Itโ€™s hard to imagine anyone who has never tried bear. Huge, colorful history and the abundance of the drink help us keep in mind the name of the drink. Furthermore, a holiday was created and let it be our topic today. So, letโ€™s find out what and when The National Beer Day in 2020 is?

National Beer Day is celebrated annually on 7th of April and is held undoubtedly in order to honor and give a respect to such an ancient beverage. We have that rare occasion when the founder is known. A Virginia Craft Beer Examiner Justin Smith and his friend chose this date because the Cullen-Harrison Act was signed and became active on this day.


Well, before getting to the issue what day National Beer Day in 2020 is, letโ€™s plunge into the story of a lovely beverage.

Beer is the most popular and widespread drink in the whole world. It is loved and known by almost everyone. But when did this unrivaled drink appear?

National Beer Day

The history of our beverage is lost in the depths of times and centuries. And it all began after people learned to plow the land. Approximately in 9500 BC, the history of the beverage began. There is ample evidence that even those people were drinking it. It was made from wild wheat, barley, and oats. One of the archaeologists has proved that in the Sumerian civilization the main drink was beer. There is even an expression that has reached our days from the ancient Sumerians: “If you do not know the taste of it – you do not know what a joy is.” But the Sumerians are not the only who knew and loved it. In ancient Egypt, they mastered the brewing process perfectly already in 2800 BC. This drink quickly came to the heart of everyone. And those who falsified the process of brewing were awaited by a very terrible punishment and even death. From Egypt, brewing passed to neighboring countries. Already in those days, the beverage was brewed almost all over the world. Ancient Chinese brewed it from rice and American Indians from corn. In Europe, it came from the Middle East, and already in the 1st century BC, there were about 195 varieties of this drink. And the first brewers are monks since only beer was not forbidden to drink during fasting.

Very important role in brewing had the Middle Ages. It was then that both the process and taste of beverage improved. In the middle Ages, hops for the first time began to be used as the main ingredient in brewing. In those days, trade spread very quickly. Brewers had to reach a whole new level in this process. The taste and quality of the beverage have been improved. There were more and more new varieties. The beer was brewed at home and in specialized breweries. In 1360, the Tallinn government issued a decree that permitted the beverage to be brewed only by professional breweries. The flowering of a beverage came in the XV-XVI century. Although at that time still wheat, yeast and exceptionally pure and high-quality water continued to be the basis of the beverage.

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More actively the brewing industry began to advance in the XIX-XX centuries. This was promoted by the development of science and technology. The first refrigerating equipment appeared which allowed brewing in the summer. Until 1905, the beverage became a world market. In the XX century, the most active producers considered Germany, the United States, and England.

It can be confidently said that all other alcohol drinks are defeated by the beer production.


Knowing what National Beer Day means will undoubtedly facilitate the importance and sense of the festival. Well, when National Beer Day in 2020 is he held, the main target is to try as much as you can. The choice is always yours and the range of products is large. You should try a pint of pale ale, lager, stout, wheat beer etc. By the way, the classification of a beverage is extremely amazing.

There are not even hundreds, but thousands of different kinds of drink, so some kind of single, simple classification are impossible. That is why each country has adopted its own classification. In such countries as Ukraine and Spain, beer is divided according to color in red and white, light and dark. According to this classification, they also give fortified varieties of this intoxicating drink. In European countries and in the United States, the method of classification differs, depending on the method of fermentation. Beer top fermentation is called Ale, and a drink of bottom fermentation is a Lager.

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There is an opinion that the word “Ale” comes from the Old English word “ealu”, or “alut”, which in translation means “magic”, “intoxication”, “witchcraft”. It is believed that Ale is still “invented” by the ancient Sumerians about 3000 years ago. However, then the drink was boiled without hops, due to what the finished product turned out much faster. In England, the “intoxicating” Ale began to be made in the 15th century, and in the 7th century, according to the preserved historical data, the Ale was cooked without hops. In the middle ages, Ale was as much a basic necessity as bread. The most popular Ale is widely spread in such countries as Ireland and the United Kingdom.


If the Ale is intended more for connoisseurs, gourmets, then the Lager is a drink for the “broad masses”. According to statistics, the share of the Lager makes up 80% of all beer produced in the world. The most famous types of this drink are a pilsner, side, dark and light lager. In countries such as the Czech Republic and Germany, it is not customary to divide beverage by fermentation – there is a classification here. There are four different types of beer, depending on the density of the wort.

National Beer Day


What is the date of National Beer Day 2020? The calendar has supervised us with this issue and we can go further.

The holiday means you are able to try any sort of any country. You are free in your choice and the best variant is to take your friends and make a good day by spending time together. But do not overuse the beverage as only 2-3 pints per day are available in order to complete proper processes maintaining.

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Generally speaking, each country has own traditions in celebrating and you should navigate yourself depending on the country you are in.

The oldest traditions of the day:

  1. To gather with friends, families, colleagues in beer establishments (bars, pubs, cafes) and strain your favorite drink.
  2. Drink as much as possible a foam product, and necessarily different varieties and manufacturers. The main motto is to drink until you can!
  3. Holding beer quizzes and competitions. The most famous game is considered to be beer pong, the essence of which is to throw a special ball along the table, in order to get in a beer tank, located on the opposite side of the table.

Beer Day Facts

There are some interesting facts about the holiday were noted. Letโ€™s plunge into some details.

  1. In Great Harwood, in the English county of Lancashire, competitions for running with wheelchairs are popular. To participate in these competitions only men are allowed. Their task at a distance of 5 miles – never to overturn the stroller and drink a mug of beer in each of the 14 pubs located at the distance.
  2. A frothy cap is a very important part of a beverage. It is formed as a result of a complex reaction of carbon dioxide and can tell us a lot about the quality. If the hat is missing, it could mean that your beverage is exhausted and tasteless.


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