When is National Get Ready Day in 2022? Well, frankly speaking, it would be quite absurd to expect for quick answer from the most part of our followers. As a rule, people do not even guess about its existence in the contemporary calendar. So, to make the situation clear, today we are going to investigate this matter in details. Are you with us? We are starting.


Talking about the matter what day Get Ready Day in 2022 is, we would like to represent our readers something really amazing devoted to this direction. As a rule, followers are trying to discover the historical background of the event, when it was created and who established it initially. This holiday is considered to be relatively new. Its establishment happened in the mid 2000โ€™s. The idea came to the people, who were the representatives of the Public Health Association. The astonishing thing is that nowadays the Get Ready website has a lot of useful information, which is aimed at helping those men and women, who are really interested.

Actually, throughout history, humans have conquered living space from the elements. They lived in caves and on rocks, in trees and in the desert, high in the mountains and even on water (that is, above water, as it has been customary, for example, to some of them in Europe and Africa up to the present moment).

But the elements also fought with man, recapturing their own spaces back. It happened both in a catastrophic way, as with the mythical Atlantis or Pompeii, and in a slower way, the so-called โ€œcreepingโ€, as occurred with many famous cities located in river deltas and disappearing under silt sediments.

Only in the course of time, they have learned to become the winners in all these fights.


What does Get Ready Day mean? โ€“ This question seems to be quite easy. However, it is at the first sight. The matter is that it is only up to you to choose how to answer it properly. You see, we donโ€™t know you personally, so we canโ€™t even predict whether you are going to celebrate it or not.

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Actually it is impossible to prevent each emergency situation, but in practice it is necessary to prepare for each situation. You can do it from the physical, theoretical, practical or material-technical point of view. There are many ways to achieve the success and you may choose whatever you like. The main thing is that all this will help to endure an unusual situation without any special losses.

Today, there are various tips and techniques for preparing for unusual situations of the most miscellaneous character. Specialists describe the necessary pieces of knowledge and skills, which should be provided to everyone, as well as to be careful about it, as a rule.

However, the easiest way to survive in an absolutely every unlucky situation is to be ready for it and to know what to do clearly. Unfortunately, in many case not a dangerous situation hurts or even kills the person but an improper solution, which is usually taken absentminded and in a state of stress.

Technological accidents and catastrophes, as well as natural disasters require professional training of specialists involved in the prevention and liquidation of the various consequences. The training of the population in skillful actions, appeared in emergency situations is also very important.


Investigating the question โ€œWhen is International Get Ready Day 2022?โ€ we came to the conclusion that our followers would be very glad to find out something amazing concerning this theme.

Actually the special conditions, which a person may get in, as a rule, provoke psychological and emotional inconveniences or even a tension. As a result, some people feels the mobilization of vital internal resources, others have a decrease or even a disruption in working capacity, poor health, physiological and psychological stressful phenomena.

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The specialists are sure that everything depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, working and educational conditions, and awareness of current events and understanding of the degree of danger.

In all difficult situations, a decisive role is played by moral training of a personโ€™s mental state. They determine the readiness for conscious, confident and prudent actions in any critical moments.


When is Get Ready Day in 2022, calendar is always ready to remind you. Actually it may happen any moment you would like to know it. If you are going to participate in the event this year, just try to memorize the date carefully. Actually it will be on September 17.

However, as you perhaps understand there are no any special events devoted to this special occasion, so you are free to introduce something special for your surroundings.

Just ask yourself what you can do to avoid such a depressed state of people. First, it must be borne in mind that a person who has suffered a severe mental trauma, restores peace of mind much faster, when he or she is involved in any physical work, but you shouldnโ€™t leave this man or woman alone, the team building or a group would be a great decision.

Secondly, in order to weaken the negative impact on a person, constant preparation for actions in extreme conditions, the formation of mental stability, and education of the will are needed.

The main content of psychological preparation is the development and consolidation of the necessary psychological qualities. The main thing is to maximize the approximation of training to real conditions that may develop in a particular region, locality or facility.

Thirdly, the training of collectives โ€” all workers of enterprises, organizations and institutions โ€” to increase resilience, psychological stress, develop endurance, self-control, a steady desire to fulfill the tasks set, and develop mutual assistance and interaction is of particular importance.

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Today we recommend you to devote September 17th to discovering something new. You may read one of the numerous internet articles about this direction, watch a video or discuss it with the people around you. There is no a universal way to achieve the success, but we are sure that you would be able to find your own personal method.

National Get Ready Day Facts

Today, discovering the question โ€œWhat is the date of Get Ready Day in 2022?โ€ we want to draw the readersโ€™ attention to the very essential pieces of information.

Natural disasters, major accidents and catastrophes, as well as their tragic consequences usually cause people to be more emotional excited, require high moral and psychological stamina, endurance and determination, a willingness to help the victims, save dying material values.

The destruction and devastation, an immediate threat to life negatively affects the human psyche. In some cases, they can disrupt the process of normal thinking, weaken or completely exclude self-control, which leads to unjustified and unpredictable actions.

It is especially important to cultivate self-control, composure, the ability to think soberly in difficult and dangerous situations. It is impossible to develop these qualities only through verbal acquaintance with actions in the area of natural disaster. Only practice will help to gain emotional-volitional experience, necessary skills and psychological stability. That is why when conducting classes with the population, and especially with the personnel of formations (units), it is necessary to give not only a verbal description of the necessary actions, not limited to showing films and videos, but be sure to work out the techniques and methods of those rescue operations, which are most likely to be meet in the area. The development of any skill is based on the conscious repeated repetition of specific actions, the implementation of the necessary exercises.


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