As it has always been, we are surrounded by the people. We mean, not relatives, but other strangers. Some of them we see once in our lives, while the others accompany us for the longest times. They might be nice to have a small talk to and happen to be utterly unbearable. But we keep coexisting with them from day to day because the only way to โ€œchangeโ€ those people is quite difficult and expensive (literally, sell your apartments).

Have you guessed who they are? Our neighbors, of course. We dread to get the unpleasant man behind the next door, yet rarely think of what neighbors we ourselves are. Thatโ€™s why there was a special holiday invented. When is National Good Neighbor Day in 2022? Read on!


Logically, from the very emergence of the first human, there were people who lived nearby. They united with each other for the purpose of the self-protection, livelihood, and communication, forming the tribes, communities, and nations. In the modern world, weโ€™ve lost that close connection to those who live around us, influenced by the spirit of individualism and instinctive mistrust of the unfamiliar fellows.

National Good Neighbor Day

The origin of the holiday dates back to the beginning of the 70โ€™s when Mrs. Mattson from Montana, the US, suggested observing the tradition of praising the neighbors and being the decent persons towards the ones you see the most. Probably, in the next several years, it evolved into something more than just a local festivity because, in fact, this event even has the governmental support and approval.

We donโ€™t know how exactly it got onto the table of the 39th President of America, yet in 1976 Jimmy Carter designated September 24 as the day to strengthen the community, solidarity, and friendship across the whole country. Nevertheless, the twenty-fourth is not a correct answer to the question โ€“ when is International Good Neighbor Day 2022. Twenty-seven years on, the date was changed by the upper chamber of the US Congress.


What does National Good Neighbor Day mean? It is for raising awareness of the importance of the strong relations between those who make up the neighborhoods, provinces, countries and the whole world.

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If you meet your near and distant relations once in a few months, the neighbors are there for the each day of our lifetime. Sure, the relationships between us must be controlled by the basic foundations of the neighborliness.

After all, whoโ€™s going to help you when you need it most? For example, youโ€™ve decided to bake the cake by the arrival of the guests, and at the end, you see that youโ€™re short of the eggs. By the way, itโ€™s Sunday evening and all the shops are closed. Whereโ€™d you go? To the smiling woman that you share the wall with! Or, youโ€™re deep into the constructing the tree house for your child and find that the last nail was used. Where could you get it? Ask this weird man the next door. While youโ€™re long gone on vacation, that grumpy man across the road might carefully collect your mail. And the watchful eye of the all-noisy and a bit pesky lady from the house 3 will delicately report that your child was noticed smoking.

Yes, those people may seem the most helpful one day and the most annoying ones the other day when they clearly mind not their business. But we are ought to put up with that. Moreover, we ourselves should be the neighbors weโ€™ve always wanted to have. Infect with your attitude, that is to say! The good relationships between the people living in one area benefit the strengthening of the humanโ€™s psychological health and reduce the risk of the crime in this neck of the wood.

Moreover, sometimes we share not only the wall but also the room with the strangers, like in the dormitories. And that coexistence is rather influential, too. We are aware of the fact that those mates have an effect on the habits and the lifestyle of the person. Yet the scientists found out that they are also can bring influence to their health, concerning the weight, the wounds healing, the level of anxiety and etc. The more these features of the neighbors are pronounced, the more the person has it developed gradually.

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No matter what day World Good Neighbor Day in 2022 falls on, always remember to say hello to them. Just in case theyโ€™ll lend that lawn mower one more time.


Who are the neighbors? They are the individuals that live nearby our house or a flat. Even in the ancient times. The Chinese claimed that every neighbor is dearer to us than the distant relation. Itโ€™s really true.

They are different โ€“ suspicious and friendly, quarrelsome and sociable, watchful and careless. The relationships are different as well. Each of us faced the situation when on your rightful day off you were awakened by the hammering or the loud music. Of course, thatโ€™s not something to let go easily. However, one will politely keep silent yet the other will rebuke or even revenge on them in the like way.

The building of the strong basis of the neighborliness starts with you. Sometimes, those who woke you up on Sunday are the ones whoโ€™d save you from the robber, or watch your door when youโ€™re off.

Mutual relations are difficult to develop at once and take some time and ethic norms to be shaped successfully. First of all, respect other peopleโ€™s time. If you see them in a hurry, donโ€™t keep them long in the yard asking the irrelevant questions. Want to drop by their house tomorrow evening? Let them know beforehand. Do not abuse their professional qualifications. Is your neighbor a high school teacher? Then donโ€™t ask her to help your child to read up their history too often.

National Good Neighbor Day

It happens that the relationships go wrong. Yet donโ€™t allow yourself to be led by the anger, prejudices or โ€“ the worst of all โ€“ the gossips. Always strive for getting into the contact with these fellows around, they canโ€™t be that bad as the others say. The main principle controlling the links between the people is the respect to each other. If this couple that moved in recently has a little child, behave yourself in a hushed way, especially at the nights; donโ€™t throw the everyday parties with tons of litter all over the shared territory.

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Take it as a rule โ€“ always greet the neighbors. No matter how irksome they might be with their all-consuming curiosity, they are the vigilant watchers that lend the helping hand even in dangerous situations. Make the first step to building up the trust and friendliness and youโ€™ll get the support and care in return.

What is the date of National Good Neighbor Day 2022? It annually occurs on September 28.


There lots of ways to celebrate the holiday. The most mass one will be to organize your neighborhoodโ€™s party. Donโ€™t be horrified by the amounts of work to be done and numbers of people to be invited. Head up the organizersโ€™ committee and work it out together enhancing the sense of belonging to one community!

Pay attention to your closest neighbor โ€“ pick up the trash bag on your way to the dump or leave the plate of the just baked cookies on their porch. You can fix that affair with the newcomers, too. Nice start of the acquaintance!

Putting it simply, say hello and thank all of the fellows that have their luck to live nearby the best neighbor โ€“ you!

Good Neighbor Day Facts

  • The psychology has the section that studies the relationships between the neighbors.
  • For the residents of the towns, the strong connections are more important than for those of the cities.

Mark in your calendar, when is Good Neighbor Day in 2022, and keep the solidarity of your neighborhood!


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