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When is Maryland Day 2018

There are 50 states in America. Everyone knows the main ones (like Arizona, Alaska, California, Colorado and so on), but does anyone know Maryland – a state resided near Atlantic Ocean? And of course, this government has its own feast – Maryland Day. So, when is Maryland Day in 2018? It is on the 25th of March.


It all began in the 1634. On the 25th of March first English colonists went ashore this land. This happened on the Saint Clement’s island at the mouth of the Potomac River. In gratitude for a safe journey Jesuit Andrew White attended the first-ever North American Catholic worship. Advent checked with Annunciation – that’s why frontiersmen decided to name their settlement Maryland in honor of the Virgin Mary.

Maryland Day 2018

Historical architectural objects are located in the historical center of the city of the Saint Mary in the same name county in the first colonial metropolis province and the terrain of the some few countries. Some colonial cities are still here, though, in the form of reconstructed. And in the first national tourism house (part-historic agentsy) operations management is still performed, as well as providing information about the interpretation of all engaged folk. It was here that the first time people spent the first general Assambly sessions of the state Maryland. And it happened more than 375 years ago.

In those days the holiday has its origin. Now it is rejoicing for more than one centenary. So what day is Maryland Day in 2018? It is on the 25th of March.

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Maryland Day is not very popular celebration. Rather, it is a memorable date.

Maryland Day

Well, there are not any special traditions, but generally accepted ones exist. Let’s call to remembrance:

  • Family dinner. Often families make special dinners, and then sit together around table, talk with each other, say some rouses and felicitate other participants of the tableful.
  • Frequently people arrange some fireworks. In the evening owners of the house and guests go outside to look at these fascinating spectacles which can be made by neighbors or by the hosts themselves.
  • City entertainments. Musical, educational and recreational platforms are open all day long. Adults with their children can take part in a few competitions or just listen to good songs.

All of these gratefulnesses are available during the feast. So do not remember when Maryland Day is in 2018 (March 25th).


  • Before the arrival of British settlers on the east coast of North America, Giovanni da Verrazano at the head of the French expedition has already visited this territory in 1524. And in 1526, the Chesapeake Bay Spaniards arrived.
  • The first law in the United States of America was accepted at the legislative assembly of the colony in 1649. It proclaimed freedom of religion and operates to this day. It called the Maryland Toleration Act.
  • April 28, 1788 Maryland was declared as the seventh US state. In 1791, the state authorities have allocated land to the federal government to create a metropolitan area of Columbia and the city of Washington.

These and a lot more interesting facts about the state of the “Atlantic land” tourist can learn in the historic agency in the Saint Mary City during his visit to this wonderful place. But the best time to visit is in the end of March – on the memorable day of this state. Please, do not forget what the date of Maryland Day is in 2018. But there is a jotting – on the 25th of March.

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When is Maryland Day in 2018, calendar

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