If you like the sound of the word “pastrami” and you’re sure that nothing else tastes that amazing than a sandwich with this deliciousness then rejoice! There was an official date invented tocelebrate this culinary perfection.

When is National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day in 2020? Read on!


The modern pastrami is the descendant of the Turkic dried meat products called pastrima and basturma. In every cooking book, we’d see the dozens of the dish’s recipes that offer to make it from the various sorts of meat. Originally, the dish was made only of the beef. But it’s not known who was the first to create the delectable spicy meat as the history does not remember the name of the author.

Oftentimes, the recipes move on together with the nations and thus are spread across the world with every wave of the immigration. Today’s article’s hero is the dish that reached its popularity in the New World exactly by that way. At the last quarter of the 19th century, the Eastern Europe Jews started to collect their things and change their lodgings to the United States. The major part of then was the immigrants from Romania – the country that is notable for inventing the culinary achievement we’re talking about. The immigrants were poor and had to make food from the cheapest products. One of those foodstuffs was the back of the beef brisket as it was difficult to work with and rather fatand sinewy.

Hot Pastrami Sandwich

The history does not say much on the point of how did the Romanian Jews come to make the dish we know today but the result was amazing. The long salting, spices, smoking, and steaming turned the unattractive pieces of meat into the excellent dish. Since then, the New York’s Jewish cuisine announced it to be the traditional beefy part of the dieting. Interestingly, in Romania, the locals use the pork instead of the beef. Around that time, the way of serving the delicacy appeared: the big portion of the thinly sliced meat was placed between two slices of the bread covered with the mustard. In a while, it became the star of the city’s eateries.

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The etymology of the word itself is closely linked to the Turkic word “basturma” and the Romanian word “pastra” which mean “to preserve”. Yet all of them bear the same meaning – the dish made of the beef spiced with the red pepper.

When is International Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day 2020? We can’t wait to find out! Can you?


What does National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day mean? It means the infinite twenty-four hours of the absolute enjoyment of the meaty delicacy.

This one is the usual dish of the Jewish cuisine during the feast in the different parts of the world. The attractive name can be also noticed at the grocery stores in the row among the cold baked pork, ham, gammon, and carbonate.

The good sandwich has the ideal balance of the fat and non-fat meat. It is rather high (yet not too much) and the filling is placed in layers to make it easier to bite. Of course, to construct the sandwich is not that difficult as building the aircraft but still, it does take some expertise.

The salted and smoked meaty dishes are not only tasty but also healthy. The meat contains the big amounts of the protein and microelements such as the iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and vitamins B. No matter the quite aggressive influence of the smoking, the pastrami bears much more healthy points for us than the majority of the other fried and baked products. In particular, the consuming of the dish entails the stimulation of the digestion processes, contributes to the strengthening of the bone and muscular tissues and has an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.

Regardless of what day World Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day in 2020 occurs on, it’s totally okay to consume it a tad more frequently.

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The salted smoked neat with the texture and taste that feel like nothing else eatable – that is the pastrami. What about the sandwich? We’re sure you’ve never tried something like that so far!

The beef foodstuff is made of the whole piece of the meat, preferably the young veal. It is also known that the dish is made of the poultry’s or chicken’s breast and the pork’s collar. The delicacy is cut into the huge pieces and is served with the greens, veggies, French fry or the glass of the red dry wine.

The dish appeared not as the new culinary invention for the table of the capricious ruler but as the opportunity to preserve the meat for the long periods without the special power. Together with the salted beef, this one could be kept for the long periods in the bags of the nomads. At those far away years, it was thequestion of the family’s survival.

The most important element of the spices is the red pepper. This one has its own unique flavor and taste that distinguishes this one from its fellows. Long years ago, Columbus brought to Europe the unusual sweet fruit called the Indians red salt. The big amounts of the vitamin C contained in the pepper has an effect on the blood flowing and helps the organism. The brightly-red dish is not an often guest at the tables. The high prices of the products influence its price tag, too.

You may have thought that once done with the cooking the other steps of the process are easy. Not so! In fact, the most difficult part of the pastrami sandwiches’ is to collect one. The skillful cutters of the meat separate the eatable parts from the non-eatable which is of the silver color. They do it with the minimal number of the movements to keep the pieces in whole and so fast that you don’t manage to flicker an eyelid!

What is the date of National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day 2020? It takes place on January 14!

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Big Hot Pastrami Sandwich


There is no better way to ring in the food holiday than making the dish in honor of which the date was invented! And after a while, gathering all the persons you want to treat to your masterpiece at the table. The pastrami is the pure yumminess traditional to the many cuisines that are present in the world. Oftentimes, it is made of the beef but the pork and poultry are popular, too. We offer you to make the poultry’s pastrami today and amaze your guests with your skills!

What you will need is this four hundred grams of the chicken breasts, three pieces of the garlic, a tablespoon of the paprika and turmeric, three hundred milliliters of the milk, three spoons of the olive oil and a tad of the mace.

Put the meaty parts of the chicken in the milk for about two hours. Mix the spices, salt and the pressed garlic together with the olive oil. Cover the chicken’s parts with the mixture and leave aside for an hour. You can also put it bent in half and wrapped with the thick thread. Then let the chicken rest on the baking tray for fifteen minutes covered with the foil and send it into the oven for fifteen minutes. Then turn off the oven but do not open the door for the next two hours! The meat will be ready in a while.

The pastrami could be served with the various side dishes, salads or cut into slices and served on the bread. This is an excellent alternative for the sausages. Mark in the calendar, when is Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day in 2020, and smoke some meat on that day!

International Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day Facts

  • This is the delicious dish that is respected by every meat lover. Of course, it could be made of any part of the beef’s brisket but the real enthusiasts insist that the true pastrami is made of the navel. It is especially fat and is okay with all processes the meat goes through.


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