.

In Britain, it was decided to celebrate this day the last April Sunday.

Some activists have already raised the question of appointing the so called World Dog Day. Even in the UN office documents were submitted in January 2012, and on the Internet a vote was organized on this matter. Undoubtedly, sooner or later dog lovers will achieve that all countries celebrate this date without exception.


What does National Dog day mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide. Some contemporary people don’t have any pets at home or are even afraid of dog.

In America this notable date is celebrated on August 26. Of course, every dog ​​breeder understands the meaning of the holiday in his/her own way, as it has been already mentioned above.

However it is believed that on this day it is recommended to help the shelters for homeless animals or to take a pet from there. You can also organize an interesting walk for your four-footed friend filling it up with its favorite games and treating your dog with delicious meal.

In some cities the merry parades are even held. During this time the owners of dogs dress up their pets in bright costumes and march along the streets.

By the way, we can’t but mention that the day of dogs in the USA is one of those holidays that are celebrated without external splendor, mainly in the family circle – but at the same time it is maintained at the highest level. Why? – The secret is that there are many dog ​​lovers among US Presidents.


How to celebrate August 26 people usually decide differently and sometimes it is connected with local beliefs or a special event, which drew mass attention to our lesser brothers. By the way, we can’t but mention that the answer to the question “What is the date of National Dog Day 2022?” may be quite different and depends on the part of the planet people live in.

In distant Nepal, for example, it was tied to a religious holiday by Tikhar. On the second day of this great annual festival (it is called Kukur Puja), these animals are dressed up and solemnly invited to the ceremony, where they receive a blessing. Indeed, according to the belief, these handsome creatures are accompanied the son of the god Dharma to heaven. The local population is sure that the dogs are entrusted with the protection of the paradise gate and the underworld.

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But the Japanese were shocked by the fate of the legendary dog ​​Hatiko. It did not leave the Shibuya station for nine years, faithfully waiting for its host Hideasaburo Ueno, who was taken to a hospital with a heart attack. Such amazing loyalty caused a wave of sympathy among the people, and even after Hatiko’s death was not forgotten. The day of the memory of a loyal pet was appointed on the date of January 11, and later in many other countries this good initiative was picked up.


When is Dog Day in 2022, calendar will remind you without any problems but would you like to find out how to celebrate August 26 properly? We would like to help you a bit.

All in all this special occasion has two main goals. – The first one is to show the respect as well as the gratitude to dogs for all that they give to contemporary people and then to help those animals, which are in need: suffering from cruel treatment and homeless.

Dogs mean much for contemporary people. Up to the present moment the four-footed creature perform many different jobs. They work as watchmen, guides, shepherds, rescuers, helpers and even bloodhounds. Another important thing is that they give all of us their real sincere love and true friendship, without demanding anything in return. Today there is an excellent reason to remember this and tell the dogs “thank you” for their loyalty. It is necessary not to forget about dogs that are in trouble, who need our help. This category includes homeless as well as suffering from cruel treatment. This holiday founders, the famous National Dog Day Foundation, call for the help of ten thousand of these creatures each year, their motto: “Help 10,000 dogs – gradually, day by day.”

Annually millions of creatures are walking along the street only because of the fact that their former owners simply are not able to cope with the taken responsibility level. That is why we can consider Dog Day to be educational festive event, the main theme of which to explain the people about all the duties, which are waiting for those people, who are going to become a dog owner.

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National Dog Day

The second “front” of this activity of this day is to encourage people to take dogs from numerous local shelters.

In the case a man or a women has already had a dog, he/she can celebrate this special occasion by volunteering at the places, where they are requested, for example, at the same local shelters for different homeless animals that have been mentioned above, or to make any possible donation for the animal protection organization.

Dog Day Facts

So you have already known the answer to the question “When is International Dog Day 2022?” but what about the facts devoted to these amazing creatures?

Here is our list:

  • Dogs do not feel guilty

Dog eyes do not tell us if your pet feels guilty for what he/she has done. Do you believe us? By the way, this has been already proved experimentally.

  • Obedient dogs live longer

Scientists have found out that representatives of more aggressive breeds die young. They also grew faster than trained dogs.

  • Dogs have the most diverse appearance

According to studies, the differences between the skulls of different breeds of dogs can be as pronounced as between completely different kinds of mammals.

  • Dogs help in communication

When a person is walking with a dog, the amount of his/her social interactions with other people increases threefold. It is noted that the dogs have a positive effect on communication, even when they are angry or their owners are untidy dressed.

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