Business style and a rapid rhythm of contemporary life makes many people often stay away from home. And that is why the problem of nutrition is rather acute nowadays. Even getting into a dining room or a budget cafe is not always easy. Why? – We just don’t have any time for this! Many of us have got used to fast food and its various dishes. Some men and women are even able to answer the question “When is National Burger Day in 2019?” immediately and without any serious thinking. It is not a problem for them.

Traditional home meal is usually replaced by sandwiches, hot dogs or big-poppies. Among these bizarre names there is also a burger, of course.

However, where did this word come from and how did it penetrate our everyday life? Let’s discover together.


Of course, it is almost impossible to answer the question “When is International Burger Day 2019?” without the discovering of the historic background of this event. So, why do we celebrate August 22 nowadays? – Here is a reply!

The contemporary references call a burger to be something like a kind of sandwich, which is represented by a simple dish of bread and meat. The typical feature of this kind of food is that a piece of bread or a bun should be the last layer. And, of course, it is allowed to use some additional components like cheese, butter, mayonnaise or various vegetables.

National Burger Day

According to other sources of information, the burger has the second name of a hamburger. All in all Hamburg is a large German city. A fragrant loaf with nutritious cutlet comes to the US from there.

And although many sources say that a burger is a common name for a variety of fast food, in fact hamburger is nothing but a type of burger. The nature of the filling, the kind of meat or its complete absence determine the variety of this fast and convenient meal. The most popular ones are cheeseburger, chickenburger and fischburger.

Unfortunately, we are not able to give the exact answer to the question “Where does this delicacy come from?” In fact, no one can give to you.

All in all for the right to be its “father” there have been long disputes and litigations. The simplicity of the recipe allows that this dish to appear in the kitchens in many families around the world.


What does National Burger Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide whether to celebrate this occasion or to forget completely about its existence.

After all, to put a piece of fried meat between two slices of bread you do not need to think much. And it doesn’t take much time either. By the way, such simple know-how can be rather suitable when you are choosing a meal on a hike or a long journey. Despite the fact, that the answer to the question “Where did the burger come from?” remains something like a mystery of world cuisine, we know for sure, what day National Burger Day in 2019 is, and that is why, have the opportunity to keep it on August 22.


We can’t but mention that it is the burger that can be considered the main dish in the impetuous revolution of fast food, which gained momentum in the forties of the last century. Many owners of famous fast food franchises have protected their names and recipes with patents.

Up to the present moment preparing hamburgers is an interesting and profitable business for densely populated cities with a large number of business and active people, who are always short of time.

The absolute leader in the production and distribution of burgers and other similar products is the United States, of course. Contemporary technologists develop dozens of varieties of this food. Believe you or not, but there is even a special sample for the army, which can be stored for several years! Unfortunately, we don’t know whether it is really tasty or disgusting.

There is a mistake belief that any fast food is rather harmful for our organism. It is nothing but a mistake. The modern experienced doctors have already proved that moderate use of fast food will not affect our health. So, there is no reason for worry. The main thing is the quality of the initial ingredients and control of the cooking technology, of course.

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When is Burger Day in 2019, calendar will help you not to forget, however do you know how to celebrate this notable event properly?

Unfortunately, there are no any special customs and rules. But, of course, it is not a problem for those men and women, who are going to organize a real holiday for everybody. Why not to invent or to create something amazing for yourself, your family, friends, relatives or colleagues from work?

On August 22 the weather is usually warm and sunny. That is why it would be a perfect time for picnic in the open air. And don’t forget to take a great amount of burgers with you!

Some people prefer to organize something like a real competition among those who can make a really tasty thing. If the cooking doesn’t belong to your favorite leisure activities, you can taste the prepared burgers in order to find out the winner.

By the way, in order to ensure that the hamburger does not fall apart, it must be properly held. It must be held with both thumbs and little fingers for the bottom of the bun, and the rest for the top. With this “grip” you can avoid falling ingredients and at the same time preserve the integrity of the hamburger. The hamburger shouldn’t look like the belly of a samurai who just made hara-kiri, it has to look like a mouth-watering, bitten snack.

You do not need to break it into parts, like a grandfather’s inheritance. If you have big and strong hands, then grab. If the hands are small and weak – cut the burger into halves or quarters and gently swallow them.

National Burger Day

Burger Day Facts

So, you have already known the answer to the question “What is the date of National Burger Day?” but what about finding out some amazing pieces of information about this absolutely tasty and very popular snack in the world?

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Here is our list:

  • The very first fast food restaurant was opened in America in 1921. The ordinary burger cost 5 cents. Surprisingly, this snack chain has existed in America up to the present moment. And you can visit it, of course, any time you like.
  • It is difficult to believe in the fact that the favorite burger of Kate Middleton contains 805 calories.
  • The most expensive burger is served nowadays in the rich restaurant called The Fleur De Lys in Las Vegas. For $ 5000 you will eat a cutlet made from tender beef with truffle chips, put in brioche buns. The staff will also propose you a bottle of beautiful Chateau Petrus in 1990.
  • All in all burgers became famous in 1904, after they were presented to the public at the world trade fair in the American city of St. Louis.
  • During the First World War, the American government attempted to rename the burgers into “sandwiches of freedom” (liberty sandwiches). Obviously, the attempt failed.
  • The record in the competition for high-speed eating of burgers belongs to the Japanese Taker Kobayashi. August 29, 2010, this kamikaze ate 10 burgers in 3 minutes. Each burger consisted of buns, cutlets and pickled vegetables.
  • Studies at the University of Northern California showed that the modern burger is 23% larger than its predecessor from the distant 1977. So you can remember Twiggy and, without embarrassment, cut the burger into 2 parts.
  • In the town of Seymour is the Burger Hall of Fame, and every year Burger Festival takes place, which attracts lovers of burgers from around the world.
  • In the early 30-ies of the XX century, American biochemist and physiologist Jesse McClendon conducted an experiment, the participant of which was fed only with burgers and water for 13 weeks. The diet did not do any harm to the health of the subject. The experiment showed that bread, beef, pickled vegetables and water can provide a person with the necessary substances for life.


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