When is National D.A.R.E. Day in 2020? It sounds like a very amazing question to many contemporary people. Why? – You see, the matter is that only some modern men and women know for sure what meaning is hidden behind this abbreviation. However, in our turn we find this special occasion to be rather important for all the representatives of the contemporary society without any exceptions. And this is an explanation why we want to discover and to introduce it in details.


Talking about the matter what day D.A.R.E. Day in 2020 is, we want to introduce you as many sides of this problem as it is possible. And it is not difficult in general. However, there is one small trouble. – To tell you the truth we can’t demonstrate you the steps of this holiday starting and development.

We know nothing about the establishers of the event as well. But we are almost sure that no matter who these people were, they were noble people, who wanted to save our planet free from various kinds of additions. That is the reason why they want to demonstrate the people the advantages of the healthy lifestyle.

D.A.R.E. Day


What does D.A.R.E. Day mean? To tell you the truth, under these conditions, it is only up to you to decide whether to spend this day in a usual manner or to forget completely about its existence in the calendar.

However, we can’t but mention that, unfortunately, the problem of this kind of dependence often arises not accidentally. In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, in the family in which there is a certain level of relationships the members usually do not do the undesirable experiments. Just because of unhappy love, for example, a child will not become a drug addict. He/she can only try to cope with experiences in ways that are actively cultivated in society. But if the family has a tradition of overcoming stressful conditions without the help of alcohol or drugs, if parents allow their children to discuss their experiences, problems and conditions without conviction, then there is a high probability that such a child will not become addictive.

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At the initial stage, most people around do not see this as a problem; they perceive it as a whim that the child will outgrow. Again, every parent really wants to believe that their son or daughter is good and nothing like this can happen to him/her.

In addition, we can’t but mention that you should sounding the alarm even when the child just started smoking cigarettes, since even this is a manifestation of chemical dependence. It makes sense to pay attention and try to somehow establish a relationship with the kid, trying to convey that he/she does not need it, even though he has the right to make such a choice. The same is the case with alcohol.


Investigating such matter as “When is International D.A.R.E. Day 2020?” we understood quite well that our readers will need a lot of additional clarifications and careful explanations of some facts.

Up to the present moment there are many situations when people are talking about drugs. It happens worldwide: on the city or country streets, in schools and universities, on the Internet and, of course, on television. Some of these facts are true, but something is not certainly.

However, not everybody knows that most information we hear about drugs is actually the pieces distributed by those who sell them. Drug sellers who underwent correctional programs admitted that they would say anything, just to get another person to buy required drugs.

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Do not be deceived. As a rule, we need the definite facts to not get hooked on these harmful things but to our surrounding to stay away from them.

In fact sooner or later you or your relatives will be offered some (if this has not already happened). The taken decision whether to accept them or not, can fundamentally change their as well as your life. Nowadays, any addict man or woman will tell you that he/she never imagined that these small things will control his/her life. Perhaps initially this person began to take them “just from the curiosity, or because these items were represented “just something harmless than one can do with mates or friends.” The people were sure they could stop taking drugs, and when they realized they could not, it was, unfortunately, too late.


When is D.A.R.E. Day in 2020, calendar will inform you about it. And as a rule, there are no additional troubles with remembering and memorizing. However, you should be rather careful if you want to be involved. The matter is that the holiday doesn’t have the fixed date of its celebration. As a rule, you may be involved every third Thursday in April. It simultaneously means that in 2020 it will happen on April 16th.

As a rule, you can spend this special occasion in two different ways: independent or on the state level. Some people prefer to do it alone and they devote it to discovering the matter in details. For these, they find out many films, documentaries, books and internet articles about it and investigate the direction carefully.

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However, you can take an active part in various movement organized on the state level by local authorities. Find the organization dealing with this matter, become its part or volunteer and try to do everything possible to promote a healthy lifestyle without any addictions. You see, in the modern world and in the contemporary society this leisure activity would bring a lot of benefits. There have been still many people who are sure that these things are not harmful and they are free to stop and to change the situation for better any second they want. They are mistaken. In general, selling drugs is a great business, which brings advantages only to people, who are dealing with it.

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National D.A.R.E. Day Facts

Investigating the theme “What is the date of D.A.R.E. Day in 2020?” we want to demonstrate our followers something really amazing and even strange.

Here is the list of the most typical reasons why children start using drugs:

  • curiosity; as a rule, it happens because of the well-known saying of not very intelligent people: “Everything must be tried!” Have you ever heard it? – Well, remember, that it never concerns the drug temptation.
  • constant desire to look like a “cool guy”, to a senior authoritative comrade, often a personal example of parents, etc .;
  • aim to be “bad” in response to constant pressure from the parents: “Do so, be good.” This can also be a way to attract attention;
  • idleness, absence of any occupation or duties, as a result – experiments from boredom.

And these are the things all parents have to remember:

  • Even well-groomed, time-fed, carefully dressed child can be internally lonely, psychologically neglected, when nobody cares his/her mood, feelings and interests.
  • Sometimes we are so afraid that our children have not made mistakes in life, that we do not notice that, in fact, we do not let them live. We trample and violate their rights given them from birth, and then we marvel at their infantilism, their lack of autonomy, and the fact that the fear of life prevails over the fear of death.
  • The child, restricted in his/her activity, does not acquire his/her own life experience. This small person does not personally convince himself/herself which actions are reasonable and which are not; what can be done and what should be avoided.


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