When is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on 2020? Could you answer? It is a real pity, but we are almost sure, that the wide and proper reply to this matter can be given only the specialists, perhaps. It means by people, who are dealing with this delicacy, for example, producing it or promoting in the market, but, unfortunately, not by people, that canโ€™t imagine their day without this yummy.

And in order to eliminate this unfairness we have decided to investigate the matter in details.


Certainly, it would be rather difficult to discover the set question about what day World Chocolate Chip Cookie Day in 2020 is, without taking into our attention the amazing historical background of this event appearance.

Of course, we donโ€™t want to upset you much, but, frankly speaking, it has been almost impossible to find a lot of plain facts as to this day. And there has been no information as to its clever establishers, so we canโ€™t explain you why this holiday is celebrated exactly on August 4th annually. However, there is a special point of view that initially the days like this are organized commercially in order to promote the certain product and to get as much money as it is possible. Perhaps, in this very case the situation was more or less the same.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

However, believe you or not, but the original recipe of this product is more than 75 years old now. And initially it was invented really occasionally. The history of its appearance is amazing in fact. In the American state of Massachusetts there was a small but rather cozy inn, called โ€œToll Houseโ€. That place belonged to a sweet couple of Ruth Wakefield and her beloved husband. They used to give the cheap accommodation travelers, who needed only comfortable sleep at night and some plain food in addition. There was no other staff in that hotel, except the pair. They cooked and served the meal themselves.

Trying to improve another recipe, the lady added the pieces of Nestleย  to her cookies. She was sure that they will melt under the influence of the temperature. But in fact the new cookery celebrity appeared.

Ruth gave them name in honor of her inn and was really happy and pleased when the recipe of her dish was published in the local magazine in Boston. It was a miracle for the modest owners of tiny road hotel.

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What does National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day mean? Well, it seems like you should answer this question without our help. Why are we so sure about it? – You see, we are not able to make a decision whether you should celebrate this occasion or not. Among the representatives of the contemporary society there are a lot of those, who hate sweets or are on a constant diet that is why they donโ€™t need to celebrate this day.

Moreover, you wonโ€™t find any strict instructions for this cookies preparation. Even the nuts (any kind of them) are optional.

The creator herself used to give the approximate recipe as well in 1939. Ruth was sure that you could get whatever you had at home. The only thing you should mind is to break the bar into small pieces, as this will give your bakery more pleasant and saturated taste and favor.


Well, you have already known that the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Chocolate Chip Cookie Day 2020?โ€ sound rather simply and without any odd verbosity. โ€“ On August 4th. But we would also like to give you some additional information to make your holiday even more unforgettable.

Cookies with pieces are usually baked from a short pastry. This dish is especially appreciated among children, whom parents forbid eating a lot of sweets in general and chocolate in particular.

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All in all to prepare these cookies you wonโ€™t need either much time or skills. The process is easy, quick and even interesting. Try it and in half an hour you will have a delicious homemade cookie on your table. As a rule, the pile of this yummy disappears rather quickly.

For baking you can take any kind of chocolate you like from the darkest to white one. But there is one small secret which yummy to choose. โ€“ You see, the more cocoa butter your bar has, the better it will melt when baked and dissolve in the dough. So if you want to have chocolate chips in the finished cookies, and at the same time, melted component, which will give the extra flavor and softness, take two kinds of chocolate.

Component can be broken not only into pieces, but grate or chop with a knife. The size of the pieces of chocolate depends also on the size of the cookie. For small items it is recommended to grate it or to use a sharp knife.


When is Chocolate Chip Cookie Day in 2020, calendar usually informs any person, who wants to be involved into this special occasion. Are you among these guys and ladies? Well, ok. But do you know how to spend the event in an unforgettable way?

Now we will upset those, who are looking for the list of traditions, customs and rules, given in this article. The matter is that we are not going to share them. Why? โ€“ Frankly speaking, the explanation for our behavior is quite simple indeed. โ€“ There are no any of them.

But, please, donโ€™t worry, as you can always invent something really special for yourself.

Of course, the best way to spend this holiday is to prepare this dish at home or at least, purchase this kind of cookies in the local bakery and to taste them with milk or a cup of hot cacao with cinnamon.

Chocolate Chip Cookie with milk

By the way have you ever tried to find the recipe Chocolate Chip Cookie Day in Google? โ€“ The amount results are really terrific and impressive, as there are more than 2 millions of them. And each author is sure that his/her one is the best.

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So, on August 4th you have no choice. โ€“ This type of delicacy is obligatory in your daily menu. You can eat it alone at home or at work, or to organize a noisy party as well. In this situation both ways are really appropriate. If the weather is warm and pleasant, have a small picnic in the open air, if bad, just sit in front of the fire place and relax, reading, watching movie, thinking or playing any board games, which are so popular nowadays.

International Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Facts

So, August 4th is a typical answer to the set above question โ€œWhat is the date of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day?โ€ and you have already known this from the article.

But now we are going to give some recommendations for those hardworking people, who are planning to prepare this tasty and rather popular dish at home, organizing a real party or a cozy family gathering afterwards.

By the way, nowadays in the modern shops you can find special chocolate chips or ingredient for baking. It can be called in different ways indeed, but at the same time the essence is the same. These are small specially processed pieces of chocolate that do not melt when baked. In the typical recipes of the American chip cookies, they use just such chips.

Often the recipes of cookies with pieces of chocolate contain brown and white sugar. First of all we would like to mention, that brown sugar is less sweet. Secondly, this sugar gives an extra caramel flavor and a taste of the bakery. If there is no brown sugarat home, safely replace it with plain white one.The amount of sugar can also be adjusted depending on your own taste. You can add less if you seem that its amount in the instructions is too much.


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