Have you ever wanted to be the owner of the uncontrollable and infinite source of power that would give you the opportunity to rule the destinies of this world? Then, there is a date in the calendar that probably will help you clarify your desire of power.

When is National Play God Day in 2020? Youโ€™re just about to find out!


The idolization of a human wasnโ€™t alien to the mankind. For example, look at the era of the pharaohs.

Nothing speaks so loud for the ancient history of Egypt as the deification of its rulers who were believed to be the highest bearer of the power and the sons of the Ra. The faith in the pharaohsโ€™ relationship to God made them the living Gods themselves and dominated since the very beginning of Egypt and until the victory of the Christianity. The pharaoh performed the most important religious rituals, founded the temples, was only human who was allowed to enter the sanctuary and make the sacrifice to his father. The sacred ceremonial, such as the falling on the stomach in front of the ruler, kissing of the ground underneath his feet, ban on saying his name out loud, expressed and supported the faith in the divine origin of the pharaoh.

Playing God

The same can be applied to Alexander the Great. He idolized Achilles and worshipped Heracles. He lived in the world of the gods and heroes. It is known that once Alexander spoke to the oracle and found the key for his achievements โ€“ he was half man and half God who is destined to serve a great mission of uniting the nations. The word suffered from the wars, famine, and enmity but Alexander was to remove all boundaries that set it apart and to stop the conflicts. He would be the one and only ruler of the united humanity. Partly, it did happen that way.

So, the idolization of a man has been around since the origin of the human. We donโ€™t know who is the creator of the holiday, in honor of which we ask today โ€“ when is International Play God Day 2020? But we do know that the date has a slightly different meaning than it might seem at the first sight.

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What does Play God Day mean? In fact, it means being God with a purpose of helping the people around you.

We extend the hand to others due to the various reasons and in the various ways. Some of us do so because they canโ€™t help coming to oneโ€™s aid. The others do so because they want to pay a debt to the Universe and pass the positive energy of the planet. Sometimes, we help because we want to think of ourselves in a good way. We have the needs of boosting up our mood, feeling noble, being sure that someone needs us. Interestingly, when we support someone, we get the real benefits for our health.

  • First, we prolong our life. Yes, the voluntary help can add a couple of years. In this way, the mortality could be reduced by 22%. How many times should you lend a helping hand to live a bit more than youโ€™re destined to? Some researches show that a hundred hours in a year would reduce the risk of death by almost 30%! What you should remember is that the help is ought to be systematic.
  • Second, it improves the mood. The noble actions have an effect on the secretion of the dopamine, which is an important neuromodulator. The scientists learned that five small acts of kindness in a week are enough for feeling better. The single act of help doesnโ€™t have that much of the effect. On top of that, the positive aftermaths of this act are quick to evaporate. Thatโ€™s why the more frequent we help the more benefits we get.
  • Third, it means more communication. It contributes to our list of the contacts and the search of the soulmates. Itisanimportantbenefitforthehealth, indeed. The loneliness, together with the smoking cigarettes, influences on the problems with the blood pressure and increases the risks of the heart attacksand strokes.
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Regardless of what day Play God Day in 2020 falls on, always remember of the positive aftermaths of the act of kindness!

Fourth, it is about the lower blood pressure. The researches prove thatthe people who are above 50 years old and who help for no less than 200 hours in a year are 40% less prone to arterial hypertension.

Finally, the help to others means less pain. If you have a chronic disease, the discomfort could be eased. Just help the people around who suffer the same illness. Supporting the others morally, we improve our own well-being. By the way, the act of help does not equal to the dropping of the coins in the box of the homeless. The most important point is your personal โ€“ physical โ€“ participation.


So, imagine that you are bestowed with the opportunity to be in the skin of God. Howwouldthatfell? Youโ€™reallowedtodoeverything. You can do everything. There are no boundaries and no problems.

In fact, the answers of people would be so different. For example, one would want to make everyone of eighteen years old again and make them tell the truth only. Another would make themselves rich and healthy and turn back all relatives who passed away.

The pessimists would answer like โ€œI would walk on water, change the weather but wouldnโ€™t touch the people as they would still make me guiltyโ€. The altruists would make the children free of the pain and diseases; stop the wars and give chance to live in peace; give everyone the wisdom, intellect, and the aspiration to live peacefully.

The environment-lovers would diverse the flora and fauna by reviving the extinct animals and plants and influence the people to stop fighting and struggling against each other, being evil, stealing, and instead, delve into the science. Of course, they would abolish the eating of meat and make people feed themselves on the plants.

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Drawing the Earth

What is the date of Play God Day 2020? It happens on January 9th.

The dreamers would destroy the death โ€“ the human would just live until their destined end and then go to the myriads of the sparkling pieces, without pain and fear. Or, there would be the immortal man who cures people with a touch of their hand and the woman who sees whether the accused is guilty or not.

The one would make the Earth a single country. Then, there wouldnโ€™t be the need in the army and we wouldnโ€™t have to waste our time on the defense. And we would finally be able to destroy all weapons on this planet that weโ€™ve saved up because of the feeling of the enmity.

And if somewhere the one would come up with the thought of making the weapon, then this weapon would turn into the bread in a moment which goes for the saving of the starving children. What a happiness this would bring, wouldnโ€™t it?


Be rich not only in the finance but also in the soul. All that is needed for help is just the desire. The one who thinks that the help is in the money, they are totally wrong. It is in the love, understanding, and sympathy.

It doesnโ€™t have to be material. Sometimes, people need just the comfort, advice, or clue. The world that our children would live in is formed right now, with your help. Everyone can find a couple of hours in a month to think of someone else. Everyone would find some unnecessary things or wear that would savesomeone else.

All little acts of kindness make up the tomorrow โ€“ bright and hopeful. No one became poorer by helping others!

National Play God Day Facts

  • Some people connect the holiday with the ever-popular movie called Bruce Almighty.

Mark in the calendar, when is Play God Day in 2020, and donโ€™t remember to be good and kind towards the others!


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