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🌓 When is National Opposite Day 2020

There are many strange things happening around us daily. Sometimes we don’t pay attention to them. However, most of them are not sudden. If you believe in  destiny, then you should realize we are surrounded by nonrandom events. According to this statement, various superstitions were created. Thus, a superstition about a black cat crossing the road, having found a 4-leaves clover, splitting a salt, breaking a mirror, and opening an umbrella inside the house are those examples set in our modern world. Notwithstanding, today we are discussing the most senseless holiday ever. Let’s find out when is National Opposite Day in 2020.

The global observance is held yearly on 25th of January and the main purpose is to act proportionally vice versa. For example, somebody tells you ‘Good morning’, then your answer will be ‘Good evening’. The festival has a type of absurdity feature senseless. So, the aim is to play tricks and fool around. The creator is unknown and it’s not miraculous.

Opposite Day


Having considered the main idea and purpose of N.O.D. we are going to delve into historical roots of the day. Our research showed 2 results not officially proven yet. The first story is about English summer camp which was famous for competitions and games. In 2007, English Hampshire Summer Camp held a game the purpose of which was the following: Boys should have dressed up like girls, and vice versa. Then, the most creative dressing and character were chosen. On the following day, a familiar game was organized. A group of 2 Pioneer leaders decided to hold a day when everybody should say the opposite words. Thus, this summer camp rule began to expand over the United Kingdom and the whole world. However, only in 2010, the National Day was created.

It’s about time to discuss the second legend to better understand what day National Opposite Day in 2020 is. Well, the second story belongs to Russia and famous school camps where many strange competitions and events are also held. In 1999, Moscow Summer Camp #1 attended a Summer Camp Competition where about 150 camps took part. In a week, the first one bares away the bell with an innovative game. All camp members should have acted in an opposite way to their speakers and that time it was crazy. Thus, the National Holiday Appeared.

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It always depends on you what story to believe in but the meaning of the day is more interesting.


What does National Opposite Day mean? As it was told in the introduction, the main purpose is to act directly opposite. First of all, N.O.D. is about mental dexterity, resourcefulness, and sharpness of considerations as it is really hard to generate an answer instantly. You should play tricks and monkey the whole day. The holiday was the main picture of many films and cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants etc. Even a whole eponymously-named movie was filmed in 2009. Moreover, the day has been hitting the stride since 2007 so much that many scientists began claiming N.O.D. is celebrated only by mentally deprived people. Then, the global society demurred this fact and since 2012 the day has been celebrated in more than 100 countries. Furthermore, Americans intent to organize the festival on 25th day monthly. For them, it is a nice opportunity to frustrate and throw out bad emotions. So, bear in mind when is International Opposite Day 2020 to join the celebration.


Having discussed the festival with a fine-tooth comb, we want you to get acquainted with the movie filmed in 2009 which brightly describes the day in color. So, the movie is about a nine-year-old Sammy and his eight-year-old sister Carla who go travelling with their grandparents, because their parents are overworked. Returning to town, Sammy participates in the experiment of his friend Chuck’s father to help decipher the babies language. However, suddenly, something went wrong. During the use of a special installation, it explodes and a push of energy released to freedom changes children and adults in places. It is one of the most positive and wonderful picturizations. “The Opposite Day” film will give you positive emotions and we assure you will not regret the minutes of viewing this film. If you are in bad mood, then watch this movie.

The same situation is with the holiday. Firstly, N.O.D. was created to splash out all the negative energy and emotions. Secondly, it increases your brain level and IQ by generating opposite words and sentences. Thirdly, such improvisations help you to solve some actual problems even not realizing it. It is coming out in some type of inner space and the unconscious. So, as you can see, the day is a perfect opportunity to relax and have fun. That’s why you should keep in memory what is the date of National Opposite Day 2020.

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Opposite Meme


The strongest habits and traditions of N.O.D. are noticed in the USA and UK where people are suckers for the idea and purpose of the festival. For example, in 2013 the biggest event dedicated to Opposite Day was held in Chicago. Approximately 25.000 people gathered to play tricks and compete for a dignity of the best funny-man ever. The event was supported by local authorities and many transnational corporations that support everything where they can put their product and advertisement. Since 2007, the popularity of N.O.D. increased so much that American people want to celebrate it twice a year. Actually, there are more than 1.200 holidays celebrated during the year and no empty space available to this day. Also, you should support the day by posting photos and videos of your tricky and resourcefulness day adding #N.O.D.2020 hashtag. The best way to prepare for the day is to tune your brains. Grab your friends and relatives to train together especially in word spelling. Keep in mind that combined activity is always a pleasure.

International Opposite Day Facts

  • In 2017, the topic of N.O.D. was to dress up like your partner does and try to imitate his/her voices. Many videos were sent to NOD Committee which sorts the movies and chooses the best one. Last year, the trophy was handed out to Netherlands teenager group.
  • There are many schools in America that teach you opposite speaking. Actually, it strongly develops your brain skills and increases your brain activity.
  • The movie ‘The Opposite Day’ was awarded for many rewards as the picturization was perfect. The movieland hasn’t seen such a masterpiece before.
  • In case you have stuttering, an opposite word speaking practice is one of the best variants to cure of it. An hour per day will be enough to reduce the stuttering level to a minimum which lets you feel comfortable and free.
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In conclusion, sometimes you need to relax and N.O.D. is a nice opportunity to scratch an itch. Grab your friends and relatives to have a pleasure and nice time. Finally, always bear in mind when is Opposite Day in 2020, through the calendar.

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