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🎂 When is National Cake Decorating Day 2022

Almost everyone loves sweets, candies, and cakes. But the history of our today’s topic is more global than you can even imagine. Today we gonna talk about one of the most beloved sweetness ever – the cake. Let’s check what and when National Cake Decorating Day in 2022 is?

So, National Cake Decorating Day is held annually on 10th of October and is organized all over the world to emphasize the role it plays in our life. Thousands of recipes, thousands of decorating and preparation ways are known nowadays and we should support such events as it helps us to globalize.


To begin with, all the details will be mentioned and we will find out what day World Cake Decorating Day in 2022 is.

Today, it is impossible to say with certainty where and who invented pies. Some historians in the field of cooking tend to conclude that the first prototype of the pie originated in Italy.

Others adhere to a different theory of the origin. Everyone knows the delicious sweets of the East, which even a sophisticated gourmand can not criticize due to their ideal taste. Followers of this idea found that the ancient culinary specialists of the most mysterious part of the world were preparing desserts using milk, honey, and sesame.

National Cake Decorating Day

Whatever the opinion of the origin of the first cakes, one can not but agree with the statement that the fashion trendsetter in the world of dessert is France. It was there, in small cafes, once appeared, the cake conquered the whole world. It was the French chefs and confectioners who at the level of many centuries dictated in the serving and decoration of this sweet masterpiece. It’s no wonder that in this country of love and romance the most famous names of desserts have appeared, still caressing our ears: meringue, cream, caramel, jelly, and biscuit.

Wedding bread in one form or another existed in almost all cultures of the world. For example, in Ancient China, the groom’s family sent the bride four bread cakes, they had to be thrown up and caught in a sheet that was held over his head. When tossing each of the cakes, the bride quoted poems about marriage, thus marking her departure from her parents’ home to her husband. Many-tier wedding cakes first appeared in London in the XVII century – they were so great that they were imported on a special cart. Naturally, this was the privilege of the rich in society. And the Russian national wedding feast has incredibly rich and complex traditions associated with wedding cakes.

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Today, the wedding cake is a separate and very important component of any pastry weekdays. But the custom to especially bake and order huge desserts, consisting of several tiers, richly decorated with fruits and cream, came to us from America.

Quite a strange cake-offer you can try in Spain. It is called Tarta de ballot. Once, a tourist asked the waiter what this pie is made of. Judging by taste, honey and poppy seeds were included. However, there were no black poppy points in the biscuit. The waiter said that is made of the pig feed. The puzzled tourist asked for a recipe. It turned out that the “feed for pigs” is acorns. Despite the name, they do not find nuts in the Italian biscuit “Walnut”. It is stuffed with white crushed beans. But in Switzerland, the nucleoli of cherry stones are put in the famous cherry cakes.

The recipes of pies are innumerable. Varied, completely unlike each other, there are so many cakes that the countries do not even dispute the right of primacy for their invention. One by one, or even more, a unique pie is enough for every country. And there are more than 190 states on Earth. In Hungary, guests will certainly be treated with the famous cake ‘Esterhazy’.

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In Switzerland, the tables are inconceivable without a carrot pie. And Sweden is proud of two pies at once; ‘Apple * and’ Swedish air ‘, decorated with whipped cream. Another country of two pies is Austria. ‘The pie from Linz’ with a stuffing of red currant named for the city, is good because it can be stored for a very long time.

It was in London that the first multilevel pies appeared. Such pies are sometimes imported into the hall where the celebration takes place, on special carts, because of their particular fragility and, naturally, of great weight. And the very procedure of cutting the first piece is surrounded by a halo of pomposity since the eighteenth century.

A similar custom of baking a wedding pie existed in ancient Rome. In the early days of the Roman Empire, wedding bread was baked from barley or wheat flour, and it was broken just above the bride’s head. It was done by the groom, distributing pieces of bread to the guests, symbolically sharing with them their luck, and the crumbs that remained on the head of the bride, the groom collected, eaten and shared with his beloved. The meaning of this tradition was the submission of a young wife to her husband.

Modern pies are decorated with marzipans, meringues, chocolate, fruits. The choice and violence of colors of decorative elements are limited only by the imagination and taste of the confectioner.


What does National Pie Decorating Day mean is somehow mentioned above and now we can get to another point. So, when International Pie Decorating Day in 2022 is organized, the main target is to gather all your friends and relatives and spend the time cooking pies for your favorite recipes. Moreover, we shouldn’t stop in our development, so you are free to try new ones got by the Internet or by the neighbor. Many competitions are held all over the world on this day so don’t miss such an opportunity to get a huge amount of emotions and useful experience in a combination with showing your cooking skills.

National Cake Decorating Day


The issue what is the date of National Pie Decorating Day 2022 has just been discussed with the help of a calendar that facilitated us in getting information.

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It is worth to be mentioned that each year celebration is connected with some most negotiable topic recently and that is the question how it will be in 2022, but undoubtedly you will get crazy emotions and memories that your will carry through the whole life. Furthermore, don’t forget to be online that time to post many photos and videos on social media using some keywords.


Obviously, each country and continent have its own way of celebrating the festivals. This day is emphasized by the competitions held in the USA and those records that are beaten every year. More festivals and seminars you visit this day means  you will have more experience and emotions. So, go out and join others.

Day Facts

  1. A century-old pie was found by a South African farmer in the attic. Thanks to the increased concentration of cognac, the pie has survived to the present day.
  2. “Napoleon” was invented by the Moscow confectioners in 1912 to the centenary of the expulsion of the French army from Russia.

Well, you should not miss such an opportunity to develop yourself with positive emotions and feelings.

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