Do you know the answer to the question “When is Alaska Day in 2019?” As a rule it can be answered immediately and exactly only by people, who are living in this American state or are considered to be the so-called history lovers. But in vain!

On the contrary to the other US territories, this area is able to tell us a lot of interesting stories. Its culture, traditions and people are really unique. That is why let’s discuss it in details, beginning with the history.

What is the history of the most northern American state?

On June 4, 1741 from Russian city and port called Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky two expedition ships went into sea. They were “Saint Peter” commanded by Vitus Bering and “St. Paul”, who was led by Alexei Chirikov. Because of the heavy storms and thick fogs ships lost each other.

Alaska Day 2017

Later the team of the “St. Paul” saw land (the Prince of Wales Island) and sent a boat to it. It is believed that the first person who stepped Alaska land was naturalist and botanist Georg Steller. The next day Alaska was discovered by another boat.

In 1824, Russia, England and the USA signed the agreements, which helped to define the borders of the Russian territories in North America at the state level.

Interests of the Russian-American company were mainly confined to fur production. Uncontrolled hunting caused the disappearance of many wild animals and the lands were mostly abandoned.

Geopolitical situation either didn’t contribute to the development of Alaska as a Russian colony. In 1856, Russia was defeated in the Crimean War. And the British Columbia, which belonged to British colony, was arranged relatively close. Russia was seriously feared that it could not ensure the safety of their colony in American continent in the case of armed conflict. United States of America were selected as a potential Alaska buyer in order to compensate the growing British influence in the region.

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The negotiations were successful, and in Washington it was signed an agreement in accordance with which Russia sold Alaska for 7.2 million dollars in gold. In a few months the decision was ratified by the US Senate.

When is Alaska Day 2019?

Frankly speaking it is not easy to answer this question without historical background explanation. So on October 18, 1867 it was held the official ceremony of handing the Alaska to the US. Solemn march was organized by both Russian and American soldiers. After that the US flag raised. And the question “What day Alaska Day in 2019?” received its answer.

Since that moment October 18 is a official holiday for all the people living there. They prefer this day at the open air, playing different games, making barbecue, boating or fishing. In October they have relatively comfortable weather. Why not to use it properly?

We would like to mention that initially the Americans found this deal to be failed. “Why do we need a peninsula covered with ice?” they reasoned. American politicians didn’t even want to give Alaska the statehood, as they considered the region to be so poor that doubted whether it would be able to pay the costs for its administration maintenance.

Everything changed when it became clear that the peninsula area was rich in natural resources. After the gold finding, Alaska was immediately recognized to be the 49th American state. Later the scientists also discovered there large oil deposits. It turned out that the Americans, as it is said, “break the bank” by purchasing the richest area for little money. For the gold-Peninsula Russian Empire received a check of 7.2 million dollars.

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The population of the state

About 75 percent of the population is white, US natives. In the state there are around 86 thousand of indigenous people, represented by Indians, Eskimos and Aleuts. Among the major religious groups are Catholics, Orthodox, Presbyterians, Baptists and Methodists. The last 20 years the state residents traditionally vote for Republican.

The Alaska indigenous population lives in provincial areas far from the national highways and the newcomers settle mostly in Juneau, Anchorage, Fairbanks, and other major cities. Most locals, represented by Koreans and Filipinos, are working on fishing vessels and canneries placed in the Gulf of Alaska. Every summer the tourist area employs more than a thousand local residents.

Alaska Day

The Alaska climate

The peculiar feature of the winter months in Alaska is the existence of biting cold and short days. The majority of state residents prefer to spend these days at home to perform domestic work and to make plans for the summer. However, the locals adore winter active type of recreation, such as skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling and sled dog racing. Summer is characterized by long polar days, which are used by the state residents to maximum advantage.

Interesting holidays

Alaskans have cheerful and funny temper, as evidenced by the various celebrations that are held in different locations. No matter they know for sure the answer to the question “What is the date of Alaska Day 2019?”

Most of the celebrations are dedicated to the music and sports. The production of local goods, historical dates and folk rituals are also very important. By the way some events are organized for honor of such natural phenomena as the midnight sun or the emergence of new icebergs.

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Some holidays are different because of their formality, for example, the Summer Music Festival that takes place in Sitka. Others can be even ridiculous. For instance, have you ever heard about Moose Holiday in Talkeetna? Twenty-four-hour noisy summer festivals draw large number of locals and tourists from all over the world. And the winter days help people to get out of their houses even in the cold seasons.

But, of course, the most significant state events are Alaska Day and Independence Day, when all the people gather together and stare at the fireworks in the sky. However, some cities organize big festivals, which attract people of all state. So when is Alaska Day in 2019, calendar will inform you without any problems. No matter when you visit this American territory, you will be astonished by its nature, climate, atmosphere in general and, of course, by people, who are always ready to share good mood and positive emotions.


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