It is a well-known fact that the United States of America include 50 states. Each of them joined other at a particular time one by one, but not all together. Each time, when next state became a part of the USA it was a significant event for the country and in particular โ€“ for the state itself. Signing the agreement, the state became competent part of the huge country. At the same time, it has its own level of freedom and rights. Also, every state has a tradition to celebrate the day of entering the USA and making a holiday. In this article, we would like to talk about one of these states and its holiday โ€“ Kansas. Letโ€™s speak about this day closer and find out, when is Kansas Day 2021.

Kansas Day

The history of the holiday

So, as we have already mentioned, this holiday is celebrated after Kansas became a part of the United States. It happened more than 200 years ago โ€“ in 1861. Also, it is an interesting fact โ€“ Kansas was the 34th state, which joined other states. Particularly from this year, people made the day a holiday and since then they celebrate it once a year. Actually, it is not treated like a public holiday that is why people do not have a day off work and students visit schools and universities too.ย  But together with it different entertaining programs and events are held around the state.

So, as Kansas joined the Union in January on 29th, it is not difficult to count, what day Kansas Day in 2021 is. The date is the same throughout the history of this holiday and has never changed. It can be compared to the birthday of the state and is very important for its citizens.

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Holiday celebrations

Actually, this holiday differs from usual celebrations with dozens of entertainments. Mostly this day is dedicated to the celebrating the cityโ€™s birthday, pride for this place and revising its history and crucial events. Certainly, it is a good chance for a young generation to know something new, which they havenโ€™t heard before.

So, to this day people have an opportunity to visit History Museum of Kansas, State Capitol, Constitutional Hall and other activities, which are organized for the citizens. Also, at schools, special classes are made, where students are able to learn some new facts about their native city.

So, all in all, this day is spent really interesting โ€“ it is not like a history lesson โ€“ boring and not interesting for many people, but at the same time very informative and useful for a person of any age. Though it is not a state holiday and people need to go to work or studies, it doesnโ€™t bother them to take part in all these entertainments. By the way, many tourists also visit this holiday every year. That is why, if you know, what is the date of Kansas Day 2021, you can also take part in the celebrations.

A special place to visit not for tourists only is State Capitol in Topeka. It is a gorgeously looking building, which has been constructed and built for more than 30 years and survived till nowadays. Only recently reconstruction has been finished. It is one of the buildings, which is worth seeing.

So, if you are still not sure, when is Kansas Day in 2021, the calendar will help you to check this information. It is a good chance to check your knowledge about the world and learn something new and interesting.


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