It’s a controversial, risky and even extreme sport. But at the same time, it’s a modern, free and undoubtedly creative leisure for an ample amount of people. Some take it as a temporary enthusiasm or a craving for adrenaline in their blood while the others find their vocation in this activity. We’re talking about the skateboarding and the article is all about that.

The skateboard movement is growing fast and making serious steps on its way to being acknowledged as a real sport on a par with football, swimming and the like. What helps promote the skateboarding, besides the close-related companies, is an official day in the world calendar. So, when is National Go Skateboarding Day in 2022 and what does it mean? Let’s sort it out.


But first, where did those daredevils come from?

National Go Skateboarding Day

The skateboard was invented in the early 50’s of the 20th century. The credit belongs to the fellows-surfers from Coastal California. Lacking for the waves in the ocean, they came up with a prototype of the surfboard for the streets. Of course, the skateboard wasn’t that advanced as we have it now. In fact, the surfers took usual boards, planks or wooden boxes, attached the wheels and rode along the beaches just for fun.

The breakthrough in the skateboard development was made in the 60’s when this thing was brought into the mass manufacture on the factories. Also, the first brands appeared together with the theme magazines and newspapers, the tournaments were held annually and the distinctive styles of skateboarding were defined.

Another milestone in the history of this activity is the beginning of 1970’s. At this time, a man invented the polyurethane wheels that gave a powerful push to the further spread of the skateboard culture. Thus, the first professional teams were formed under the guidance of certain brands. The country was gradually dotted with the purpose-built locations for the skaters’ training sessions with ramps and other facilities.

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With time, youth all over the world got in love with this controversial activity. The media were abounding in stories about the damage the skaters caused to the streets (benches, sidewalks, parks) and citizens (accidental collisions) and simultaneously were making a huge contribution to the sport’s promotion by vigorously discussing the topic.

The thirst for riding the deck along the streets and performing crazy maneuvers was practically unstoppable among the youngsters not only in the US but also in all the developed countries. In 1995, California witnessed the establishing of the association uniting the skateboarding-related companies into a whole as an official representative of the movement.

One summer day of 2002, a couple of friends from Big Apple, fond of skateboarding, set to organize a mass gathering of the like-minded chaps and throw a proper party on the boards. They printed some flyers and give them out in the city center, and in a week attracted tons of attention with the first ever large meeting (and riding) of the skaters in the world. The IASC, which is the name of the aforementioned association, took into consideration this resounding event and in two years, in 2004 to be precise, successfully reached out to the US Congress with the initiative of proclaiming Go Skateboarding Day.

So, answering the question when is Go Skateboarding Day 2022, it’s going to be held on June 21.


What does Go Skateboarding Day mean?

For skaters, it’s a day to make themselves known to the world. It’s high time to express their philosophy, hobby, and ardor, to demonstrate the freedom and the daring spirit of skateboarding. In a sense, it’s a collective defiance to the conservative society demonstrating the strength of the united group of adrenaline aficionados.

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For the world, it’s a chance to understand that this activity is not a thoughtless and risky thing but a real kind of sports deserving recognition and respect. On June 21, the mankind has a prime opportunity to reconcile themselves to the skateboarding movement and eradicate prejudice of it being the social danger mutilating young boys and girls.

And on the whole, Go Skateboarding Day means a perfect excuse to get on skate for everyone who once dreamt of it but never tried in practice.


No matter what day Go Skateboarding Day in 2022 occurs on, this activity is the wildly popular daily pastime for more than 12 millions of people on the earth.

All the seriousness of the skateboarding is also found in numerous competitions with the sky-high prize money. Such titans of sports industry as Nike, Adidas, and Vans have their own professional teams of the skaters and are deeply involved in the sports-related stuff production (clothes, shoes, boards, etc.).

The level of expertise in the skateboarding affairs is as high as never before. For example, if a few years ago the elements called “switch 360 flip” or “flip bs tailslide” were rather difficult to perform, today it’s not a problem even for the amateurs, just a matter of several months practice.

National Go Skateboarding Day

In the US, the amount of youth playing baseball gives in to that of those who spend their time with the wind under the skate. Since 2020, the skateboarding will be an Olympic kind of sport. These plain facts fully prove the ever-growing influence of this activity. Nevertheless, the history of skateboarding has just begun and there will be lots of anther breakthroughs and discoveries in this field.

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Although we know what is the date of National Go Skateboarding Day 2022, here is another question: how the world celebrates the holiday? Going skateboarding, that’s obvious! Usually, all companies, connected with the activity, from the magazines to skates’ manufacturers, organize some events. You can look up on the Internet whether there’s going to be something of a sort in your neighborhood.

Anyway, the skate enthusiasts go to the skate parks, artfully skirt pass the people around, decent on the streets and do everything they can to support the collective spirit of the skateboarding. You’ve long wanted to give it a try? Head for the skate store (there has to be some discount on that day) or rent it at the nearest spot and join the ranks of those who can’t live without this rolling thing under their feet. You’re always welcomed, especially on Go Skateboarding Day!

National Go Skateboarding Day Facts

  • The holiday is held all over the globe including such problem countries as Afghanistan.
  • If the first anniversary of Go Skateboarding Day was marked with several training sessions and the evening gathering for barbecue, the 13th anniversary is going to offer the widest range of events with participation of the most famous skaters.
  • The skateboard movement also supports the idea of designating the day when all а the skaters are encouraged to bring their old skates which later will be distributed among the poor children eager to get involved in this popular activity.

If you’ve just once stood on the board with the wheels, circle in your calendar, when is International Go Skateboarding Day in 2022. Explore the city’s streets with the wind blowing in your face and meet a whole lot of new people! If you know what the skateboard is then you know where you’ve got to be on June 21.


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