The variety of food, which is presented in the world nowadays, is really huge. People love to eat at home, taste new dishes and species, explore something new. Also traveling is extremely popular and people go abroad very often, also find new tastes, new smells and this culture of eating become more and more popular. That is why it is very profitable to develop this sphere of peopleโ€™s life. All over the world, people have their own tastes, their own dishes, but still, there are some of them, which are popular all over the world. Nobody knows, why this or that product or dish suddenly gets so wide popularity, but still, this is the fact. And in this article, we would like to speak about one of such dishes, which is called chili. We will speak about the holiday, dedicated to it and know, when is National Chili Day in 2020.


This is a well-known product to every person on this planet. There are no people in any country of the world, who wouldnโ€™t have ever heard this name. Moreover, in many countries, this product is extremely popular and people are real fans of it, though it is hot and others simply canโ€™t stand it. And in the further article, we would like to discuss with you the following holiday and its peculiarities. But before we do this, we need to start with its background, because it is one the beginning of it all.

Chili Day

Actually, chili was found out very long time ago and people used it from early times. But it was used only in Texas, but after the 1890s it was spread all over the Unitedย  States due to a special exposition. After this exposition, where a lot of tourists usually traveled, a special Texas chili dish recipe spread all over the country and thousands of people found out a new taste. Somewhere after it, all chili became extremely popular and spread further to the rest of the continents. While after a while the whole world knew about this product and earned huge numbers of fans, who know now, what day World Chili Day is.

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What does National Chili Day mean, we will be finding out further in this article and decide all its peculiarities. After we have known about its history, in brief, we have time to discuss other things and here certainly we should speak about its general meaning in order to get a clear understanding of it all. That is why right now we will move further and continue our discussion of the most important questions.

So, if we speak about what does this holiday mean, we should say that it is a reason to remember that one-day chili became a part of our lives and the whole world knew about it. This holiday was organized by chili lovers in order to spread its popularity more and dedicate a day, making it a bit special. From the first times, when chili saw the world, till nowadays, plenty of new and extraordinary recipes were created. There are a lot of ways of where and how to add chili in order to get a new and great taste. That is why now more people also can take part in it all and simply become the part of this fun holiday. In the calendar you can find, when is International Chili Day 2020.


And now, as we have spoken with you generally a bit about the meaning of this holiday, its reasons, and other little facts, now we should deep more into the topic and speak wider about it all. Now it is time for us to discuss more concretely, what is the holiday about. It will be very useful for you all to know the definition of this day and its celebrations. Due to it, you will have fewer questions and your understanding will become better so that you will be able to speak and discuss it freely and at a time. That is why letโ€™s now give the definition of the day for those, who are deeply interested in the topic.

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So, the definition of this holiday is that this is a day, wholly dedicated to chili โ€“ a hot product, a species, which is very popular all over the world. The product has been discovered a long time ago in Texas, but by a chance, it became known to many people all over the country and soon got wide popularity among all nations. Now, this day became a national holiday, but it is not a day off. Also with time chili developed and a huge among of new recipes with it appeared. Nevertheless, one day a year chili fans obligatory celebrate this holiday and try to spread it among the rest of the people and do it as more interesting as possible.


Actually, the seriousness of the holiday can not be discussed, that people need strictly keep to some traditions. There are no obligatory things, which they need to do. Moreover, there are countries, where this holiday is not developed or people do not know about its existence at all, but separate people, who are aware, may simply celebrate it on their own, according to the traditions, which they met in other countries. By the way, numerous people do right this way and it is great because in such a way the holiday and information about it slowly are spread through the continents and nations.


One of the things, which are popular to do for this holiday, is to visit a restaurant. All cafes certainly know about this holiday and they are all preparing for this day. They try to cook the tastiest dishes with chili and try to create something new and extraordinary.

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There is one more another way of spending this day. People stay at home with the members of their families or call a company of friends and spend the day or evening together. Some people cook some traditional chili, for example, or some family recipe, which their family has. Others, on the contrary, try to create something new and this is a kind of an experiment for them. These people always know, what is the date of National Chili Day.

International Chili Day Facts

We should have a brief talk about the following interesting fact – people think that chili has originally come from Mexico. But it is a false opinion, and according to the historical studies, it was found out that first, its taste came from Texas, and then mixed with national Spanish and Mexican tastes. That is why there is such a wide variety of recipes, in which different nations and their own details and get new original dishes. During the holiday, you may taste any of them in the restaurants, which take part in the celebrations.

What is more, should we mention a fact, which was missed within the whole article, because we tried to left it till the very end. It is one of the most important points, concerning the information about the topic. You already know that it is celebrated once a year. But there is no a special fixed date. Usually, it is a tradition to celebrate the day on the fourth Februaryโ€™s Thursday. It means that every year the date changes and you may know, when is Chili Day in 2020, on the calendar. For example, this year it will be on February 27th.


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