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👥When is National Concussion Awareness Day 2022

When is National Concussion Awareness Day in 2022? Well, we are almost sure, that you don’t know the answer to this question. As a rule, the special occasion is known quite well only in definite, as a rule, medical circles. To make the situation clear, today we are going to discuss the special occasion in details. Are you ready to follow us? We are starting.


Introducing you the theme what day Concussion Awareness Day in 2022 is, we would like to tell something really amazing about the history of the occasion. By the way this direction is thought to be the most required one among our followers.

Unfortunately, today we haven’t managed to discover a lot of fact concerning the occasion appearance and development.

Initially, the occasion was established Brook Mills. It happened in 2016, when the freshman mentioned above was suffering with this problem. In accordance with some specialists’ points of view, concussions have got an epidemic position on the territory of the United States. The sad fact is some millions of slight traumatic brain injuries happen annually.


What does Concussion Awareness Day mean? Frankly speaking, we can’t even predict whether this holiday would be important for you or not. All in all, it is kept in the circles, belonging to the representatives of the medical surrounding. So if you are not one of them, it is not a great surprise that you have never even heard about its existence.

No matter to which category of people you belong, today we are going to represent you something really important. Here are the facts every contemporary person has to know for sure, because one day this knowledge may save life.

The first thing to remember: even a minor head injury can lead to concussion. Consequently, the fact of injury may already indicate a possible concussion.

The main symptoms of concussion include:

  • short-term confusion;
  • dizziness. It is observed at rest, and with a change in body position, turning or tilting the head, it intensifies. Its cause is a violation of the blood circulation in the vestibular apparatus;
  • throbbing headache;
  • noise in ears;
  • weakness;
  • nausea, single vomiting;
  • retardation, confusion, slow, incoherent speech;
  • diplopia (double vision). When you try to read with eye movement, pain is felt;
  • photophobia. Eyes may react painfully to normal light levels;
  • hypersensitivity to noise, even moderate sounds can annoy;
  • violation of coordination of movement. The easiest way to diagnose – a person in a standing position with his eyes closed and hands raised to the sides should touch the tip of the nose with his index finger. The second option is to put one foot after the other and go in a straight line, close your eyes, raise your hands in different directions and take a few small steps. Doing this yourself is not recommended to avoid repeated injury.


Talking about the question “When is International Concussion Awareness Day 2022?” we want to represent you something really amazing. All in all, concussion is a form of closed head injury. As a rule, this is an easily reversible violation of the functions of the brain that has arisen due to a bruise, shock or sudden movement of the head. It is believed that due to concussion, a temporary violation of interneuronal connections occurs.

As a result of the contact of the substance of the brain with the bones of the skull, as a rule, the following symptoms occur:

  • a change in some physical or chemical properties of neurons (brain cells), which can change the spatial organization of protein molecules;
  • all substance of the brain leads to pathological effects;
  • temporary disconnection of relationships and signal transduction between synapses (the place of contact between two neurons or between a neuron and an effector cell receiving a signal) of cell neurons and the brain. It contributes to the development of functional disorders.


When is Concussion Awareness Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. However, you have to be rather careful under the condition you are going to be involved into the next celebration. The special occasion is kept on September 18th.

As you perhaps understand, there are no any special ways to spend this day. Meanwhile, you are free to visit one of the numerous meetings, organized usually by the local hospitals and other medical institutions.

Today we are going to teach you how to react when somebody is having concussion nearby. If the person is unconscious, immediately call an ambulance. An unconscious man or woman needs to be laid on a hard surface on the right side with bent legs and elbows. Tilt his head up and turn to the ground, as this position will provide good air provision through the respiratory tract and prevent aspiration of the liquid in case of vomiting.

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If the victim is bleeding from a wound on his or her head, a hemostatic dressing must be applied. Under the condition the person regained consciousness or did not have a swoon, lay him or her horizontally with the head raised; constantly monitor the consciousness, do not let the victim fall asleep.

It is important to know: all patients with a head injury – regardless of the severity and well-being – should contact the emergency room. According to the decision of the traumatologist, they can be sent for outpatient monitoring to a neurologist or hospitalized in the neurological department for diagnosis and monitoring the condition.

Remember: if a suffering person is unconscious and you cannot independently determine the degree of severity, it is best not to touch him or her and not try to turn or flip once again. If there are factors that threaten the life, such as liquids, bulk solids, small objects that can get into the respiratory tract, they must be eliminated.

National Concussion Awareness Day Facts

Investigating the question “What is the date of Concussion Awareness Day in 2022?” we found some amazing pieces of information and today we would like to share them with our devoted readers or just occasional followers.

All in all three degrees of concussion are distinguished by the contemporary specialists. The degree usually depends on the severity of the patient’s condition and clinical symptoms:

  • mild case. Under this condition there is no impaired consciousness. The patient may experience disorientation, headache, dizziness, nausea during the first 20 minutes after the injury. After that, general health returns to normal. A short-term increase in temperature is possible (37.1–38  С);
  • case of moderate complication. There is no loss of consciousness, but there are pathological symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness, disorientation. All of them last more than twenty minutes. Short-term memory loss (amnesia) can be observed. Most often it is retrograde amnesia with the loss of several minutes of memories before an injury;
  • severe case. It is surely accompanied by loss of consciousness for a short period of time, usually from several minutes to several hours. The patient does not remember what happened – retrograde amnesia develops. Pathological symptoms are present for one to two weeks after an injury. The most typical are headache, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, disorientation, loss of appetite and insomnia.
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