Cheese has long been one of the most favorite sour-milk products. In the human diet, it takes first place. This hard milk thing is pleasant to taste, for a long time it leaves a feeling of satiety and, unlike milk and other fermented milk things, is easily absorbed by the body. During the maturation process, the protein becomes completely soluble, so our body is able to absorb this product almost completely. There is a great amount of people, who know well everything, mentioned above, however, even they are not able to answer the question โ€œWhen is National Cheese Day in 2022?โ€

It is not fair. And in order to improve the situation we would like to investigate the subject closely.


Of course, we understand that is quite difficult to give the proper answer concerning the subject, what day World Cheese Day in 2022 is, without taking into consideration the historical background of this event.

It is a real pity to admit, but we havenโ€™t managed to discover any information available about this holiday establishers as well as about the reasons to spend it merrily exactly on June 4th. Perhaps, initially it was something like a successful marketing decision, which in the course of tie has become popular all around the country.

different sorts of cheese

To tell you the truth, it has occurred to be impossible to say exactly where and when the hard milk thing appeared. But it is precisely known that this wonderful product came down to us from primitive times. Most likely, it was discovered by observing the milk, which turned in heat. Archaeologists assume that people knew how to make hard milk thing already in the Neolithic (about 5000 years BC). Hence, the history is more than 7000 years old.

Many researchers believe that the heart of the hard milk item is the Middle East: Bedouins used skin bags from sheep’s stomach to transport milk, and shaking, heat and enzymes turned it into requested item.

It is also known that in the Roman Empire this meal was an integral part of feasting of patricians. This product was so valued that during the campaign in Gaul, the troops of Caesar were enriched not only with jewels, but also with cheese, which was then sold exorbitantly in Rome, because it could endure a long journey and still retain its miraculous properties.

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But especially at that time Greek dish was famous from the island of Demos, which was exported to Rome in the 1st century AD. Later, the Romans had their own varieties, for example, the moon. This food was so delicious that the Roman, describing the lady of the heart, compared it with the taste of this product. It is known that the philosopher of antiquity Zarathustra, having retired to the desert for quiet pursuits of philosophy, ate almost the same cheese for 20 years.


What does National Cheese Day mean? Are you kidding asking us the questions like that? Oh, please, donโ€™t do it, because we donโ€™t know how to give the answers the matters, which are considered to be personal and individual.

You see, we shouldnโ€™t dedicate you what holidays should be celebrated and which ones canโ€™t be forgotten without any problems and consequences.


Trying to give the answer to the set above question โ€œWhen is International Cheese Day 2022?โ€, we would like to mention that the heyday of it was in the Middle Ages, when monks paid attention to this amazing thing. Thanks to them, the variety has grown enormously. They came up with a salting, smoking, flavoring spices and planting noble mold on it.

It’s hard to say what inspired the servants of the Lord to make it: perhaps they had nothing to do themselves in anticipation of the moment of wine ripening, or maybe they were looking for a product that would be best combined with wine, but, in one way or another, it is the monks who had the honor of creating the most part of the currently known varieties of this milk thing. Moreover, it is commonly believed that it was from the Middle Ages that the words “cheese” and “wine” became inseparable.

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It is a real pity to admit but there were difficult times in the history of this dish. For example, it is difficult to believe that during the Renaissance, it was declared as harmful. That was a very unfortunate misconception of scientists and doctors of that period. But the myth of the harmfulness of it lasted for long. Already in the XVIII century it was fully justified, and after a few decades the industrial production began. The first people, who started producing huge circles were the Dutch. And already since the XIV century and until now this product is one of the important items of the country’s income.


When is Cheese Day in 2022 calendar will inform you without any problems, so, please, donโ€™t worry. The only matter you have to keep in mind is when June 4th comes. But the way it will happen on Monday, and this simultaneously means that you shouldnโ€™t forget about this moment after the weekend. Sometimes it seems to be impossible, doesnโ€™t it?

Unfortunately, there are no any definite rules for you to celebrate this special occasion, but this is not a reason to become upset. You see, you can always invent or create something amazing for yourself or for the whole family either.

What about an interesting party? โ€“ You can invite a lot of close people, ask them to bring various sorts of cheese and organize a huge tasting. Choose the best kind of this product and then eat it with wine or coffee.

cheese and wine

International Cheese Day Facts

So, well, you have already got the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Cheese Day 2022?โ€ sounds like โ€œOn June 4thโ€, but this information is not enough for those people, who are going to investigate this matter in details.

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That is why we want to explain you something interesting.

It is believed that it should be eaten separately from all other foods. However, many people traditionally use it for making sandwiches. For an adult, the recommended daily serving is 100 grams. In this volume, the daily amount of calcium is contained. The element, as is known, strengthens bone tissue, protects teeth from destruction.

Especially calcium is necessary in pregnancy, when the female body requires a large number of vitamins and minerals for the formation of the fetus. A future mother in this period should give preference to the usual varieties.

For daily consumption, nutritionists recommend choosing low-fat species, for example, mozzarella. It is considered to be the most useful cheese, since it strengthens the immune system and eliminates digestive problems.

This product is a heavy product for the child’s body. In addition, it often causes allergies. Therefore, do not rush to involve cheese into your baby’s diet. The optimal age is after two years. Begin with a minimum portion, not more than five grams. And then, it should be served as an additive to the main course. For example, grated cheese can be sprinkled with pasta. If the child’s organism reacts calmly to a new product, then the portion can be gradually increased.

In some cases, it can be harmful to health. In particular, a lot of it is not allowed to people suffering from excess weight. Due to its calorie content, this product can cause weight gain. It is also not recommended for humans with problems of the gastrointestinal tract, hypertension, atherosclerosis, kidney and liver diseases.


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