Even those, who adore watching cartoons, are usually not able to answer the question โ€œWhen is Garfield The Cat Day in 2022?โ€ immediately. They will need time to think, but only a few will give you a proper piece of information in a few minutes. Why? โ€“ The matter is that this day is not considered to be an official or public holiday, which simultaneously means that we have to go to work or to study then as usual. But the popularity of this animated character is really huge and it really deserves to have its own day in the contemporary calendar.ย  That is why letโ€™s discuss in details.


When is Garfield The Cat Day in 2022, calendar will tell you without problem, but it is also rather interesting to know the historical background of this event. As you understand, of course, the history of this cartoon hero canโ€™t be very long. According to its fiction biography, a funny little red kitten was born just on June 19 almost 40 years ago, in 1978. It happened on the kitchen of the Italian restaurant belonged to Mamma Leoni. Being a small cat, he managed to develop a quite new taste for lasagna that became his favorite food in the course of time. From the early age, this animal had had a great appetite and that was the reason why his owner had to make a difficult choice between her business and a pet. As a result the lady gave preference to restaurant and the kitten was taken into the specialized shop, from where it was adopted by Jon Arbuckle.

Garfield The Cat Day

Frankly speaking, Garfield is not a convenient home as it causes the troubles and mischief in almost every episode of the film.

The wide audience knew about this cat after the mass cartoon screening. The animated film was translated into many languages and that is why Garfield The Cat Day may be celebrated in many corners of the contemporary world.

Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to find the actual creator of this funny event. Perhaps it was nothing but a spontaneous decision.

But according to the statistics data, in 2013 Garfield got a place in the famous and rather honorable Guinness Record Book, as the most popular title protagonist from the comics. The specialists counted that it appeared in different newspapers, magazines and advertisement more than 2580 times.ย  Frankly speaking, it is an absolute record!

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What does Garfield The Cat Day mean? As a rule, Garfield means a saturated red cat covered with dark black stripes. Its ears are rather small and funny and the tail is relatively long. The eyes are usually black, but sometimes you can meet this animated cartoon character with green eyes. It is unknown why it is so.

In the contemporary world the owners of red cat often choose โ€œGarfieldโ€ as the name for their pet.

By the way not everybody knows that Garfield isn’t the only popular and beloved character in this cartoon series, who was named after the creators’ relatives. The brother of John Arbuckle the close friend of Garfield’s friend, has been called Doc Boy. This nick has been chosen in honor of the animator’s brother, whose name was Dave “Doc” Davis. But despite the rather close-minded cartoon gentleman, in reality Dave Davis is not stupid at all.

Cartoon animator John Arbuckle, Garfield’s close friend, was born on July 28, 1950, and his creator – in 1945. Despite the age of 60 years old, John looks well, doesn’t he?



Having knowing the answer to the question โ€œWhen is Garfield The Cat Day 2022?โ€, we should also remember that the nickname “Garfield” was given to a cat not in honor of one of the presidents of the United States, as many people think, but because of the animator’s grandfather. In his interview Jim Davis, the person, who created the character, had a grandfather, whose full name was James Garfield Davis. It happens that the pet inherited not only the name from that old person, but also some features of character, such as, for example, stinginess and caution.

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Why the cat? It is known that at the time when Jim Davis was growing up, there was a large number of comics involving dogs – Marmaduke, Snoopy and Belvedere and others. Cats in this area were not represented, although in that life constantly surrounded the young future multiplier. It became know, that at the ranch it was at least three dozen fluffy clawed creatures, each of which had its own character and habits. That is not surprisingly, that cat was among the main characters in Jim’s first works.

Why does Garfield adore lasagna? – Because he was born in an Italian restaurant with the name Mama Leoni. At birth he weighed much more than a half kilogram of this dish. But the small kitten ate so much that there left nothing for the restaurant customers. This behavior forced the surprised owner to sell Garfield to the nearest pet store.

Despite the obvious gluttony, Garfield does not eat everything, he sees! For example, he doesn’t stand the taste of grapefruits, raisins, snails, cupcakes and most vegetables.


It is a pity, but a lot of modern people donโ€™t know how to celebrate this day, even if they remember what day Garfield The Cat Day in 2022 is. Frankly speaking, there are no any special traditions and rules of this special occasion. But you shouldnโ€™t worry. โ€“ Just invent your own ones.

For example, celebrating Garfield The Cat Day, dress up like your favorite hero. Some people prefer to organize a costume day at work. Propose your colleagues to wear something with this character. Modern fashion production has a great choice of T-shirts, dresses, shorts, trainers and skirts with Garfield. It means you are always able to get something really special for yourself.

Garfield The Cat Day

There are people, who prefer to donate definite sums of money to local charity organizations, dealing with cats or any pets in general this day.

Nowadays the different competitions for children are organized. For instance, you can test out their artistic skills. For example, ask them to draw Garfield or some episodes from this favorite animated cartoon.

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Fortunately, on June 19 the weather is usually warm and sunny. That is why you can organize a picnic for the whole family. You can eat a lot of food just at the open air. You see, it is a perfect opportunity to relax and to enjoy in an unusual way. So why should we miss a chance?

If it is cold or rainy outside, donโ€™t worry! Just watch the favorite series of this amazing cartoon.

Also we canโ€™t but mention that on June 19 some ladies prefer to try new recipes, preparing Garfieldโ€™s favorite dish lasagna.

Garfield The Cat Day Facts

Of course, it is interesting to get the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of Garfield The Cat Day 2022?โ€ but this animated film has a great number of other amazing facts.

Before Garfield there was another character called Gnorm. In fact, it was a mosquito, and he was the first character whom Davis drew. It was not widely spread, as the story of the Gnorm mosquito was published only in a small newspaper in Pendleton, Indiana. Gnorm turned out to be a funny and interesting character, but in all the editions Davis tried to publish “mosquito” stories, he received a refusal with a statement like “Nobody wants to watch comics about some heinous insects!”

Garfield adores doing three main things: doing nothing, kicking the dog and eating lasagna.

As the comic strip Garfield firstly appeared on the newspaper pages in 1978 and up to the present moment it is considered to be among the most common comics on the planet – it is read by 263,000,000 people daily. Jim Davis characterizes Garfield as “a man in the guise of a cat.” In fact, there is a lot of human in this cat. And frankly speaking, we adore him for these characteristic features. – You see, laziness, Mondays and work hating, eating, sleeping and watching TV appreciation. By the way, like many people, Garfield has rather high opinion of himself. But in fact under his selfish nature we can see a cat who loves his bear Teddy, who protects a small friend – a puppy of Oddi, and immensely devoted to his master John.


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