Mickey Mouse is considered to be a world famous cartoon anthropomorphic animal, which was created by two people, Walt Disney and Abe Iverx. It happened a long time ago, in 1928. However, even today this ridiculous mouse is perhaps the most beloved and popular hero. But that is not everything. – Mickey is believed the real talisman, belonged to the appreciated The Walt Disney Company. And by the way what about you? – Are you ready to answer the question “When is National Mickey Mouse Day in 2022?” immediately or would you possibly like to have some time for thinking about?

Unfortunately, despite all the popularity of this cartoon character, the most expected reply is negative, as many contemporary people have never heard about this holiday existence. And all in all that is the main explanation, why we have made a corresponding decision to discuss this mater in details.


Of course, it goes without saying that it is impossible to explain, what day Mickey Moue Day in 2022 is properly, without paying much attention to the probable historical background of this event.

November 18, 1928 that is the date, when this funny cartoon creature was created. However, all in all Mickey has a very complicated story. Initially, the chief Disney symbol should be represented by Rabbit Oswald. However, the famous cartoon maker wasn’t able to patent the rights to it, and as a result the funny hare moved to Universal Pictures, which, by the way, also employed most of the famous animators. Disney had to start from the very beginning.

Mickey Mouse

He thought for a long time which animal to choose next. And then his gaze fell on the mouse, which he tamed, living on the farm. At that very moment Disney realized, that it would be a mouse. It such a simple way Mickey Mouse appeared. And in that case careful Walt patented the creature immediately and began to create new cartoons.

And the silhouette of Mickey Mouse practically did not change during its entire existence, only small details were made in another way. For example, initially he did not have pupils, his eyes were reminding two small dots.

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After the third experiment with the cartoon, Mickey still began to increase his popularity.

By the way, even in the first cartoons, some changes were made in his image. Initially, he was portrayed without gloves, only then they became his inseparable attribute. White gloves became very convenient for the perception of a black and white cartoon, they more clearly separated the hands of a mouse. Believe you or not, but over the history of his existence, Mickey has changed more than 175 different costumes.


What does Mickey Mouse Day mean? – Frankly speaking, it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate this funny day or to forget about it completely. In our turn we could like to mention that the cartoon seems to very kind and funny. That is why to miss the chance to be involved into something positive and funny?

Characters fall into fun situations, which are able to amuse even the most serious audience.

Nowadays, it is even difficult to believe that the long-awaited popularity came not immediately after the Mickey’s first appearance on the screen. The audience reacted absolutely indifferently to the new hero. And, of course, it was necessary to change something. Before the director there was the difficult task to creating a character that could not only replace the famous rabbit Oswald, but also exceed his popularity.

Disney even received suggestions to start the project a new rabbit, a bear and a squirrel. However, the master did not want to create a new character, and began to work purposefully on the image of the mouse instead. And, fortunately, he succeeded much.

In the first improved series of short cartoons about Mickey Mouse, the main character was already talking in a thin voice.

An interesting fact is that until 1947 Mickey had been voiced by Walt Disney himself. However, later as the creator had serious problems with his voice, the mouse spoke with the voices of several actors.

All in all the cartoons with Mickey’s participation were constantly changing. In each of them, Walt Disney tried some new technique, hoping not only to improve the quality of the picture, but also to help the mouse to win the audience’s love.

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Explaining our readers the answer to the question “When is International Mickey Mouse Day 2022?” we can’t but mention the very beginning of this funny story.

Initially three old friends, whose names were Mickey, Donald and Goofy were living in a real peaceful countryside, called Happy Valley. The place had been a real heaven until it was turned into a wasteland. In what way did it all happen? – The main guilty was a giant, who stole the singing Golden Harp. As a result friends were almost dying starvation, when Mickey decided to go to the nearest market and to sell their only cow. For that money he had to buy food for himself as well as for his friends. However, instead of the required products, he purchased magic beans from one mysterious seller. To a large anger of Donald, a giant beanstalk was grown. The stem of this plant led three mates directly to the castle, where Giant Willie lived. That was the person stole a harp. The friends managed to win the giant, taking the harp, and restoring normal life in their valley. Going down the beanstalk with the precious harp, they cut off the beanstalk barely on the ground and became real heroes.

In the following years the life of this cartoon creature was filled up with a wide variety of events. However, at the same time his main goal was to win the heart of his friend Mini.

During his existence, Mickey was introduced to the public in various roles. In one of the cartoons, Mickey and Mini were even the most common mice who defended their kindred from the evil cat.

Mickey Mouse Makes His Debut at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City


When is Mickey Mouse Day in 2022, calendar will remind you. That is for sure. There are no problems and no troubles with this. The only thing you have to remember is when November 18 comes. By the way this year it will be on Saturday, and that is a perfect chance to celebrate this holiday properly.

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Unfortunately, we are not able to introduce you a special list of all the ideas available. But you are free to invent something amazing.

For example, some people like to go to the movies this day or to watch the favorite cartoons at home, having a cup of hot tasty cacao with a piece of apple pie with cinnamon.

Also it is possible to organize a thematic party and invite as many friends and relatives as it is possible. By the way don’t forget about costumes and you will get a real fun.

National Mickey Mouse Day Facts

Nowadays the opinions about the history of this world famous mouse are very different. That is the reason why answering the question “What is the date of Mickey Mouse Day 2022?” we would like to introduce you some amazing pieces of information.

Some researchers are sure that Walt Disney chose the mouse as the hero because in his hometown of Kansas, there were a lot of these rodents. Others claim that Disney was afraid of mice and that was the way to escape fears. However, it seems to be not true, as according to some information he was not only not afraid of these animals, but even had the own hand mouse.

Originally, Mickey’s name was quite different. The creator even wanted to name Mortimer Mouse. And here a very important role was played by Walt Disney’s wife. She found this name very serious and unsuitable for a little charming little creature. So, Disney and replaced the name with Mickey.

By the way, there is a very interesting fact in the image of the drawn Mickey Mouse, which has his ears always look forward, regardless of the position of the body in general and head in particular.

Often Mickey Mouse appeared either as a pianist or as a conductor. In the cartoons with the participation of this character, great importance is given to music, and here we can hear the most famous and great works of all time.


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