The world we are living in is very complicated. Sometimes life event pushes us to think it is not worth to live in suck a cruel and unfair environment. People have a lot of enemies which poison human beings’ life. They are wars, illnesses, violence and others. Despite, there is one mysterious disease taking annually millions –  which is cancer. Nobody can explain its origins and reasons why it became spread in the world around. It is really important to raise people awareness about it and one must memorize when is National Cancer Survivors Day in 2022 and not to miss the opportunity to celebrate it.

Nevertheless, the truth stays obvious – the sickness is the biggest and the most important world evil. Many women and men are touching it, thousands die every year. It is true that cancer is «the black plague» of the modern society. The most surprising are that this disease does not hurt you when appearing; it damages very softly, it is killing you every day and many people do not even figure out of it.

The awareness of the malady scale made the Americans to create a whole celebration day that is NCSD. This holiday aims to respect all who did not survive after the disease, their families, and friends but especially those people who could live after a sinister verdict. Day wants to remind that life really exist and may continue even you have been done a cancer diagnostic.

The meaning of the holiday

What does National Cancer Survivors Day mean for Americans?

One believe that this Day has not importance only for Americans but for all the people in the globe. NCSD emphasizes on the big desire to live. Life is the precious treasure we possess and celebrating this feast people understand how big is the importance of it. Looking at sick people you start to appreciate your own.

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Men and women who survived after this disease are vivid testimonies that you never have to give up. Fate gives you many chances to change your life or to fight against a disease and does not miss any of them. Their experience shows a great hope and encourages others facing the problem in their lives. It teaches the Earth population to not to be afraid of it, to take risks and a need of being happy. The NCSD is a feast of a supernatural passion.

One should ask when is Cancer Survivors Day in 2022. Americans have a good tradition to held it the first Sunday in June every year. In the beginning of summer, people gather to organize parties, to recollect those who could not stay in our world and listen to those who stay alive and may share a wonderful experience how to fight to life and be the winner.

The definition of the holiday

Every person on the Earth has his own life definition. For ones, it is determined by a good career, for others family and children play the biggest role. For the people who fought this disease, life means LIFE in all the colors and sounds.

NCSD has one important definition that is we must fight for life and it is a perpetual fighting. Illness troubles may grieve us to the heart but the world flourishes even if you are ill. The holiday joins us together for celebrating life. If you have this illness, do not stop fighting for the future, dream and be positive. Life does not finish.

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The American government proclaimed a national status of the holiday. It is important not to forget when is National Cancer Survivors Day or NCSD in 2022. This year like all previous years its date falls on June 7th especially on Sunday when citizens stay at home and have a good possibility to join the events. American calendar is full of different holidays. Round it red because on Sunday, June 7th you are already busy. The first Sunday of June is dedicated to this holiday. You have to take part in a special event or party. Do not think it is not your business. Cancer does not choose a person.

The history of the holiday

It was proposed to establish NCSD to recognize those who battled this terrible disease and won. The history of the Day started with the woman named Merril Hastings. She announced it for the first time on November 20th in 1987 a National Coalition for cancer Survivors-ship. Since that, the National Cancer Survivors Foundation began its work. This organization is non-profit and tries to help hospitals, offices, and other related companies to provide educational programs, lessons and seminars. Its members work to improve the well-being of cancer survivors, people who have a sad story in their lives.

Here is a story told by one of the members of an interpreter volunteer foundation. They were associating with foreigners, helping them with communication. They were accompanying a French student group who brought some humanitarian aid. They wanted to bring it to the cancerology patients. They chose a local hospital. Stepping across the threshold, they saw all the tragedy, disappointment, and misery. It was a child block filled with children – sad voices, pale faces, bald heads. The group looked like aliens in front of them. From that moment those young volunteers started to value their lives. Living a healthy life was their best present.

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National Cancer Survivors Day

It was very difficult to maintain the conversation, translate, and even smile. Once the meeting with doctors and nurses finished, they took time and stayed alone for a while to contemplate what they saw. Do not waste your healthy life, please, think of those who are counting hours to their death.

What are National Cancer Survivors Day facts and traditions?

As it was meant before, a National Foundation makes efforts and promotes the holiday. It is already celebrated all around the country. National Foundation wants it to become worldwide. Many traditions are popular among the event participants. Here are some ways of celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day:

  • Organize parties and invite some survivors to share their experience.
  • Make an open-air barbecue especially for children. They adore drawing. Ask them to paint their future plans without this disease. Persuade them their malignant tumor is to be battled.
  • Give a piece of support to their families and friends.
  • Join some extraordinary events. As far as one knows, some printing companies let out very special products including T-shirts with inscriptions like I AM NOT AFRAID OF CANCER, for example, cups, hats, or something like that. Buy them and wear it on the party day. Differ! Become a part of cancer-fighting people!

As a conclusion one is sure everyone should be aware of what National Cancer Survivors Day is and join this unusual holiday celebration. Humans’ mission in the world is to help, to care and to compass whose who are suffering, fighting and surviving. Who knows maybe tomorrow you will need somebody’s help?


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