When is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in 2021? – This question may seem to be rather easy for those people, who are interested in American history or World War II situation in general.

This very date’s celebrated every year on 12/7. We should mention that the date’s considered to be fixed, as it represents a moment of the severe and really sudden aggression on American territory 1941, just in the first war half. On that tragic moment hundreds of American heroes were killed or wounded. Taking into account all the information mentioned above, no matter that the tragic situation has been remembered by Americans and this date has been entered the US history.

Franklin Roosevelt, the famous American President, once called December 7 as a terrible shock and a silent day of national shame. In some years a special decree of President Barack Obama proclaimed this day to be National Remembrance Day. We should also mention that this tragedy led to a huge change in US foreign policy. Before it, the country had been more or less an isolationist, and the government understood that it was a really high time to start an active involving into the war.

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Hawaiian operation as a basis

The attack occurred just after the US imposed the embargo on oil supplies to Japan, freezing at the same time Japanese assets and the migration.

It was a famous Hawaiian operation. The result 4 battleships, a cruiser, 2 destroyers, some auxiliary vessels and 188 airplanes were completely destroyed. We shouldn’t also forget about 4 battleships, 3 light cruisers, a destroyer, two support vessels and more than 100 aircraft that were damaged.

American losses were more than 3.5 thousand people. Japan lost 29 aircraft as well as six submarines completely, more than 70 aircraft were damaged. The human losses were not so huge: 64 people were killed and a person was captured.

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Terrible historical events

We have already discovered what day Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day will be. – On 12/7, of course. The famous and rather powerful at that very moment Imperial Navy of Japan Navy planes attacked the famous and rather strong US military base at the place mentioned above, which’s arranged in Hawaii. At that sudden and massive intervention the USA lost nearly 2,500 soldiers, and 1,100 were terribly injured.

It is quite interesting to mention, that a few hours after the severe attack, not US but Canada was the first country of the Western side that declared the war to Japan. And only the next day the US followed.

Because of the attack, and especially because of the sudden nature, the common public points of view were changed dramatically in the USA.

Japanese hoped to restrict the US influence in the Pacific Ocean. However, it was nothing but a huge mistake, because the events on the contrary led to the forming of other position.  During some months following the attack, people had been still in shock and the slogan sounded “Remember Pearl Harbor” could be seen almost everywhere. All known radio stations broadcast a great amount of thematic songs.

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By the way, in World War II the USA lost more than about 400 thousand people. So it isn’t  a surprise that the citizens of the country remember and think about the date, when is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in 2021, calendar is mostly unnecessary in this situation.

The US thematic monuments

There are many monuments and statues, which were built as a symbol and a those tragedy memory. For instance, USS Arizona is represented by a terrific marble and so unforgettable memorial, created over the sunken battleship called “Arizona” that has not been raised out of the water yet. The monument was assembled in 1962 by world famous architect Alfred Price from Honolulu. The composition was placed just at the area of a detention camp. By the way there is a special tradition to visit the memorial of flooded “Arizona” by every American President. Also we can’t but mention that the place was also attended by the famous Japanese Emperors: current Akihito and former Hirohito.

Another symbolic monument is represented by a impressive battleship “Utah”, which was attacked suddenly and sunk as a result in Pearl Harbor. By the way, not everybody know that this terrific and so massive and exciting memorial of famous  “Utah” brave crew was created to memorize the situation on the shore, arranged in the northwest.

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Memorable date today

The former American President Barack Obama established every 12/7 as an important day, when the citizens could think about the people, who became the victims. According to the government decision, this day was also given a status of a national holiday. That’s the reason everybody knows when is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2021. It has become a tradition.

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Also, according to the presidential decree, this day the state flag has to be at half-mast position, of course. This is done in honor of every person, who tragically died during the huge attack on American military base.

But that isn’t everything, in addition to government agencies, many private associations are involved in activities related to the tragedy. – Various special services of memory are organized not only in the so popular in the country USS Аrizona Memorial. As in many other holidays organized in honor of the fallen soldiers the local people carry out numerous wreath laying procedures. Survivors remember events from that day and talk about them in public. Most schools devote individual classes just for this theme.

On the tragedy scale, the attack on Pearl Harbor is comparable, perhaps, only with the events of 11 September. A complete surprise, the shock of what people saw and felt, as well as a great number of victims as a result will be remembered for a long time by the whole world, not only by the American inhabitants. For Americans, in particular, these events have not only social background but also a special political significance. That is the explanation why the day of Pearl Harbor is so important and why the answer to the question “What is the date of Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2021?” won’t be forgotten. As the former President Barack Obama mentioned in his decree, this tragedy is still not remembered and remains at the heart of every American.


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