When is National Scrabble Day in 2020? – We are almost sure that the most part of our readers will be rather surprised to find out about this holiday existence in the contemporary calendar. Well, many of us have already heard about this game or even played it in their companies, but the holiday is a real discovery, isn’t it? Well, today we are going to investigate the matter in details, as we thing that this April 13th deserves promotion.


Talking about the question what day World Scrabble Day in 2020 is we certainly want to demonstrate our readers as many facts devoted to this theme as it is possible. And as a rule, all the matters about the historical background of the event are of great demand.

Unfortunately, under these conditions we can’t tell you as much as we would like to. There haven’t much pieces of information about this game.

The general idea of this leisure activity is to use the letters in order to make up words. This is a classic family game for several players. It was introduced by famous architect Alfred Mosher Butts in 1948. The incredible thing is that for more than half a century, Scrabble has withstood many reprints and still remains popular.



What does National Scrabble Day mean? This question sounds pretty easy. However, not everybody can answer it in a proper way. You see, in the world there have been many those, who have never played it.

You see this leisure activity can be interesting for everybody and the whole family can be involved: moms, dads, grandparents and children. The average amount of participants is from 2 persons and up to 4 people. The specialists propose to start playing from the age of 10 years old; however, some children are ready to do it even earlier. And you have to find up to 90 minutes for game, the aim of which is to involve as many items as it is possible and to obtain the high score.


Investigating the direction “When is International Scrabble Day 2020?” we are going to represent you the advantages of this kind of leisure activity.

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In general, in accordance with some specialists’ points of view, game is believed to be among the most useful tools to ensure that the relationships in the definite circle are close and fresh ones. Playing Scrabble will bring you a lot of joy, liveliness and flexibility in all kinds of relationships. The game is also able to heal grievances, various disagreements as well as soul wounds. Doing this regularly, we learn effectively to trust each other as well as to feel safe. The feeling of trust opens the way for us to cooperate, to open up the minds and to try some unusual or quite new things. When we are making any conscious effort, including at the same time more humor positions and games in everyday communication, we are improving the quality of our relationships in all spheres of our life.

The game helps to develop and to improve the existing social skills, which are acquired during the game. Children and adults discover the methods of verbal communication, the bases of body language, the importance of cooperation and the peculiar features of teamwork.

The game teaches to cooperate with the other representatives of the contemporary society. The game is thought to be a strong catalyst for positive way of socialization. With its help we learn how to to stay together, to keep mutual agreements on rules and to socialize in a group. From the psychological point of view, we can go on to use the obtained methods to break down the existing barriers and as a result to improve relationships with other people around.

It heals emotional wounds. Playing together, we engage in the same behavioral patterns that once shaped the baby’s brain in a positive way. The same playful behavior patterns that determined the emotional health of the child also lead to positive ways of changes in adults’ minds. If a person who does not feel emotional security playing with a person who feels to be such, for example, then this will help to replace negative beliefs and behaviors with positive ones.

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When is Scrabble Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you and this is not a problem indeed. The special occasion has a constant date, which is always fixed. It simultaneously means that you can be involved into the participation on April 14th annually.

As you perhaps understand there are no particular rulers, telling how to celebrate the holiday properly. It is only up to you to decide, but we want to give you some recommendations. – Devote this day to this terrific activity and you will never regret about it. Would you like to be an absolute champion? – Follow our recommendations then:

  • It is clear that at the beginning of the game and in the final (especially when you lose) you dream to use all seven chips and earn bonus points that will allow you to crush your opponent. But if you are already winning with a serious margin, it is better to defend: block or use in any way those cells that double and triple the number of points received for words.
  • The most valuable letters for you are not necessarily those whose face value is higher. It is from the “cheap” vowels and consonants that winning options are born when you use all the letters in one move. And what about the expensive ones? Get rid of them as quickly as possible: they are difficult to use in long, tipping words.
  • It is not known what letters you will get during the game, but always try to maintain a balance between vowels and consonants. And do not forget that you can not only come up with new words, but also expand already laid out on the field. Keep in your head consoles and suffixes.
  • Do not dwell on long words that many people associate with a victory. A big word does not always bring a lot of points, but it opens up an opponent for creativeness and the ability to use bonus cells. Short words (especially if you use “expensive” letters) give no less points and seriously complicate the opponents’ life.
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The whole family can be involved and as a result you will get a pleasant evening together. By the way, don’t forget to prepare your favorite drinks and snacks.

Scrabble playing

International Scrabble Day Facts

Talking about the question “What is the date of National Scrabble Day in 2020?” we are really happy to represent you something amazing concerning this direction. And today we are going to remind you the main rules of this popular game.

Initially all chips are put into the bag. Each player receives a stand and pulls out of the bag 7 chips. There should always be 7 chips on hand. Next, the chips are installed on the stand, so that other players could not see them.

In his/her turn, the first player puts the first word. It should cross the yellow cell in the center of the field.

For laid out words, players get points: add numbers on chips and bonus cells. Bonuses for individual letters are calculated before total points per word. If a player can lay out a word from all 7 chips in one move, he/she will receive an additional 50 points. You can post new words and change ready ones by adding letters horizontally and vertically. If you add new letters to the word ready and make a new word, then only common letters are counted.

If a player cannot lay out a word, he/she can do the following:

  • skip a turn;
  • replace any number of chips on the stand with chips from the bag and try again to lay out the word.

As a rule, the game ends when

  • there are no more chips in the bag;
  • no more words can be put on the table;
  • everyone folded twice

At the end of the turn, the player picks up the missing pieces and passes the turn to the next player. For the remaining chips on the stand, players lose points. The player, who got rid of all his chips, adds to his/her points penalty points of other players.

The winner is the player with the most points.


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