The main ideas proclaimed by international society today are cooperation and tolerance. It relates to a national issue, which is the primary goal in a fruitful coexistence of all nations, in suppressing any kind of aggression within any country and the planet in general. But there are reasons why itโ€™s needed to bring people belonging to any ethnic group, or a state. For example, there is a British Commonwealth of Nations, made to bring together countries, once a part of England, in other words, to strengthen the power of power. March 9, 2020, members of the union celebrate eponymous holiday Day of the Commonwealth of Nations. What is the bright backward of the holiday? When is Commonwealth Day in 2020? We will talk about this in the article.

Commonwealth Day 2018

Meaning of holiday

To promote the progress of the international community is necessary to maintain friendly relations between the countries. There are problems the solution of which is possible only with the participation of all countries of the Earth. They rank health issues, conflicts, and technologies. To create an environment conducive to good neighborly relations, many organizations operate. They are endowed with a number of powers and responsibilities. To honor such structures instituted an international holiday. The ceremony attended by diplomats, members of the Commonwealth, officials, representatives of the governments.

The core and basis of union

The community that we are talking about is the special International Union. The appearance of this union on the world stage was the reason for the creating a festive spring date that is celebrated every year. The leader of the Commonwealth is, obviously, the British monarch. Because of UK monarch possesses of the management of the organization, doesnโ€™t mean that monarch has the political power of another partners and people living on the territory of this association. Basically, the union is not related to politics. The concept of the formation such a huge international community is due to the natural desire to recreate the past crumbling Britain Empire, united under the aegis of this now independent countries ex British colonies and another territory that are part of the good old Great Britain. These republics are independent states or the monarchies. Interestingly, the states that participated in this idea, that is, become partners of the Commonwealth, become British citizens.

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Participants of the organization clarify their part in the organization use the following saying: “cooperative, free and equal participants of the Commonwealth, free to cooperating in the aspiration of peace, freedom, and development.” The following comments on this issue are superfluous.

The legal status of an international union was determined in the first half of the XX century, namely in 1931. Necessary clarifications were made 16 years later, after the Second World War. Additionally to the post of the head was created the position of the minister of affairs.

The important work also providesย  Secretariat. The politic and another interests of the monarch in this system and every state, usually, represents the governor-general, but there are cases of the signing of certain documents by the Queen.

Commonwealth States

What states are participants of the organisation? It’s far away Australia, New Zealand, sultry South Africa, Nigeria, Jamaica, Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia, exotic Seychelles and the Solomon Islands, Canada, Cyprus, Pakistan, India and many others. Of course, Britain itself is also a participant of the Commonwealth. Most of republics and monarchies are located on the African continent: exactly in here the biggest share of the British colonies was concentrated to a bygone era. For all these countries is important a day and date when is Commonwealth Day 2020 will happen.

History and Development of the Commonwealth of Nations

To answer the question what day Commonwealth Day in 2020 we need to look deep to the facts of history to look how this holiday was created.

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An international organization designed to recreate the great cooperation under the auspices of the British Empire, appeared in the late XIX century, in 1887. The announcement of the event was made at the London colonial Conference, where were addressed the relevant political issues.

In addition to creating a new organization in the discussions was issued for the granting of colonies with a high level of development of the autonomous status of quasi-state formations, in other words, the Dominions.

Commonwealth Day

The collapse of the British Empire fell exactly during the period of the Second World War it was already mentioned above. The reasons experts call mass national liberation movements in the colonies, like also financial issues of the ruling apparatus. Therefore, the international name of the organization has lost the first part the word “British”, and the association became known as the Commonwealth. This happened in 1946.

Many states have left this organisation, and others were never tried to get to it, despite the status of the former colony. However, in 1949, the Union returned to India subject to full political independence from the British monarch, already in force for two years before that. Today, participants of the Commonwealth are 53 participating countries.

What is the date of Commonwealth Day 2020? Commonwealth of Nations Day is celebrated every year the second Monday of March. So in the 2020 year, it will happen on March 9.


Exchange of greetings between the participating countries; conferences, meetings; reports on topical issues; rewarding leaders who have made significant contributions to the development of international relations; preparation of stories in the media, telling us about the structure; stories about the story of the organization, important milestones in its formation; speaking officials with solemn speeches; interviewed members of the Commonwealth; educational lectures; offer for improving the standards of State legislation.

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When is Commonwealth Day in 2020, calendar for 2018 and 2019 years? In 2017 โ€“ it was 13 March, in 2018 โ€“ 12 March, 2019- 11 March.

Interesting Facts

  • The organization includes 53 regions. Headquartered located in London.
  • There are facts suspend the participation of several members of the management for violating norms on the principles of democracy.
  • South Africa was excluded because of the implementation of apartheid politic.
  • The term “Commonwealth” was first used by the Prime Minister of Britain – Lord Roseberry. This event took place in 1884. Start the structure laid colonial conference where was pronounced the essence of new politic. The most developed of ownership have got the Dominions status.
  • The Balfour Declaration. The document recognized the equal rights of all included nations and their independence and was adopted in 1926.
  • December 11, 1931, Statute of Westminster consolidated a legal status of the Commonwealth.


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