A lot of different national holidays and feasts exist in the world. Every nation has its own one. In Mexica, there is such feast as Cinco da Maiyo. What is exactly Cinco de Mayo and when is Cinco de Mayo in 2022? Let us find it out in the article.

Cinco de Mayo is the ethnic feast of Mexica devoted to the triumph of Mexican military forces in the combat of Puebla on May 5, 1862. The feast is also broadly solemnized in the United States. This Festival is sometimes referred as the Mexican counterpart of the St. Patrick’s day. It rejoices with Mexican kitchen dishes, and ethnic music and dance. On this day, large festivals and carnivals are arranged. In some districts, the celebration can last for a whole week.

Cinco de Mayo 2017

Origins of the feast

In the year 1861, Benito Juarez became the President of Mexico. The country was experiencing financial difficulties, so the loans were obtained from several European countries. Mexico has been unable to repay loans made by France, Spain, and the UK. The three countries sent ships to Mexico, each country required the repayment of the loan. Mexico successfully assigned settlements with Spain and the United Kingdom, so that ships from those countries returned to Europe.

Napoleon was the head of France. Instead of trying to negotiate an agreement with Benito Juarez, Napoleon tried to make Mexico dependent on France. In the latest quarter of the year 1861, the French fleet arrived in waters off Veracruz, Mexico. Heavily armed troops invaded the city. President and other management officials fled.

Laetrile de Laurence Charles decided that small Pebla de LA in East Central Mexico will be an easy target for their 6000 troops. President Juarez from its new head department in Northern Mexico sent Texas-born General I. Saragossa and 2000 people to support Puebla. Mexicans being in the minority had not enough weapons, supplies, or equipment. They have strengthened the city as they could and waited when French attacks.

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Zaragoza and its 6000 well-equipped soldiers attacked Puebla de LA, defended by Ignacio Zaragoza and his ragtag group of 2000 men. The fight was going from the morning to the night. It ended when the French which lost 500 men, retreated. The Mexicans lost 100 people. The combat of Puebla was symbolic rather than pivotal triumph in Mexico.

In 1868, the year after six years after the combat, the US civil war finished and the USA ultimately could help Mexico. Owing to soldierly help and political heat from the US, France retracted from Mexico. Napoleon III was appointed Austrian Archduke F. Maximilian as Emperor of Mexico in 1864. Archduke was caught by the forces of Benito Juarez in the 1868 year and executed.

The history answers partly to the issue “What is the date of Cinco de Mayo 2022?”. So we should know more data.

Cinco da Maiyo is feast of the Mexican

Cinco de Mayo is not a state feast in Mexico. In the majority of areas of the government, the day does not differ from other usual days. Different serious organizations, as well as shops, are opened always. Cinco de Mayo rejoices as holidays in several areas of the State of Puebla. There are recreated in the combat of Puebla, military parades, and other minor feasts. Cinco da Maiyo is commemorated in the US each year from 1863 onwards. Impromptu festivity of Mexican mineworkers in California happened. Mineworkers, delighted at the update of the triumph at the combat of Puebla, were singing and made speeches, and fired assault rifles into the air.

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Cinco de Mayo

June 7, 2005, United States Congress adopted a non-binding determination calling for the President of the USA to issue an announcement asking the people of the US to perceive Cinco da Maiyo with suitable observances and events. So, let us learn how people celebrate the holiday and what day Cinco de Mayo in 2022 occurs.

How do people commemorate Cinco de Mayo?

On this day, special attention is paid to Mexican-Americans, Mexican kitchen, national melodies, and folk dances. In some areas, large festivals and celebration carnivals are hosted, which are stretched for an entire week.

Red, white and green Mexican flag colors are the most popular colors the first week of May. On this day people flaunts in Sombrero and eat exclusively Mexican dishes. The most courageous take part in the competition of eating peppers, which is called halupinya. Participants of a holiday break dolls hanging on a tree, filled with candy. These dolls are called Pinata.

Today Cinco da Maiyo became an ethnic holiday. However, not everybody knows the answer to the question: “When is Cinco de Mayo 2022?” And if you ask them what it is, they will answer it is a commemoration of Mexican culture. Lots of people guess it is the day of the independence of Mexica, but this is not the case. The combat of Puebla was not a turning point in the Franco-Mexican conflict since the French attack prospered even after a year. Before the battle, Mexico was seen as a weak rival, doomed to failure in advance.

Cinco de Mayo parade

While the French army was supposed to be the greatest in the world, that no one could defeat already 50 years old. Mexican forces were in the minority, but after the attacks, they have suffered much smaller losses (83 dead Mexican, 462 dead Frenchman).

The city, known for military victory, is well-known as the birthplace of mole sauce. There is a legend according to which this sauce was prepared by Parish nuns especially for the bosses coming. The women didn’t know which dish was worth the great guests. The nuns just mixed everything they had (about 35 ingredients) and bowled that for several days. The sauce was filed to the table along with a turkey. The sauce can be sweet or spicy it can vary its ingredients, but always there is a chili pepper. Since then, everyone who tasted mole sauce, say that nuns are the best cooks in Mexico.

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In conclusion, it is worth to give an answer to the issue, when is Cinco de Mayo in 2022, calendar shows us that. Cinco da Maiyo is commemorated every year on May 5, the day of Puebla battle. Now, you know that and can celebrate the interesting feast every spring.


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